I don’t really know how much I want to write this, but I don’t think I can stop myself from doing so.

For a few weeks now, I’ve been trying to stop myself from going into a rant at some annoying person I found on Facebook. And now it’s carrying over to another group of people.

Now, normally if this was about wrestling or hockey, I wouldn’t give a damn. Those rants happen, no matter what.

This is about a tv show – or moreso, fans of a tv show – that my favorite actress is on. Her name is Allison Scagliotti. (Points if you recognized that I worded that like that to reference a Shinedown song.) And for those that know me, and for those that follow my private blog, know how important she is to me.

I imagine any random person who read that is all like “Oh boy, a crazed fan, what the hell am I reading?” but no, that’s not it. She’s legitimately been very kind and very supportive of me for a while, and even supportive of people in my family. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a fan and nothing more, but her kindness has meant a lot to me and she inspires me greatly – I’d like to think I’m a better person for it, so you can see why I say she’s important to me.

That being said, I want to talk about Stitchers for a minute.

I’m going to assume anyone reading this knows this show – this isn’t a review or anything, so if that’s what you’re here for, perhaps it’s not for you.

The main point of this post is really not about Stitchers itself, it’s about an annoying thing that’s happening in any show – you basically can’t escape it. But we’ll get there eventually.

I started to watch Stitchers because Allison is in it, of course, as I feel like a lot of people did. I became a huge fan of Allison’s from Warehouse 13 as you can probably tell considering the name of this site. I hadn’t heard of anyone else on the show before and I have a history of hating basically anything on ABC Family.

Fun fact: There’s documented evidence of me writing a week before Warehouse 13’s series finale aired that “I fear Allison will get stuck in some crappy ABC Family show.”

So, of course, here we are. Now, I don’t think Stitchers is bad – that was just the wording I used in that post. And I only really feel that way because I know that she is incredibly talented, so much so that a show on ABC Family is a waste of that talent.

I just feel like she can do the Camille role in her sleep and it’s not a challenge. I would like to see her in much bigger things because she has without question earned them.

Anyways, when I read what the show is about, it seemed interesting enough so I hoped it would be good.

And I enjoy it, to a point, but I don’t find it to be incredible or anything. But if Allison wasn’t in it, I doubt I would watch.

Now, I’m not here to hate on anyone on the show or any of that crap. All of the actors/actresses do a fine job and all of that. I like them.

I think there are three things in specific that bug me about the show.

The first thing is that while the concept of the show on paper sounds good, in execution it falls flat. Okay, so Kirsten is in people’s memories – the rest of them are…..doing what, exactly? They’re all just kind of there. And then when she sees what she needs to, the one guy on their team that can actually do anything about the crime that took place goes and gets them and everything’s done. There’s only so many times you can do that before it gets old. This show does “Murder of the week” style episodes when it really can’t without being repetitive.

I enjoy that kind of procedural when done well, although I prefer constant, overarching stories. Warehouse 13 does both very well. It has an arch and it’s great, but it can have a show one week about Lewis Caroll’s mirror and one the next week about the Chinese Orchid and be completely different episodes – because what the episode centers around is completely different each week which allows for completely different stories.

Stitchers is just “Someone died, look at memories, solve, repeat.” They may be different cases, victims, crimes, whatever – but it all feels the same at the end of the day.

Stitchers needs to focus on the story arc and that’s it. I want to see Kirsten looking for what the programs is for and looking for her mom and all of that – and I want everything about the show to be about that. Every person she stitches into needs to be for clues on these subjects and whatnot.

Another thing is that it doesn’t use the other characters enough. Only Kirsten really seems to have a purpose. She is needed. Why are the rest of them in specific, needed? Why is Cameron there besides some random other guy? No one else seems like their role and what they bring are any bit special to who they are. Hell, Camille gets super meta in season two and says “No one holds a tablet better than I do.” Seriously, you have one of the best actresses in the world and her character, while hilarious and awesome, only stands around with a tablet.

I’m legitimately watching this show to watch Allison be the badass I know she is and she stands around with a tablet until she has Fisher help teach her Krav Maga.

But mostly, my problem with the show is that it’s really just there for people to ship the damn characters together. And I just don’t give a damn. Maybe it’s because I’m too old and they’re not targeting people in my age group. (I’m 30.) Maybe they’re just targeting teens – and that’s fine. But I don’t care about shipping and never will. I’m here to watch Allison be badass, and that’s all I care about. Her character can go date whomever – just as long as they aren’t a douchebag.

But, shipping is the death of television shows to me. And that’s what this really is about.

Even moreso, having one character be involved in multiple ships. And Camille is in that now. Somehow while everyone is freaking out over “Camsten” they have Camille in a ship with Linus. And Fisher. and now Amanda in season 3. Whatever. Again, I don’t care personally – I like Linus, I like Fisher, I assume I will like Amanda, so whatever.

Now, again, I loved Warehouse 13. I loved it so much. I don’t know if I love it more than Psych, but even then, it’s still my second favorite show ever. But having been in the WH13 fandom, and seeing people war over Myka being with Pete and H.G. at the end. This is the shit I’m trying to avoid! I’ve never really shipped any characters ever, except maybe Shawn and Juliet in Psych? I wouldn’t even say that, because I just watched the show and saw if it happened or not. Whatever.

But now you’re creating situations where your fanbase is going to divide and hate each other. As much as I love Warehouse, a big section of its fanbase hates it now because they couldn’t get the ship they wanted to happen. And that’s bullshit. Those people “won’t accept the last ten episodes as canon,” I read one bitter as fuck person say. I’ve ranted on this previously – go back four years on this site and you’ll find it eventually.

And I see this happening now already. “I don’t accept Camanda. It’s Camus.” “BUT CAMUS THO.” “But Camille and Fisher.”


Some of them don’t even know who Amanda is. These people are such huge fans of the show that they ship people and they comment on their instagram photos all the time, but they don’t know who Amanda is even though they announced that Anna Akana was being brought on the show to play Amanda and that she specifically is there as a love interest for Camille so WHY DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT THIS IS A THING ALREADY?


And I swear if I see some homophobic shit………

I just want to watch Camille kick people’s ass and be sassy and awesome and whichever character Camille ends up with, that’s fine with me.

That being said – another person that really started to annoy me – and what really started this rant to build – was some entitled asshole bitching and moaning that Allison and Salli weren’t in any behind the scenes videos or anything and that he was “calling them out” and that he “demanded copies of his facebook comment be given to them” and I just need to really punch this guy.

Ever really need to punch someone? I do.

Now, I could have gotten in some argument with him in the comments, but I don’t do that shit. The days where I argue with idiots online is over. It ended long ago. Instead I type angrily into the void here for no one to read.

As much as I wanted to point out this guy’s delusions to him, I am not here to fight people for Allison as much as I sometimes want to. She doesn’t get many haters thankfully, but the ones I do see are just stupid and it’s just easier to report and block. I see plenty of fools fighting online over celebrities and tagging said celebrities in everything and I’m just like – the best I can do if I did this would be to get in an annoying argument and probably bug Allison at the same time so I’m just going to due my due diligence and block the person’s ass and move on. More importantly, she can take care of herself.

But this person got on my nerves more than anyone, because he was trying to claim that she doesn’t care about her fans. And I, a fan, know more than most anyone how completely untrue that is. She does care about us and I know that as fact. She wouldn’t have been so kind to me if she didn’t care about me/us.

So what she’s not in the behind the scenes videos or pictures? Or a lot of them, anyway? What makes her obligated to do so? You realize there must be a reason she’s not in them if all of the other cast members are and she isn’t, right? So respect those wishes.

And I can’t say for certain why she isn’t, but it’s not my business. I could speculate that it’s just that, until very recently, she seemed to be taking a break from social media in general, which is cool. I bet this person claiming she doesn’t care doesn’t realize she was attacked by the faux outrage police in February because they were bored and wanted to pretend she was racist for the dumbest of reasons which to anyone who’s actually a fan of hers knows is comical as fuck. Any fan of hers knows she’s an ally to all, thank you very much. I get being outraged about racist people, but at least direct your anger at people who are actually racist, like Drumpf, and not someone who is so clearly an ally.

Or maybe she would just rather concentrate on her work and not be involved with behind the scenes videos. And that’s cool. Different people have different ways of going about their work, and we should respect that. Let her be.