This was a far better show than Survivor Series, although I still have a fair amount of complaints about this show as well. Nothing maddening, but small things that annoyed me throughout the show. A few of the things happened throughout the night, so I’ll just mention them now. One, the amount of replays I saw of people in the crowd’s reactions to things that happened was too high. The amount of replays I need to see of fans reacting to things is ZERO. I do not pay to see the idiots in the crowd, I pay to see people wrestle. DO NOT show me crowd reactions unless it’s appropriate – and replays of them are NEVER appropriate. Another, the camera work is getting terrible. A number of things I would’ve liked to have seen but the camera decided to be at a terrible angle and didn’t let me. Also, JBL and Otunga continue to be horrible commentators. Feel bad for Ranallo having to carry their asses every week.

The first match was Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton defeating Heath Slater and Rhyno to win the WWE Blue World Tag Team Championship. Not too much to say about this match, really – it was solid, but nothing spectacular happened in it. I suppose however if the Wyatts had not won there’d be nothing super memorable about it, so that was a big help. I enjoyed the postmatch too with them celebrating – so nice to finally see Bray with a title. It’s taken far too long.

Rating: **1/2

Nikki Bella defeated Carmella in a somewhere between poor and decent No DQ match. Firstly, why the fuck was the ref trying to count them out? IT’S NO DQ! NO DQ MEANS NO COUNTOUT BY DEFAULT. I don’t know why commentary was trying to tell us that there was still countouts BECAUSE THERE ARE NONE. OTHERWISE THIS IS SOME HYPOCRITICAL BS. If Sasha and Charlotte can have a FCA match then Nikki and Carmella’s match that’s No DQ doesn’t need countouts. (It doesn’t have to be FCA but there’s no reason there needs to be countouts.) And I love Sasha and don’t like Nikki so you know that’s me being objective! That being said, Nikki, please learn to sell. When you have been given a leg injury, you cannot climb on top of barricades and jump off of them. Also, what a waste of a fire extinguisher. Firstly I feel like a fire extinguisher is a heel maneuver. Also using the entire thing on someone and most of it just going everywhere doesn’t actually injure your opponent, so there’s no reason Carmella should’ve been ripe for a Rack Attack right after it. However the spray from the extinguisher would’ve set up for a Bullshit Forearm Attack Thing out of Nowhere to set it up, so she should’ve done that to do it. Also, case in point about commentary sucking – Nikki using a Kendo Stick to hit Carmella with to get out of Carmella’s submission is NOT “inventive” nor “creative,” especially when we just saw Sasha use one to get out of Charlotte’s Figure Four literally six days ago. Also why WWE thinks we need a Nikki vs. Natalya feud now I will never know.

Rating: *1/2

The Miz defeated Dolph Ziggler in a good ladder match to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship. The only thing I really have to say about this match is that after Miz basically destroyed Dolph’s leg with the ladder, I really did NOT need the hope spot for Dolph after it. And I think there were two. I would’ve been fine with Miz just winning after he did all of that to Dolph. After the SCF on the ladder it should’ve been over. But other than that, good match.

Rating: ***1/2

Baron Corbin defeated Kalisto in a good(?) Chairs match. I don’t know – I wouldn’t say it wasn’t good but I will say this match was too long. I enjoyed what I watched but really Corbin should’ve won far earlier.

Rating: **1/2

Alexa Bliss defeated Becky Lynch in a good Tables Match to win the WWE Blue Women’s Championship. I’ve never really been into one on one tables matches, but I did enjoy this a lot. It got better as it went on – a lot of good defense played, actually. Once they got the table into the ring, things picked up from there. And I was surprised that Alexa won. I’m sad for Becky but I can’t be mad that Alexa won – she’s the only one on Smackdown worthy of beating Becky. And I think Becky will get it back.

Rating: ***

And finally, A.J. Styles defeated Dean Ambrose to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a great TLC Match. This whole match was great. Styles getting slammed down on like four chairs. Ambrose hit a diving elbow drop off a ladder that was on top of the announce table onto AJ through a different announce table. Styles hit Springboard 450 to the outside onto Ambrose through a table – that was the best part of the night. Styles got hit with Dirty Deeds on the steps. And then the only blemish of the match is the obvious and uncalled for James Ellsworth heel turn, shoving Ambrose off the ladder and through tables so Styles could win. UGH.

Rating: ****

So, yea – a good show but there were a number of issues that should’ve been fixed. Definitely worth a watch though.

Overall Grade: B

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