Something’s been bothering me for about a week now, and it’s a topic I’ve talked about before. I probably touched on this before but I think it dates back to 2014. This PSA may only be about this one topic, I don’t know – I like to post about more than just that, but I need to get this off of my chest.

A friend of mine went to a hotel last week where the wrestlers were staying. (Raw was in Chicago last week.) He talked to some of them and got pictures with them. Cool.

The next day I’m texting him about wrestling related stuff. He’d met Kevin Owens in the morning at a signing. I didn’t go to Raw because I was busy, needed to save money, and the last Raw I went to sucked. I mentioned stuff that I’d actually be disappointed if I’d missed, and really it would only be a Balor return or a Sasha heel turn.

So, then I got an unsolicited rant about how Sasha was rude to him and other fans the night before and he will “never” support her. (Even though you support them by watching the show.)

This is the second instance that Sasha was rude to him or someone he knew.

There’s just so much wrong with this way of thinking. I mean, should they be rude? Not really. But is it really that big of a deal? Not at all. Grow up, almost 30 year old dude crying that someone was mean to him.

Wrestling fans can be really stupid. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of someone or you aren’t. I don’t think he was particularly a fan of Sasha to begin with (which is foolish at best) but this just doesn’t make any sense.

We love wrestling, yes. We cheer people we like and boo people we don’t. We’re lucky if they respond to us on social media. But they ARE NOT our friends. We do NOT know them on a personal level. You can’t just go up to them and act like you know them.

People don’t seem to realize this, and those are the worst kinds of fans. They have every right to tell you to go fuck yourself if you go up to them at a hotel and beg for an autograph or picture. They aren’t required to tell you no politely.

Let’s get one thing straight. People find out what hotels they stay at. People find out their travel information and wait for them at the airport. YOU ARE NOT A FAN IF YOU DO THIS. YOU ARE A STALKER. YOU ARE STALKING THEM.

They might be wrestlers and they might be in the public eye but first and foremost THEY ARE ALSO PEOPLE. Following them to their hotel for a picture IS STALKING and you are treating them like SHOW ANIMALS. If you partake in this, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. If they tell you to go fuck yourself, good for them. They have every right and in fact, they should. If you really need a picture with that person, GO TO A FUCKING SIGNING AND PAY FOR IT.

Stop trying to give some bullshit that it comes with their line of work. No, it doesn’t. Just because someone is on tv doesn’t mean they’ve traded their privacy for fame.

And he already knew that Sasha does not like people doing this, and then he did it anyway, and she was rude, and now he’s fake outraged. He knew from the first time and did it anyway. Well, you get what you deserve.

It’s well known that Sasha doesn’t like it. She has a Tumblr. Go find it. You’ll find she talks about that enough.

Rollins doesn’t like it either. He just tweeted something like that last week. Sasha retweeted it.


Grow up. They aren’t your friends and they don’t have to be nice to you. They don’t owe you shit. Don’t be one of those fans that thinks that they pay the wrestler’s salaries. You don’t. WWE does. If fans paid the wrestlers’ salaries that means that our cheering for wrestlers affects their booking and dictates who gets tv time and yet Roman gets everything despite being booed by most. No one in the world is owed anything. Stop being an entitled douche, fans.

And, let’s be real, he is a huge CM Punk fan, as am I, and it is well known to everyone that Punk is a dick to fans who do this. So either that makes you a hypocrite and quite possibly sexist.

What does one get by saying they won’t support someone for such a dumb reason? I mean, I’m sure Sasha’s so fucking devastated. She’s still the best female competitor on Raw and she’s still better than half the men on it too. The only person that will miss out is him from not supporting someone so talented because of his entitled behavior.

Get over yourselves, wrestling fans. They owe you nothing.