Now THAT is how you do a special show – take note, WWE. Four nights of great wrestling, with several great matches and at one that’s got a lock on match of the year. Even though there are a few things I’d have done differently, but ultimately there’s nothing worth complaining about that much. There was a significant lack of vignettes which was a little disappointing but they had so many matches and not a lot of time for all of them, so that’s fine.

The first night had two matches. The first was Texano vs. Famous B with Texano’s contract on the line. Famous B got himself a partner after Dario allowed it to be a real handicap match and not just a symbolic one because of Famous B’s arm, and it was Dr. Wagner Jr. as expected. It was a quick and fun match – mainly comedic. The really memorable part was Famous B being flung from the middle of the stairs to the floor, but ultimately Brenda distracted Texano, allowing Famous B to get the rollup win.

And the main event of the first night was the best match of the entire show and the entire year, the Hell of War Match between Killshot and Dante Fox. But, I already wrote a whole post on this match, so you can go here and read that so I don’t have to write it again: https://mzrc.wordpress.com/2017/09/29/i-fight-to-forget-i-fight-because-i-cant-the-hell-of-war/

The second night opened with a vignette that basically showed Ivelisse kicking Jeremiah to the curb after finding out he’s in love with Catrina.

The first match was a battle royal for a unique opportunity, which was fun. It ended up with PJ Black and the Mack, which was the correct two for it to come down to considering everyone who was in it. And Mack won, so that’s cool. And his unique opportunity was a Trios Titles Match with the Serpent Tribe with his partners, Killshot and Dante Fox, two weeks after killing each other in the Hell of War Match. (Although technically, one day or less because these were all taped the same weekend.)

Next was Ivelisse vs. Catrina, which was more of a fight than a match. It was fun – I wish it had been a bit longer, and I hear that a lot of it was actually cut for time. (It happens.) I still question Catrina losing the first match she has just because I feel like if you can teleport, you should never end up in a position to be pinned or submitted. Still it’s a long-running feud that the face should finally get her revenge, so it makes sense for Ivelisse to get the win – and it makes sense for her to use the stone in the process to do so. After the match Jeremiah came out and hit Ivelisse in the knee with a hammer.

And the main event of night two was Fenix vs. Marty the Moth, Mask vs. Hair. This was a good match, although it definitely wasn’t the caliber of the first week’s main event. Knowing that there really was no way that Marty would win, my favorite part of the match was Mariposa leaving Marty and then later hitting him with a chair when he tried to avoid getting his hair cut. Also why would he do the whole “Hell no you can’t cut my hair!” when he agreed to get it cut if he lost and he’s never shown an affinity for his hair at all? Oh well.

The third night started with Sexy Star vs. Taya in a Last Luchadora Standing match. Another very fun match but it still felt a bit short to me. Oh well. And if I’d done anything differently, I’d have had Taya win, because she really should have. Especially now after what’s happened with Sexy Star this year – but obviously they can’t be held accountable for it considering that this was taped in June 2016 and the Sexy Star stuff happened this year. Unfortunately it’s still tough to say what will become of Sexy Star in Lucha Underground once season four happens with all that’s happened – and hindsight being 20/20, Taya winning would’ve been better in the long run.

Next was The Mack, Killshot, and Dante Fox defeating the Serpent Tribe in a very fun match to win the Trios Titles. This was a lot of fun and I’m happy for the Mack, Killshot, and Dante to get themselves some gold before the season ends – they’ve all earned it. As much as I do like the Serpent Tribe, I only like Vibora on the level that I like all three of Mack/Killshot/Dante so I’m not really mad that they lost. It’s not like Vibora was pinned so it’s fine. I’ve loved Mack/Dante/Killshot from day one, and it’s been a long run for both of them without even touching any gold yet. They deserved it – Killshot and Dante had that match. I’m so happy for Mack to finally have a title, and it’s fitting that Killshot and Dante got their first titles too for several reasons. For one, it’s definitely a bit of a thank you to them for killing themselves in that first match. That, and it’s also somewhat of Dante’s redemption in the eyes of the fans – because even if he and Killshot aren’t the best of friends at the moment, there is NO way that the crowd can hate him that much after all that he was put through in hell of war. And it even carries on with Killshot’s and Dante’s story even more perfectly than just the Hell of War match did. I was ready to give Lucha Underground an Emmy just for the story and for the Hell of War payoff, but now you add this in and they should get all of the Emmys.

And the main event of the third night was Pentagon Dark vs. Son of Havoc in a ladder match for the Gift of the Gods Championship.This match was very fun and in parts brutal. The most memorable parts were Son of Havoc going for the Shooting Star but getting a Cutter for his troubles – aka, Shooting Star-KO. And also, Pentagon hit his piledriver through set up chairs to the point where Havoc looked dead. My only real qualm with the match is that Pentagon went and set up a table after this and after Havoc got up, threw Havoc through the table. It was really unnecessary – Pentagon clearly had the match won after the piledriver through the chairs and he did not need to take up all that time setting up the table and all of that when he could’ve just won. I know it’s in Pentagon’s nature to destroy people but I’m not sure that he wasn’t going to just attempt to win after setting it up because Havoc got up before we’d have found out. I’m almost wondering if that was an edit to the match or something because it really feels off to me. Regardless, I’m not mad Pentagon won, but I am a little disappointed for Havoc. I would’ve been disappointed for Pentagon if it was the other way around, because it was tough to pick who I wanted to win more. I think I did choose Havoc by a hair because it’s more of a sentimental pick, but hopefully he’ll maybe get a shot for the title in season four sometime.

The third night ended with a vignette showing Puma getting ready before his match on night four. Vampiro comes in and talks to him before Puma walks off, and then Vampiro knelt down and thanked someone he called master. Vampiro having a master can’t be good, I thought. I thought maybe “Oh shit he’s been taking orders from Pentagon this whole time” and it led me to believe what ended up happening on night four to happen.

And finally, night four started with Matanza and El Dragon Azteca, Jr. in a cage match. This was fun, although it was mainly just a Matanza match inside of a cage outside of when he Suplexed EDA through a cage wall and onto the floor a few minutes in. Melissa went to declare EDA the winner but as expected Dario said “Nah, pins and submission only.” Eventually they got back in the ring and once EDA starts to go on a comeback, who would jump off the cage and onto EDA but Black Lotus, making her return. She superkicked EDA into a Wrath of the Gods and Matanza won. A little surprising that she would cost EDA the match considering their business seemed to be finished, really. Regardless, she ends up low blowing Matanza and powerbombing him off the top rope, and turning to attack Dario before Matanza gets back up and hits her with a Wrath of the Gods too.

Next was the Triple Threat Elimination Match between Cage, Mil Muertes, and Jeremiah Crane, and this match was as great as I’d hoped it would be. Now, nothing on the show touches Hell of War, but I feel like this is the match that comes the closest. Hell, it even used another pane of glass that was leftover from Hell of War, and Jeremiah stuck something into Cage’s head that I still don’t know what it was. I loved it, and it was another match where I wasn’t going to be mad no matter who won. I think part of me was pulling for Jeremiah a little bit more than the other two, but it was still cool to see Mil win and his streak remains intact. But after he put on the gauntlet and did his usual pose with his fist on the mat, the lights go out, and Cuerno shows up and attacks him and takes the gauntlet – this being the first time we’ve seen Cuerno since Muertes beat him at UltimaLucha Dos.

Next we finally saw the wonderful documentary Taya made of Johnny Mundo and it was spectacular.

Next was our main event, Johnny Mundo defending his Lucha Underground Championship against Prince Puma, Career vs. Title. This match started at the top of hour two, which meant to me that either this would be a very long match or there would be a ton of shenanigans after it. Anyways, this match was great – I don’t know if I’d say it was better than All Night Long but it was great. Naturally there were a ton of shenanigans after a ref bump with Worldwide Underground, and then Angelico returned and helped get rid of them. And in the biggest travesty and injustice in wrestling officiating history, Rick Knox did a diving Senton onto Worldwide Underground because he’s an idiotic, biased referee who costs Johnny Mundo at every turn. I implore you to fire this man, Lucha Underground, or at least let Matanza eat his face. Anyways, the match would settle down and eventually Puma would pick up the win and I am sad. JOHNNY MUNDO FOREVER!

That would leave room for what I expected to happen once the title match started so early, and that was that Pentagon Dark cashing in his Gift of the Gods Championship for the Lucha Underground Championship match he was entitled to. However, Dario put both of their careers on the line in the match too.

It is a little unfortunate with the internet being what it is and the fact that we all know that Ricochet is done with LU after this show, so it does take a little away from it considering we know who’s going to win because of that. As sad as I am that Mundo lost the title, I suppose Puma winning is still the right move for two reasons – it was definitely the lesser of the two predictable outcomes, and it gives Puma a win at UltimaLucha before he’s done with the company which is cool. Regardless, we knew how this match would turn out. That being said, it was still good, and Pentagon not only was rested, but he broke Puma’s arm early on in the match to put him at even more of a disadvantage. This was cool also because Puma escaped his arm being broken by Pentagon on at least one occasion. Still, Puma looked like he was about to hit the 630 when, lo and behold, Vampiro pulled Pentagon out of the way, leaving Pentagon ready to come back and hit Puma with the Double Underhook Piledriver for the win.

Even as a Johnny Mundo fan, actually being mad at this would just be me blowing smoke for no reason. It makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons. If you have a Mt. Rushmore of LU, it’s probably Puma, Mil, Pentagon, and Mundo. Puma has always been the guy since night one, while Pentagon grew to be the crowd’s favorite since early in his run. He’s been the heir apparent for a long time now – he’s always been more of an antihero and even at most times he’s really been the heel that the crowd just refuses to boo. Only at times when he’s attacking someone the crowd really loves will they boo, and even then, it’s shortlived. And tonight – the night of Puma’s exit – this was the torch being passed. Pentagon is now the guy, and that seems fitting. It’s the culmination of a three season story. And it seemed like Vampiro had secretly been taking orders from Pentagon all season and his entire thing with Puma was to set him up to be delivered to Pentagon on a silver platter like he was tonight. It also makes sense to get as many UltimaLucha main events out of Puma you can!

Now, one thing – crowd, why were you being dicks to Puma? What’s with the BS “na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye” treatment? YOU LOVE PUMA I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

Also, Pentagon Dark’s theme song appreciation minute.

Thank you.

So, with seven minutes left, I knew there was going to be a long end credits scene, and it was awesome. It was in the same vein as the end credits scene from the original UltimaLucha, showing everyone doing something. I’ll mention everything I can remember, in no order. Puma walks out of the temple and leaves his mask. Sexy Star takes pictures with someone before a little girl gives her a music box with a spider in it, saying “She hasn’t forgotten about you.” (It’ll be a shame if we don’t get to find out where this goes, I almost thought they forgot about the spiders thing. ALSO WHAT ABOUT RICKY MANDEL AND THE PHOTOS???) Mascarita Sagrada takes the Rabbit Tribe to see the White Rabbit. Catrina is seen walking away and Jeremiah may be watching her. Fenix and Melissa leave in a car together – there may have been someone following them but I’m not sure. Cuerno is shown with the gauntlet in his trophy room. Back in Kobra Moon’s lair, Drago is chained up still, and Daga walks in with the sword he’s shown in the trailer with and he decapitates Pindar for losing the Trios Titles match for them, taking his place as Kobra Moon’s King. Vampiro is shown in his lair talking to his master, but he mentions Puma being gone and that he’s going to take care of Pentagon or something, and his master appears and it’s some mysterious person we don’t know. So that can’t be good. Matanza is shown locked up in his cell, and Rey is also locked up. And finally, Dario is shown having a drink with the guy who works for the lord and tells him he’ll get the gauntlet back, but he shoots Dario and leaves, briefly saying that new management will take care of Dario’s messes. Dario calls someone, possibly his father, and tells him something before he dies (or doesn’t die). And that’s it.

Pure insanity. What a season finale – what an event as a whole. Great matches, great stories moving forward, and so on. It touched on every story it needed to that felt like it was put aside for a while. This was definitely better than UltimaLucha Dos, and I’m pretty sure I’d put it above the original one too. I can’t wait for season four – let’s hope it gets here sooner rather than later.

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