Well, that was a…weird PPV. The main event was great, and the women’s MITB was decent, but the rest was average.

The women’s MITB match was first and it was good, but it was too short to be great. Also, the video package after the entrances was awkward. The tug of war spot with Becky and Natalya was really awkward, too, and shouldn’t have been there. And people are outraged that Ellsworth pulled down the briefcase for Carmella – and really, I get it, but get over yourselves. It’s a storyline. This isn’t a sleight against the people in the match. Ellsworth is Carmella’s valet. Female valets always help male wrestlers in ladder matches, so it stands to reason that obviously Ellsworth was going to as well. This isn’t “Ric Flair costs Sasha and Becky at WrestleMania 32.” This is a storyline. Sometimes you need to take a step back. Save your outrage for things that need your outrage. And while it’s not Becky, Carmella was the only other good result that could’ve come from this. Still, I’d have liked a longer match.

Rating: ***

The Usos vs. The New Day for the Tag Titles was good but sloppy. There were some awkward moments, and I’m not a fan of the finish. Not so much because the New Day didn’t get the belts and/or the Usos still have them, but I have a problem with a countout when the heels are just leaving and the faces are up in the ring and capable of going out of the ring. New Day could’ve easily broken the count and continued the match, but they didn’t. So that’s an issue for me.

Rating: **1/2

Naomi vs. Lana for the Women’s Title happened and, well, meh. I’m not that impressed with Lana, and Carmella coming out to pretend to cash in for no reason was illogical. All she did was help the face win. She should have went in and hit them with the briefcase. It made sense for Carmella to cash in and win too, because Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon both tweeted about Ellsworth helping her and they’re going to address it on Smackdown – so doesn’t it make sense for her to use it and win the title before they can do anything about it??

Rating: *

And then Maria and Mike Kanellis came out and stuff happened. I’m amused that their way around changing Mike Bennett’s name is to just use Maria’s. LOL. But if it’s a shot at Cody and Brandi Rhodes it’s a little iffy. Regardless, happy to see Maria back, I always loved her.

Orton vs. Mahal for the WWE Title….I barely watched. But, it seemed to have the same exact finish as their Backlash match which is dumb as hell. It was just Orton beating the living shit out of Jinder’s cronies on the outside – to the point where he should have been counted out – and then he went back in, took Jinder’s finisher, and lost. That’s exactly how he lost at Backlash. He should have known that was coming the second time around.

Rating: **

Breezango then beat the Ascension.

Rating: **

And finally, the best match of the night by far, the MITB match. A little long, I would say – they definitely stretched it out because of the time. Anyways, Corbin taking out Nakamura before the match was….good, I think? I don’t know how I feel about it. But, Sami was killing everyone in this it seemed. Eventually Nakamura came out and took out the world, and then Corbin took him and AJ out at the end to win. In fairness, the only wrong choice to win would’ve been Ziggler, but Corbin was also the most correct. So I’m happy.

Rating: ****

Overall, the only match that I’d say you really should go out of your way to watch is the main event. I wanted more from the women’s MITB match. But, if we’re talking about outcomes alone – the two people that should have won the briefcases did, so I can’t complain about that. The singles title matches I didn’t care about to begin with and the tag match I would’ve been fine with either way, but the finish was dumb.

Overall Grade: C

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