Recently I decided that I wanted to make a list of all offenses that will get someone either unfollowed or blocked online without any remorse. Let’s face it, there are a lot of morons online that don’t deserve the time of day and don’t even deserve to even have you read their posts – this extensive list is a guide for whom to remove so you, if you are a rationally minded person such as myself, to stay sane. This list may grow over time. Some of these may have an explanation, some of them may not.

We’re going to start with wrestling related people:

1) Being one of those “OMGZ the Attitude Era was so much better!!!” people.
-Sure, it was great, but it wasn’t without it’s issues, and blanket statementing that even though there’s plenty of good talent today that you refuse to see makes you ignorant and not worth the time. Yes, there are problems, but the talent is NOT one of them.

2) Saying that “C.M. Punk quit on his fans.”

3) Being a “Divas Confessions” person.
-If you’re on Twitter and delve too deep into the stan territory, you’ll find that there’s a lot of people who retweet an account known as Divas Confessions. This site is run by an anonymous Tumblr where people send in comments about the women in WWE and then the Twitter anonymously posts these comments. It’s generally an A.J. Lee hate site, but it’s really a hate site for anyone that’s not on Total Divas. Mostly you’ll find insane love for anyone on Total Divas outside of Paige, and hate for any woman that has actual talent and deserves their spots. Most of these people think their favorite deserves titles just for being their favorite, without realizing their favorite sucks and doesn’t have a title because of that.

4) Calling Kevin Owens fat.

5) Being an employee within WWE and refusing to acknowledge that a show was bad just because of that. (Case in point: New Age Outlaws are like this.)

6) Being someone against intergender wrestling.

7) Hating Lucha Underground.

8) Being a TNA mark that loves everything about it and thinks everything that isn’t TNA is terrible because of that.

9) Being one of those fans that bashes other fans for not buying all the PPVs and streaming them instead. (Not so relevant anymore, but still.)

10) Being a Bella Twins stan. (With few exceptions. Most are completely irrational. Rational ones are ok, but few exist.)

11) Being an A.J. Lee hater.

12) Being one of those “This person deserves the title because they are in the company” people.
-When your favorite isn’t the champion, it’s not your job to go around social media and ranting that they aren’t. You don’t post something like #Justice4SummerRae” on WWE’s stuff when Summer Rae has done absolutely nothing to earn herself a championship run. If you want your favorite to be champion, make sure to choose a favorite who isn’t a jobber. Naomi isn’t champion but it’s not because of anything other than she’s terrible. Eva Marie is awful.

13) Refusing to believe that Nikki Bella only broke A.J.’s Title reign because WWE is a bunch of petty douchebags.

14) Droning on and on on podcasts about “how the business used to be.”
-Sorry, Jim Cornette, the wrestling business must evolve with the times. We don’t care that you sit at home crying because it’s different. Evolve with the business or stop being a petty asshole. Stop pretending that Lucha Underground isn’t the best show on tv, stop pretending intergender wrestling is bad. JR, I love you, but there shouldn’t be a requirement that every podcast of yours requires about the wrestlers needing to “slow down.”

15) Still calling the women “Divas.”

16) Being Natalya or JBL.

17) Thinking that any of the women on “Total Divas” sans Paige are better than A.J. Lee, Paige, the 4HW, Asuka, etc.
-And, if we’re all honest, then the talent is in this order:

“S” Class (AKA the absolute best): Asuka, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch
A+ Class: Bayley, Emma, Paige, Ember Moon
A- Class: Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, Nikki Cross
B+ Class: Charlotte, Carmella, Alicia Fox
B- Class: Nikki Bella, Natalya, Nia Jax, Liv Morgan
C Class: Naomi
D Class: Dana Brooke
F Class: Eva Marie

Some hockey ones:

1) Being a Blues fan

2) Hating Corey Crawford

And now some general ones:

1) Calling anyone a “puppy that must be protected.”

2) Tweeting nothing but stuff about Fifth Harmony.

3) Having “Retweets are not endorsements” in your bio, as if you matter, and YES, retweets are endorsements.

4) Having VERY American imagery in your profile photo or banner photo, such as American flags or bald eagles.
-This is generally a sign that you’re a douchebag.

5) Having the word “Deplorable” in your user name as if it’s a badge of honor or is a good thing.

6) Having any version of that dumb frog emoji thing on your profile, anywhere.

7) Responding to someone with four images with quotes on them. Auto block without reading.

8) Making fun of political correctness because respecting others is too logical.

9) Being any of the following:
-A Climate Change Denier
-Anti LGBT
-Pro-Life Bullshitter
-A religion-pushing idiot
-An anti-vaxxer
-A Bernie or bust person
-One of those gun freaks that just know fucks their guns
-Someone who says “All Lives Matter” or “Blue Lives Matter” in response to “Black Lives Matter.” (Black Lives are part of All Lives so if you say All Lives then you can’t have a problem with people saying Black Lives. Morons.)
-One of those people who get offended by “Happy Holidays”

10) Responding to tweets with nothing but swears because you disagree. You can disagree, but you must send a civil response. You’ll lose the debate by default, but you won’t be blocked.

11) Calling the Democratic Party “The Left,” as if that’s supposed to make it sound like a bad thing and NOT the party of normal, sane people.

12) Calling someone a liberal without realizing that saying that as an “insult” is really a compliment, because in that case it only means “better person than me.”

13) Being DJT, being related to DJT, or being on his transition team

14) Pretending people in Hollywood don’t have a right to post their opinions online because they have a ton of followers and could influence people. Yes, that’s the point, idiots.

15) Pretending people they follow on Twitter must conform to their opinions for them to keep following them. Nope, doesn’t work like that.

16) Pretending that Obama hasn’t been the best President of my lifetime. That’s objective fact.

17) Rubber Stamp supporting DJT just because he’s not a D, even though it’s clear that even if he doesn’t get us all killed, he’s going to leave the country in shambles.

18) Pretending that DJT isn’t racist/homophobic/homophobe/etc.

19) Blaming everything on millennials.

20) Blaming the fact that you don’t have a job on the President that’s more than halved unemployment and not on the fact that you’re a pathetic, lazy, moron and just suck at life. You aren’t special.

21) Called someone a “cuck” as if it’s a word.

22) Sending hate to any of the following people: (Anyone, but in specific)
-People I know/non-celebrity people that I follow
-Allison Scagliotti
-A.J. Lee, Paige, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Bayley, Asuka, Ember Moon, Alexa Bliss
-C.M. Punk
-Corey Crawford, Patrick Sharp