I guess I need to vent and throw this somewhere, so it’s time for another one of these posts. I have a feeling we may have a lot of these over the next four years. Now, this isn’t going to be anything about the soon to be President at all – there will be plenty of time for that while freedom of speech is still a thing – but it is politics related.

It’s something I touched on in my the super huge one that I wrote which is now since gone because the election is over and it no longer matters. We’re fucked, we know. Even those who voted for him know we’re fucked, whether they’ll admit it or not. If he doesn’t get us all killed, get impeached, or die in office, we’ll be lucky to not be left in economic and social ruin

What this is really about is this moronic idea that people in the entertainment industry (or something similar) aren’t allowed to have an opinion on politics.

I’ve seen this kind of thing time and again over the past year just with people I follow. Actor or actress (or whatever profession in the industry it may be) X voices an opinion that Troll Y doesn’t like, so Y must troll X to the point of oblivion until they’re blocked (and create another account and continue because Twitter doesn’t care about abuse) because X has a following and their opinion could sway all of those people that follow X to vote for Y’s unwanted candidate. Of course Y doesn’t get that it’s irrelevant because a person either wants candidate A or candidate B and we don’t live in a time where one’s opinion will ever be changed by the other side, so they’re being abusive just to be abusive.

Keep in mind that all of this is happening a lot right now because an actress requested people not mock people with disabilities. That should be a no brainer.

Y tells X to “stick to what they know” or “stick to their field” as if Y knows anything about politics himself/herself.

How does that make any sense? Person Y is not someone in politics either, so shouldn’t Y take their own advice and stick to their field? Because we know he or she clearly knows nothing about the subject.

Keep in mind, people like Y are the people who watch a sports game and yell about what their favorite team should be doing to win when they’ve never played the game or worked in the league, complained about their food to a cook when they’ve never cooked anything themselves, complained about a wrestling show without working in the business, yelled at someone in customer service without having done so themselves, etc. They have no experience in it themselves either, so them saying that an actor should stay out of politics is completely devoid of merit.

Also, you don’t know their lives – how do you know what they know or don’t know about politics.

Also, where do people get this idea that people who work in Hollywood are the “elite?” Because, you know, that 1% that people talk about – those aren’t actors. Sure, there are some actors who make quite a bit of money, but those aren’t the majority of them. Most of my favorite ones that I follow most closely/interact with most on social media seem to live regular person lifestyles to me and happen to act to make a living. Why? BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT THEY CHOSE TO DO WITH THEIR LIVES.

People seem to be deluded into thinking that there’s some kind of divide between people who work in the entertainment business and the people that don’t. It’s like they think we were born, some lady in a fedora comes and whisks away several of them to be in the entertainment business, never to be seen by us “normal” people again or something. It’s like they think that because someone is an actor that their life must be so easy and devoid of hardships and that they must make tons of money and don’t have to work very hard.


I don’t even have to work in the industry to know that that’s bullshit.

Sure, they do live different lives than we do. But everyone lives a different life than someone else.

Like, I’m a person with a math degree and I’m currently a security guard. That’s the life I live because that’s the path I took. Actors are actors because THEY DECIDED TO PURSUE ACTING. And you know what? You too could be an actor if you decided TO PURSUE ACTING.

They aren’t any different than us. They are people. They were born, chose acting as their desired career path, pursued it, and now they’re actors!

If you want to be some dude that drives a pickup truck and does construction, that’s cool! You pursue what you want to do and hopefully you’ve become successful at it!

They chose a different path and were successful at it too, which is also cool!

And you know what? Since they’re people, they get to voice their opinions too! As it turns out they have the same rights as we “normal” people do, and get to use them as they see fit!

Maybe they disagree with you. You know what? Too damn bad! They don’t have to conform to your political opinion for you to be a fan of them! If you can’t be a fan of someone who has different politics, the unfollow button is in the top right – I advise you use it! You don’t get to police what others say! Sure, we may not like that trolls say some racist, misogynist bullshit, but they have the right to say them. (And subsequently pay the professional consequences of it if the company they work for doesn’t want to be associated with that foolishness. Because while you have the right to say these things, you don’t have the right to say them and NOT face any consequences of them. You can’t be put in jail, but if no one wants to associate with you anymore, you can’t be surprised by it and can’t claim your “rights are being infringed upon.”)

If you can’t be a fan of someone because of their politics, unfollow them like we sane people do. I’ve unfollowed a number of people I’m a fan of because of these reasons this year. Why? Because I don’t like their opinion, but they have the right to say it.

They work just as hard to succeed in their industry to make a living as we do in whatever industry we’re in. Per a conversation I had the other night with someone who is in the industry, only about 5% of them are lucky to make more than a five digit salary a year. I make a five digit salary a year, too, by the way – not so different.

If someone in the entertainment industry’s opinion is invalid, then so is yours. Their opinion is as relevant as anyone else’s. You don’t have to agree with their opinion just because they said it, just like they don’t have to agree with yours. But they get to voice it.

They are regular people doing the job they decided to pursue. The only ones calling them the “elite” are the ones who put them on the pedestal of being larger than life to begin with. You have your favorite actors and actresses. I have a favorite actress and actor too. We think they’re larger than life because of how WE feel about them, but as it turns out they’re regular people who chose a different career path than us. They’re as important as we are. You’re as important as they are. You aren’t more important for being a repairman and they’re not more important for being in a movie. We’re all the same.

As always, you have the right to disagree with me, but I’m not wrong.