So, I just got back from NXT Takeover Chicago and as usual, the show was really good.

The first match was Roderick Strong vs. Eric Young. I was hoping Young would come out in a Preds jersey but I’m not surprised he didn’t. It was a good, solid opener, although the beginning dragged just a little from the submission spots. I was surprised to see Roddy win, too.

In the surprise of the night, at least for me, the best match of the show was definitely the UK Championship match between Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne. It was both a great match and the crowd was super into it, which was the opposite of what I had expected. Mainly because I felt like WWE hadn’t really done much to promote the UK talent that much, and I didn’t watch the tournament and I only glance at weekly NXT shows, so I don’t know them that well. But this match was probably one of the best matches I’ve seen live now – and I’ve gone to over 30 shows, so that’s saying something. Dunne won the title. Go watch this match.

Asuka then retained the NXT Women’s Championship in a good match. It suffered from the crowd being somewhat dead from the previous match, though.

Bobby Roode retained the NXT World Heavyweight Championship against Hideo Itami in probably the least exciting match of the night. Roode bores me, yet the crowd loved him because of his stupid theme, and they booed Itami because….Racism? CM Punk stole his finisher? I don’t know really. It was alright, but not that exciting. It seemed like Roode got 3 teeth knocked out though.

And the main event was DIY vs. The Authors of Pain in a Ladder match for the NXT Tag Team Championship. The match was great – the only thing that stopped it from being match of the night is that it was a little slow in spots in the beginning to me. But that German off the ladder through another one – holy shit. Don’t really like that AOP can get up from all that but DIY loses because of double powerbombs, but oh well.

And then Ciampa destroyed Gargano and it was awesome. I’m happy – Ciampa had one of the best matches I’ve ever seen live against Sami the last time NXT was here, so I’m pleased to see him get that moment.

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