So, last week on Lucha Underground – aka the unquestioningly best wrestling show on television – announced the Cueto Cup to determine who will get to challenge Johnny Mundo (or Rey Mysterio) for the Lucha Underground Championship at UltimaLucha Tres. Mundo will face Mysterio at the end of the Tournament to see who will be the champion – and I guess that Mundo won’t have to defend until then – which presumably won’t be for ten weeks because there are 32 competitors, and thus 31 matches, and 3 matches per show – that doesn’t leave time for much, so I imagine there will maybe be some that are off air or are really short and there are more than three on one show. I don’t know. BUT! They made a bracket like a lot of us wanted, so I am obligated to predict the results. Fuck March Madness, this is the Cueto Cup!

This is the template with the first round matches:

I have mine already completed and I’ll post it after I predict the whole thing. And, I just realized Matanza isn’t even in it, but I suppose it’s because we probably can’t buy someone beating him one on one.

So let’s not waste anymore time. I’m going to go through all four groups, then predict the Semifinals – which is Group A Champ vs. Group C Champ and Group B Champ vs. Group D Champ, and then the finals, the victors of those two matches.

Group A Quarterfinals

Aerostar vs. Drago

This is a match we’ve seen a lot over the three seasons – this will be meeting #7 or 8 – and even when they aren’t against each other, they’re often teaming. But, as I type this, I failed to take into account that Drago just turned heel on the last episode so the dynamic will be different. Fortunately I still picked Drago to win, which I think still happen because I don’t think they want him to lose so quickly – but hmm, maybe Aero Star will win. But I’m not changing my picks unless I can really talk myself out of them.

Prediction: Drago

Pentagon Dark vs. Argenis

This is a no brainer. Pentagon is just returning from having both his arms broken from both Black Lotus and El Dragon Azteca, Jr.,  and Argenis has mostly been a jobber while he’s been Argenis. So, Pentagon is the obvious choice. CERO MIEDO!

Prediction: Pentagon Dark

The Mack vs. Mala Suerte

Another really easy choice – outside of what they may do in the Trios Division, I’m not expecting anyone from the Rabbit Tribe to do much in singles. And after Mack’s performance in All Night Long and sudden death, there’s no way he’s not at least getting past Mala Suerte.

Prediction: The Mack

Famous B vs. Texano

I’m fairly sure Texano will go over, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Famous B pull some kind of shenanigans to win. In fact, I forgot the storyline they have where Texano is infatuated with Beautiful Brenda, so I bet she distracts him and Famous B wins. I’m going to actually change that pick.

Prediction: Famous B

Group A Semifinals

Drago vs. Pentagon Dark

The reason I was unsure about Drago vs. Aero Star is because I’m unsure if they want to have a heel vs. heel match here, but it’s LU, so that shouldn’t be an issue. I’m hoping to get a number of matches we haven’t seen from this tournament and I don’t recall seeing this one in a one on one capacity. That being said, Pentagon moves on.

Prediction: Pentagon Dark

The Mack vs. Famous B

While I think Famous B will pull some shit to get past Texano, I don’t believe he’ll be able to get that past The Mack.

Prediction: The Mack

Group A Finals

Pentagon Dark vs. The Mack

This should be pretty great if this is what happens. But, while I’m sure that Mack will be a very emotional pick in this tournament, I think the road will end here for him. I have Pentagon Dark coming out of Group A.

Prediction, and Group A Champion, Pentagon Dark

Group B Quarterfinals

Cage vs. Vinnie Massaro

Vinnie, you’re a pretty cool guy on Twitter, but sorry, Lucha Thanos is going to kill you.

Prediction: Cage

Mascarita Sagrada vs. Pindar

I imagine Pindar will get this one – plus do we really want to see Cage destroy Mascarita again?

Prediction: Pindar

Marty “The Moth” vs. Saltador

Similar to Mala Suerte, I don’t foresee his Rabbit Tribe cohort to go any further. Plus there’s a more intriguing story to be had with Marty winning.

Prediction: Marty “The Moth”

Fenix vs. Mariposa

This is a more difficult one to call because I know who I want to win and what match I want to see – as a big fan of Mariposa who feels she’s been underused post-Sexy Star feud – but her opponent is Fenix so it’s a tough call. I’m predicting Mariposa so we can advance the feud with Marty, but he could easily cost her the match, or just lose because no one will be surprised to see Fenix advance.

Prediction: Mariposa

Group B Semifinals

Cage vs. Pindar

This should be another easy win for Cage.

Prediction: Cage

Marty “The Moth” vs. Mariposa

This is a match I want to see pretty badly, but again, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this match not happen yet and that it will at some other point. I’m pretty sure we’re headed that direction, but that doesn’t mean it will happen in the tournament. But, it is where I am at the moment – and I want to see Mariposa win. I feel like if she wins, it won’t be the end of the feud anyway. And I want to see her against Cage.

Prediction: Mariposa

Group B Finals

Cage vs. Mariposa

I for one think this match would be pretty awesome. And while I’m pretty sure Cage + gauntlet is definitely marching his way very far in this tournament, I think Marty could cost Mariposa the match here. Either way, Cage moves on.

Prediction, and Group B Champion, Cage

Group C Quarterfinals

Vibora vs. Paul London

Paul London is gonnna die.

Prediction: Vibora

Veneno vs. Mil Muertes

Veneno is gonna die.

Prediction: Mil Muertes

Jeremiah Crane vs. Killshot

This is a fairly tough match to call – I could see either moving on. But since I think we want a face vs. heel in the next round, I’m picking Killshot simply for that reason.

Prediction: Killshot

Joey Ryan vs. Taya

This match will probably be amusing. And I have Taya going over, because she’s one person I want to win this tournament badly.

Prediction: Taya

Vibora vs. Mil Muertes

Holy shit is this a tough match to call. Just when I glanced at the bracket and I saw who these two were facing in round one and was like, well they’re facing each other. I’m not sure there are many people in the temple that can beat Vibora, but Mil would be one of them. And I don’t think Vibora is winning the tournament, so I’m predicting Mil to win here because I don’t know who else would do it – besides maybe who I have on the other side of the finals, or maybe Pentagon Dark (whom you know by now I have winning group A.) But, if Vibora wins here, know that I expect him to at least go to win Group C.

Prediction: Mil Muertes

Killshot vs. Taya

I really, really want to see Taya move on again. I really do. And while it’s possible she could move on past Killshot, I’m not predicting it.

Prediction: Killshot

Group C Finals

Mil Muertes vs. Killshot

This would be a great match and I hope we get it. But, much like I said Vibora would win, Muertes to move on.

Prediction, and Group C Champion, Mil Muertes

Group D Quarterfinals

Sexy Star vs. PJ Black

As much as I love PJ Black, I don’t foresee them having Sexy Star lose in the first round. It’s not impossible considering the storyline she has going on, but I think Sexy Star moving on will provide a better story in her second round match if she does move on – so I have her winning.

Prediction: Sexy Star

Ricky Mandel vs. Prince Puma

Ricky may have the photos, but he’s not beating Puma.

Prediction: Prince Puma

El Dragon Azteca, Jr. vs. Dante Fox

This match should be great. And as much as I would love to see Dante move on, I can’t see EDA losing in the first round.

Prediction: El Dragon Azteca, Jr.

Son of Havoc vs. ????

This really depends on whom the ???? is, but I’m, going to assume it’s the other Son of Havoc looking person that’s in the trailers, and since that would confuse Son of Havoc, I assume, I have ???? winning. But if it’s someone else, like, Angelico if he’s healed up, for example, I could see Son of Havoc winning. Son of Havoc will definitely be an emotional pick in this tournament because of what happened at UltimaLucha Dos, and I feel like unless it is the evil twin guy, that Son of Havoc will at least go one more round into this tournament.

Prediction: ????

Group D Semifinals

Sexy Star vs. Prince Puma

I feel like a big story that will be going throughout the tournament will be Puma’s “turn to the dark side” with Vampiro, and I think one of the best ways to tell that story is to have him face off with Sexy Star. And while she’s not my favorite Luchadora in the temple, she is definitely the de facto “Lawful Good” of the Luchadoras in the temple – and I don’t think they’ve ever really interacted, so I think this would be an interesting meeting. Basically she’d be like “What the hell happened to you?”

Prediction: Prince Puma

El Dragon Azteca, Jr. vs. ????

While the unknown luchador may beat Son of Havoc if he’s the evil twin, his existence would be to mess with Son of Havoc and not win the tournament, so EDA moves on.

Prediction: El Dragon Azteca, Jr.

Group D Finals

Prince Puma vs. El Dragon Azteca, Jr.

Similar to the match with Sexy Star, this will be another “WTF happened to you?” match I think. And they had a great match right before UltimaLucha Dos. But Puma will move on. I think there’s still a bigger story to come out of this for Puma and it’s not going to happen here.

Prediction, and Group D Champion, Prince Puma

Alright, so we’ve gotten through the four groups, so we are at the semifinals! Now, again, these are obviously just my predictions, so they could be completely wrong. But to add to them, I think that the only way that Rey Mysterio wins the Lucha Underground Championship from Johnny Mundo is if Prince Puma wins the tournament. Or, if something I bring up at the end happens. But, will Puma win the tournament? We’ll see.

Cueto Cup Semifinals

Group A Champion vs. Group C Champion
Pentagon Dark vs. Mil Muertes

I don’t believe we’ve ever seen this one on one, and I’d love to see it. And, who do I see moving on? Pentagon Dark.

Prediction: Pentagon Dark

Group B Champion vs. Group D Champion
Cage vs. Prince Puma

We’ve seen this match a few times, but significant character changes have taken place to both of them so we’re definitely going to see a different match. Now, I think that a big story that’s going to come from this tournament is going to be what I see as inevitable – a clash between Pentagon Dark and Prince Puma. With Puma’s new alliance with Vampiro and everything that Pentagon and Vampiro have been through, this has to be where that story is going, right? And while that’s a match we saw last season twice, the first kind of had a photo finish and the second Mil interefered during, and there’s again character changes between both of them, so that’s going to be interesting. However, I don’t foresee that match happening in the tournament – that definitely seems like an UltimaLucha Tres match – and for that to happen, neither can win the tournament. (So I suppose that spoils my victor prediction.) But, I think we’ll see them interact, and then Pentagon will cost Puma this match, and that plus Cage with gauntlet will be the end for Puma.

Prediction: Cage

Cueto Cup Finals

Pentagon Dark vs. Cage

Well, by now you already know I have Cage winning, and I have Puma repaying Pentagon by interfering in the match to cost him it. It should be a really good match, though. Kind of makes sense for Cage to run the gauntlet and win, right?

Prediction, and Winner of the Cueto Cup, Cage

So, this is my completed bracket:


I have one more thought on what might happen with this tournament. And, this could happen with ANYONE that wins, but I especially think this could happen if Cage or Son of Havoc were to win:

What if, like with the original Trios Tournament, Dario comes out at the end and says that the winner then has to face Matanza to win the Cup? It makes perfect sense to me for several reasons:

  1. Of course Dario would give his brother a bye to the Finals. He did it for the Crew, and that’s just people who worked for him. Matanza is his brother.
  2. Why would someone with the last name Cueto not be in the Cueto Cup? Also, Cueto really loves that cup.
  3. Could we buy anyone beating him one on one before the finals anyway?
  4. Why would he not want his brother in the main event?
  5. Cage’s gauntlet has something to do with the gods, and Matanza has a god inside him, and apparently Cueto and the lord are up to something to get the gods to “walk among us” or something, so this could lead to that.
  6. The first Cage/Matanza match was awesome.
  7. The only reason I specifically say it could happen to Son of Havoc is because it would super screw him over AGAIN. He already lost the UltimaLucha Tres main event spot at UltimaLucha Dos and would obviously be an emotional pick going in. So for this to happen to him, when he’s already had that happen at UltimaLucha Dos, and hell, after he, Ivelisse, and Angelico thought they won the Trios titles until Dario brought out the Crew – even though they won – this is something that happens to Son of Havoc once a season, it seems. Now, I don’t think he’s going to win the tournament regardless, but think how much that would suck.

So, I think there’s a solid shot that that could happen. Also, this is the only other way I see Rey Mysterio defeating Johnny Mundo for the title.

Anyways, those are my predictions, and I can’t wait to see how wrong or right I am.

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