So with all of the fallout from the Rumble and now with Samoa Joe debuting on Raw and Seth Rollins getting injured, I feel like I need to talk about all of this some more. There’s just a lot of stuff happening and I’m trying to make sense of it all.

So, Samoa Joe debuted on Raw, which makes him entering the Chamber illegally and costing Cena the belt unlikely. However, I found Joe’s debut to be great, and it adds a nice wrinkle to the Rollins vs. HHH feud. I was looking forward to Joe vs. Rollins but sadly that won’t be happening for a while. I almost had hoped they made that the WM match.

But now Rollins is injured. It sounds like he’s only out for eight weeks, which makes the WrestleMania match still possible. It’s not definite, but it’s not automatically out either. Time will tell. Even so, a match with Triple H will happen when he’s back, it’ll just be later than expected. But, if they’re not sure, I don’t know what to do. If they’re going to do it, they need to keep the storyline hot for Mania. But if they keep the story hot and are keeping the match on, and then he can’t compete – then what? I suppose that if they know he can’t compete the Monday before, he could announce a surrogate to face Triple H for him. If there is a surrogate, it will be the person I mention in the next paragraph.

But, in the case that they know now that Rollins will miss Mania, then what to do for Triple H’s match? They’re talking about Joe, but that’d just be too weird to me. Joe just debuted as a heel, and for him to instantly turn to face the man he just showed up and helped take care of Seth would just be an odd narrative. Raw’s not good at stories and I don’t foresee them writing that well. So, who faces Triple H? There are two options on Raw, both for the same reason. My first choice is Finn Balor if he’s going to be cleared, which he should be. If not, I just realized you could put Sami Zayn in this spot for the reasoning I’m using. Triple H made NXT a big part of the promo on Monday, as Rollins was the first NXT Champion. And he brought up Joe to take out Rollins – using another of his “creations” to take out a previous one. Balor and Zayn have both been big parts of NXT and can easily slide into that spot to fit the story being told. Obviously it doesn’t end the HHH/Rollins feud, but it works and it gives Balor or Zayn a big time match.

Moving on.

I really have to question the decision to take the title off of Styles. Really, what was the point? They aren’t crazy enough to do Orton vs. Cena at Mania – hell, they’re doing it on Smackdown next week, so you know Cena’s losing the title. They wouldn’t do this match next week if Cena was facing Orton at Mania. So why have Cena win the title just to lose it in two weeks? Just to get a win over A.J. after not beating him twice? So what? I really don’t like the idea that both A.J. and Kevin Owens could go into Mania without their titles they’ve been holding for a long time – it’s just poor decision making. Especially A.J.’s, considering they have a logical fallback feud for Owens for Mania, but not A.J.

A.J.’s fallback feud is apparently Shane McMahon, and it’s terrible. You have A.J. freaking Styles in your company, and he holds your title for five months and carries the brand, only for him to have a match with Shane McMahon?? What a waste. He’s too talented to be wasting his time with this. And it’s clearly going to happen – all they needed to set it up was have A.J. lose the title at Rumble and then not get a one on one rematch. He’s getting the rematch at Chamber which he’ll lose and then blame Shane for it because he didn’t get a one on one rematch and that’s all there is to it.

Meanwhile, Cena will lose the title and Bray will win it. I don’t know if it’ll be just by beating Cena or if someone will attack Cena after they were eliminated or whatever, but Wyatt’s walking out of the Chamber as champion. Which is great, because we all freaking love Bray Wyatt. But why does the Wyatt/Orton story need the title? And if Wyatt loses the title to Orton, I will not get anything out of it. I’m for a Wyatt title reign, but I’m not for it if it’s only for seven weeks. Also, I really hope the Wyatt/Orton match at Mania is actually Wyatt/Orton/Harper. Luke Harper is amazing and it’s high time the people who aren’t aware of it are made aware of it, and if this feud can turn Harper into a much bigger deal, then that will be the true success of this storyline. That is the optimal goal and they’d better run with it.

So with Cena out of the title picture at Mania, I was wondering where that left him. Joe was the obvious answer to me before his debut, and it’s still the optimal match. Without the title, what should Cena want? Why not do a Raw vs. Smackdown match? Cena could want to show the Smackdown is greater than Raw, and to counter this, Triple H says “Fuck you here’s Samoa Joe” and there’s the match.

But that’s not likely. I was thinking both Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler could be solid options because Undertaker will be otherwise occupied. But Corbin’s apparently doing something else – my guess is that he and Ambrose will have an IC Title match – seems logical to me. Don’t know where that leaves Dolph.

No, the new idea for Cena isn’t anything big at all. In fact it’s probably Cena’s most meaningless WrestleMania match ever. Cena and Nikki vs. Miz and Maryse in Nikki’s last match. I don’t know where people got this but if it’s true – uh, you could do a hell of a lot better things with Cena, but if it’s true and we can finally get the Bellas out of the company for good, sign me up.

As much as there are much better things Cena could be doing, this pointless mixed tag match solves the “They’re going to shove the Bella down our throats again” problem for the Smackdown Women’s Championship match. There’s really no excuse for them not to do Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James at WrestleMania for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. I would throw Alexa in but Raw’s Women’s title match will have multiple people in it, so I don’t want to do two of them. But how to get the title onto Mickie or Becky before Mania when Naomi thinks she’s relevant again and is getting a title match at Chamber? That’s a solid question. Also, I think Becky vs. Emma would be the best thing they could do if they could get Emma from Raw who CLEARLY isn’t using her ever, and they were both about to feud before Emma got hurt. But that’s not likely. So however you get the title onto Becky so she can face Mickie and maybe also Alexa at Mania, do it.

Smackdown tag titles are easy. Have the Revival debut at the end of the tag turmoil match when Alpha thinks they’ve kept the belts, and lose them to Revival. Instant great Mania match.

That still leaves the question of what to do with Ziggler. I guess the IC Title match could be a multiman ladder match.

On the Raw side of things, assuming Triple H is held up with Rollins, that leaves Balor and Zayn free.

Owens is apparently going to lose the title to Goldberg at Fast Lane so Goldberg can lose the title to Brock at Mania. All of that is dumb as fuck.

That leaves Owens to face Jericho at Mania.

Undertaker will face Reigns. If Reigns isn’t heel, I will laugh.

If Balor and Zayn are free, have them face each other. What else are they going to do? I guess Zayn could face Strowman again? But then what about Balor and what about Joe, too? I don’t want Balor facing Joe – we’ve seen that too much. Balor needs to face Zayn or Triple H if Rollins is out. WHAT DOES SAMOA JOE DO? Wait, do Raw vs. Smackdown Joe vs. A.J.. Fuck Shane.

If Kurt Angle has a match, he will face Rusev, that’s easy. But he could face Joe too, I suppose.

Because Raw doesn’t know how do have a women’s division done properly, Charlotte will defend Sasha’s title against Sasha (who will be heel by then hopefully), Bayley, and Nia. Sasha better win and then Charlotte better be out of the title picture for a LONG fucking time.

Raw tag titles is easy – Club vs. SAWFT.

No idea what to do with New Day. I don’t want a Sheamus vs. Cesaro X match either.

The Cruiserweight Championship should be a multiman ladder match.

Anyways, that was me hashing out the Mania card.

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