So the first half of season 3 of Lucha Underground has concluded and now we have to wait until summer for it to continue, so those of us who watch the best wrestling/television show will have to suffer at least five months of waiting for it to come back. This is basically just going to list where each character is at at the end of the midseason finale. I was inspired to do this after listening to TWITWOW’s (If you’re a wrestling fan you should be listening to them too) review of the finale and it made it seem like most everyone on that episode of LU is having a bad time – so I thought to myself, how many of the characters in the temple are actually having a good time this season? So I’m going to go through everyone – there’s got to be a few, right?

Johnny Mundo: For the most part he’s having a great time – he’s won Gift of the Gods and the Lucha Underground Championship (HURRAY!), but he did leave the finale having gotten his ass handed to him by The Mack.

Jack Evans and PJ Black: Also had their asses handed to them by The Mack.

Taya Valkyrie: I believe she is still injured at this point of the season, which sucks. So she’s not having a great time either, but at least she’s making an awesome documentary!

Sexy Star: She’s having a very bad time. Got screwed out of the Gift of the Gods by Mundo, and although she won the Lucha Underground Title in Aztec Warfare 3, she lost it a week later to Mundo and lost a rematch. And now she’s being tormented by spiders.

The Mack: He’s got a Lucha Underground Championship match against Mundo when the season returns and got the upper hand on World Wide Underground on the finale, so we finally have someone who is okay at the moment.

Matanza: Got put through a building by Rey Mysterio at the end of the finale. Presumable he’s alive, but that’s got to hurt.

Dragon Azteca, Jr: Got chokeslammed through bleachers by Matanza, may or may not be dead.

Rey Mysterio: His back might be healed, but his student might be dead.

Cage: He’s got a gauntlet that makes him even more powerful, but it’s draining him of his life. Or something similar.

Drago, Aero Star, and Fenix: Fenix and Aero Star have gotten Drago back from being captured by the Snake Tribe, but is this part of Kobra Moon’s plan to possibly get the Trios titles? Is Drago a double agent?

Kobra Moon, Vibora, and Pindar: May have just lost Drago back to his old comrades, but it might be their plan. Regardless, they have Vibora so they’re fine.

Rabbit Tribe: They’re fun but they haven’t won a match yet. But apparently Mascarita Sagrada is their God or something.

Prince Puma (Dark): Lost Grave Consequences to Mil Muertes, revived by Vampiro and headed down a dark road to revenge.

Mil Muertes: Beat Puma in Grave Consequences, but lost Aztec Warfare and is still being targeted by Puma. I guess he’s one of few doing alright.

Catrina: Involved in some kind of love triangle with Jeremiah Crane, boyfriend of Ivelisse, even though she loves Fenix

Jeremiah Crane: See above

Ivelisse: Has a match with Catrina and UltimaLucha 3, but is currently injured again and I am sad.

Marty the Moth and Mariposa: Marty seemingly turned on Mariposa after she lost to Sexy Star, and now Mariposa kidnapped him and tied him up, but apparently they’re both happy about this? What?

Killshot and Dante Fox: Killshot may have gotten his dog tags back from Marty, but his friend from the army, Dante, that he left for dead is back to make him pay.

Angelico: Injured again right after he returned and I am sad.

Son of Havoc: Got revenge on Famous B and Doctor Wagner Jr., still waiting to see what he does next.

Veneno aka Cortez Castro aka Officer Reyes: Dario found out he’s a snitch and had Pentagon break his arm. Came back in Aztec Warfare just to be destroyed by Matanza I believe. Now is deeper undercover and showed up just to get destroyed by Cage after he got the gauntlet and then by Sexy Star right after.

Pentagon DarK: Got both of his arms broken by Black Lotus and Dragon Azteca Jr. How fun!

Black Lotus and the Black Lotus Triad: Successfully got revenge on Pentagon Dark, uncertain on when they will return or if it’ll just be Black Lotus.

Texano: Aligning with Famous B just because he likes Brenda after having lost the best of 5 series with Cage

Famous B: See above

Joey Ryan: Got knocked out by a horseshoe by Texano.

Ricky Mandel: HE HAS THE PHOTOS!

Mascarita Sagrada: Got revenge on Famous B, now the object of the Rabbit Tribe’s affection.

I think that’s everyone, or at least everyone that’s important.