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I was going to write about a few things last night but changed my mind, but after Smackdown I need to get some stuff off my chest. And I didn’t think something from Smackdown was going to do become a problem, but it has.

The Bray Wyatt/Randy Orton/AJ Styles/Luke Harper/Shane McMahon situation

As happy as I am that Bray Wyatt is the WWE Champion, that’s always come at a price. That being that A.J. Styles lost the WWE Title for basically no reason. He carried that title through the Fall but now he’s lost it and for a while we thought he was going to end up in a bullshit feud that’s not worthy of his time.

The Tuesday after the Chamber, Orton gave up his title shot. So they set up a battle royal for last week. We all expected Harper to win that because an Orton/Wyatt match really needs to include Harper in it. Let’s face it, of the Wyatt family, Luke Harper has always been the best overall performer in it. Then Bray, then Braun. (Rowan’s irrelevant.) And it’s been a long time coming that Harper got his chance to shine.

Harper won that battle royal. No matter WHAT WWE tells you, AJ’s feet absolutely hit the floor first. This is true. If you can’t see that, you’re blind. But somehow we ended up with a one on one match this week to determine the #1 Contender.

And then A.J. won. With Luke’s foot on the ropes, so Shane restarted it. But A.J. still won. So that’s weird. I mean I’m happy for A.J. to have won his way into a title match at Mania which he rightly deserves to be in. We expected it to be a triple threat.

But then what about Harper? What does he get to do? He’d better get to do something worthwhile at Mania. And NOT a battle royal.

But then Orton turned on Bray at the end of the show, which isn’t so much a surprise. I kind of expected it to happen IN the mania match, though. And AJ and/or Harper were nowhere to be found in the segment.

And Shane said they don’t have a #1 contender now on Talking Smack. Even though they do. It’s pretty fucking simple. Triple Threat Match. Add Harper too. Why not?

But I can tell this is their way of bringing this back around to the status quo of the comedy card we found out a week before the Rumble. The title match will remain Wyatt/Orton and AJ will be stuck with Shane and Luke will be royal screwed.

Absolute bullshit. You presented me with Harper and/or Styles in the title match too and I expect something better than just Orton/Wyatt and AJ/Shane.

Other Smackdown Notes

-Whatever Natalya was doing goading Alexa Bliss – absolutely not.

-If John Cena thinks telling someone that they’ve made the worst mistake of their life and then sens Nikki Bella after them, someone needs to give him a reality check about what’s intimidating and what’s just comic relief.

Kelly Kelly

For some reason there’s been talk about Kelly Kelly being at Mania and open for a run.


How long did I spend running this trash down? NO ONE WANTS THIS. She’s literally lesser Naomi.

Keep in mind she:
-Had a trashy theme song
-Screamed constantly in her matches
-Wasn’t good in the ring
-Screamed “Come on!!” at her opponents when her opponent would move out of the way from getting a stinkface from her. I mean, seriously, Kelly – the point of wrestling is hitting your offense on others and NOT taking offense from your opponent – when you yell “Come on” at the opponent when they move out of the way it shows that you expect your opponent to sit there and take your offense, you fucking dolt!

Say what you will about the Women’s Revolution – in the end, it’s something WWE desperately needed even though it should never have been needed to be done in the first place – and it also hasn’t been done as well as it should have been. Sure, for the most part, and especially on Smackdown, women’s matches/stories are treated with respect. There are issues, and a lot of them are on Raw, but it is better than it used to be.

That being said, signing Kelly Kelly for a return goes against EVERYTHING the Women’s Revolution is supposed to stand for.

When I said all of that stuff about Kelly Kelly before, that’s just her as a wrestler. As a person, this is someone who has gone on record in an interview done on some talk show or radio show somewhere in Las Vegas I believe, saying more or less that the women on the show today – the women OF the Women’s Revolution – are NOT portrayed as stars and the women when SHE was there WERE STARS. This person is an absolute fucking joke. She is trash and she doesn’t deserve anymore air time.


Seriously, WHAT.THE.FUCK.

Emma is one of the best women on the roster.

Talent is not subjective. Talent is talent. The following is where the women on the roster rank in terms of talent. (I’m not rating this in terms of any sexist bullshit like how they look, this is purely based on talent. If I have something wrong, they might be one too high or one too low. But based on talent, you should find this completely valid.)

Note: S is above an A+.

S Class: Asuka, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Emma
A Class: Paige, Bayley, Ember Moon, Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross, Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Mickie James
B Class: Charlotte, Natalya, Naomi, Alica Fox, Summer Rae
C Class: Carmella, Nikki Bella
D Class: Dana Brooke
F Class: Eva Marie

Now, knowing that, you decided to give Emma some stupid, bullshit supermodel gimmick and changed her name to Emmalina. We already thought that was stupid. You showed these videos for weeks and months. It became a running gag – for real. We didn’t think the gimmick was a good idea, but you have a Raw women’s division that could desperately use one of the best female performer’s on the roster and you continue to drag on these videos.

And then you drag Emma out as Emmalina, and have her basically say the Emmalina character isn’t happening at all.

So, on one hand, you figured out the Emmalina thing is a stupid idea and you aren’t doing it. But you also jerked around one of your best women’s performers – one you made sit around on the sidelines perfectly healthy for months with nothing to do.

Fuck you.

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