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Last night I watched WWE Raw, as I do every Monday night. Well, I record it and fast forward through the crap, which I recommend that all sane people who like wrestling do. The main event ended with one of my favorite wrestlers, Sasha Banks, winning the WWE Women’s Championship from someone I try very hard not to completely despise, Charlotte. And in this moment where as rabid a fan of their favorite wrestlers as I am of Sasha, among others, would normally feel jubilation, I did not. I felt indifference. Apathy.

I simply didn’t care.

I wanted so much to be happy. I should have been. So, why wasn’t I? WWE’s incompetence, or should I say, WWE Raw’s writing and decision making in the past four months have been infuriating. It’s been so terrible that when I saw that Sasha was getting yet ANOTHER match for the Women’s Championship, I assumed it was just to get her rematch out of the way and that she would lose. Perhaps Nia Jax would interfere and Sasha would move on to face her, while Charlotte moved on to Bayley. Or that, despite it making no sense, Ric Flair would show up since it was in Charlotte and he’d help Charlotte retain. It would make absolutely no sense for Ric to help his daughter after she told him that she wished he was dead, so that’s exactly why it would happen. And Sasha winning would only make previous decisions even more stupid. So when it came to be match time, I barely even paid attention. I watched the Mark Remark for Survivor Series instead. (If you don’t know what the Mark Remark is, go to the Youtube channel LittleKuriboh and enjoy. You’re welcome.) I glanced up every now and then, but for the most part I just assumed one of my expected outcomes would play out. Then I heard a bell and looked up, and saw that she’d done it. Sasha had won. Again. My first thought was what I’m sure most people’s first thought was – because WWE has now trained me to expect this title reign to not last more than three weeks. And that is why I don’t care.

I’m going to go back a while and talk about how we got here. About how Sasha Banks became one of my favorite wrestlers, and how WWE could possibly make me not care about her winning the title.

See, since C.M. Punk left in 2014, I haven’t had a de facto “favorite wrestler.” Not since Punk have I been able to pick one person within WWE that I love above anyone else. C.M. Punk was above all for me until he left, but since then it’s been something more like “Favorite wrestler by committee.” I haven’t been able to pinpoint my favorite since then – I tried to pin it down on Dean Ambrose shortly after, but then there was Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Cesaro, and Dolph Ziggler. Then I tried to pin it down on Finn Balor, but there was the aforementioned, plus Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Neville, and Samoa Joe. Now I’ve tried to pin it down on Kevin Owens, but there’s the aforementioned and A.J. Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, The Revival, DIY, and American Alpha. This isn’t even including the numerous people in Lucha Underground that I love.

But in 2013/2014, something started in WWE. Something that hadn’t in a while.

When I turned on NXT, I saw hope for WWE’s women’s division. Something that hadn’t existed for ages. A division that had basically died sometime in 2010 – probably when WWE released Mickie James and the Divas Championship became the sole title belt for women in September 2010.

Yes, instead of the Women’s Title that was held by Lita, Trish, Victoria, and Mickie, among others, we got the god awful butterfly belt that was held by the likes of Kelly Kelly, Maryse, Alicia Fox, etc. It wasn’t until A.J. Lee held the belt for almost a year that the belt had any kind of positive memories to go along with it. Even that WWE has tried VERY HARD to ruin because of their own petty BS – because A.J. left the company they felt required to have someone else break her title reign in one of the worst championship reigns in recent WWE history. It will go down as a petty stunt pulled by WWE done to tarnish the legacy of one of the best women’s wrestlers the company has had this side of Mickie James – nothing more, nothing less. Even Bella fans will admit that – they may fight you on this, but deep down they know that. Hey, I’m not saying that given the right circumstances that Nikki Bella shouldn’t win the title and shouldn’t be able to have those accomplishments – she should be able to, when it’s earned. Or moreso, when it isn’t WWE clearly trying to be petty. It’s well known that I hate the Bellas, but this is me being objective. Trust me, WWE does some bogus things and they’ve done it with my favorite wrestlers too. One of the most recent things involves the feud between Sasha and Charlotte.

But let’s get back to how we got to this point. WWE’s women’s division, or as they so disrespectfully called it, the divas division, had become filler. Well, it had been filler for most of my time as a wrestling fan. Sure, Trish and Lita was a great feud, but that happened over the course of years. Trish and Victoria had a good feud in 2002. Trish and Mickie had a great feud in 2006. But besides that, I don’t have many real memories of women’s wrestling from back then. I have plenty of memories from wrestling, but not many involving women that wasn’t something objectifying. I remember Trish vs. Victoria vs. Jazz from WM19 and Trish vs. Mickie WM26 as being very good matches. Other than that, I remember some moments and matches that happened, but none because of how good they were or how great the stories were. I remember Trish and Lita main evented Raw, but I remember it as the match Lita almost killed herself. I remember a cage match between Victoria and I think Lita. That’s about it. But I was recently reminded that  Lita’s retirement match ended with the crowd slut shaming her and Crime Time throwing her panties into the crowd. So even then, I can’t even say women’s wrestling was well respected. It might have been above bathroom break filler, but it wasn’t that far above.

It wasn’t until I watched NXT that I saw it. The main roster boasted A.J. Lee and…Well, that was basically it. But I looked at NXT and saw Paige for the first time. I had been hearing about Paige for a few months before this, but this had been the first I’d seen her. And she was great. I instantly liked her almost as much as A.J.. Now, we know what happened with Paige and how her main roster career had practically been a tragedy, but most of that’s not for this post. I’ve covered that plenty. But I saw her and watched her feud with Emma come to a head at NXT AirRival and it was incredible. I longed for an A.J. Lee vs. Paige feud that I would end up getting and subsequently be disappointed by because the main roster doesn’t know what they’re doing. Instead of concentrating on women capable of putting on high quality matches, they decided to give them five minutes while they concentrated their efforts on having other women have trashy reality tv Jerry Springer segments that were destined to fail.

That being said, I was right there with this feud. I found myself watching wrestling for A.J. Lee and Paige as much as I was Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, the Wyatts, Daniel Bryan, etc. And I saw hope in other women on NXT.

I was drawn to this version of NXT from a wrestling podcast I listen to on Youtube called TWITWOW. I’ve been listening to many different reviewers over the years and TWITWOW is one of the few that I have that I haven’t subsequently quit listening to altogether or only listened to a select number of videos of since then. The only other reviewers that I think can boast that are GoodMicWork, NYGFan4Life123 (Now known as Patrick’s Crazy Place), BlackCatFeline (whenever she posts stuff, anyway) and the Mark Remark. All of them are great and you should go listen to them. In fact, John from TWITWOW in a way inspired this post as listening to his markout for Johnny Mundo winning the Lucha Underground Championship made me wonder who is the one person I wold mark out for like that. At one time it was RVD, then it was Randy Orton, then it was C.M. Punk, and as this post will show, now it’s Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Bayley.

Anyways, I think I listened to a random NXT review by TWITWOW sometime in December or November 2013 – I may have watched an episode of NXT for the first time on Hulu right before this, or the review got me to watch it. I don’t remember. I recall specifically them talking about the women – calling them the NXT 4 or NXT 6. I think 4, because I believe they were talking about Paige, Emma, Summer Rae, and probably Sasha Banks. If it was six it included Bayley and I guess Charlotte too because I can’t think of a different sixth. And they talked about at least five of them positively. Charlotte not as much – I remember them talking about Charlotte being very much a work in progress around the time AirRival happened but that that’s also the direction NXT was going – Charlotte as the next Women’s champ because Paige was being brought up.

So in May at the first Takeover, I was not surprised to see Charlotte win the Women’s Title against Natalya. The match was incredible. So, while I wouldn’t say I became a fan of Charlotte, I knew she was capable of good matches. The problem is is that that is still her best match. That being said, the women’s division on NXT was always worth watching – they weren’t treated as piss breaks and the matches were rarely less than good.

I’m not sure I’d chosen a favorite of the women on the roster yet. I liked Bayley a lot but her mic skills needed work. I was indifferent about Sasha at the time. Paige and Emma had gone up. I liked Becky Lynch the moment she showed up – even when they did the stupid dancing gimmick. It wasn’t until Sasha had her match with Charlotte at Takeover R Evolution that I became a fan of hers. I had no issue with her character or anything beforehand, but I think what I’ve found is that for me to become a fan of someone, I need to see an extended match of theirs that gets time so I can see what they can do. And Sasha hadn’t had that yet from the time I started with NXT up until that point at R Evolution. Matches on NXT TV were good but not lengthy enough.

By the time Sasha won the title at Takeover Rival, I loved Sasha and Becky, and very much liked Bayley. Charlotte I respected but wasn’t a huge fan of. Sasha was such a great heel, and when she won the NXT Women’s title, I cried. I’d become such a fan of these three plus A.J. and Paige that I felt that there really was a movement here – that between them, WWE would be forced to finally treat this division with the respect it deserved. That they’d treat the division as well as it always should have been.

And with each week, and even moreso, each live show, it seemed like they literally had no other choice. Takeover Rival was truly the beginning. Charlotte/Natalya may have been the spark that lit the flame, but this match started the raging fire that couldn’t and wouldn’t be quelled.

Because after this was Takeover Unstoppable, which showed Sasha and Becky having one of the best matches of the year. Everyone praises later Takeover matches in this year and rightly so, but this one gets overlooked and it shouldn’t be. Sasha continued to be an incredible heel, and the crowd got behind Becky from the get go. And by the time the match was over, Becky might have lost but the fans were singing her theme song. She’d become a star. I cried again.

While I was frequently frustrated by the terrible booking and pettiness of the main roster’s treatment of women, I saw this movement happening and I knew it wouldn’t be stopped. And once Sasha, Becky, and Charlotte had been brought up to the main roster, the crowd made it clear that they would not accept the current booking of the main roster’s women to be applied to these three. WWE tried really hard to ruin it as much as they could – calling it the divas revolution and acting like they had started to care but really had just turned it into the same old shit, just now there were three teams of three women and not just the champ, Paige, and Naomi. It was awful for months because they had to stall for time and BS their way through it so the champ could still break that old record because who cares about making progress when you have to try to tarnish someone’s legacy from your saltiness because she retired? (It’s okay, WWE, you could never tarnish that legacy anyway. We real fans know what you were doing and don’t consider the longer title reign as legitimate. YOU FAILED!)

Meanwhile, Sasha was still NXT Women’s Champion, and Bayley was still in NXT and on the rise. She may not have had great mic skills but she was a fan favorite. And while it was pretty clear that she would win the title at Takeover Brooklyn from Sasha, the match was absolutely amazing. It was the highlight of the weekend. It was match of the year. The crowd reaction Bayley got for winning the title was louder than any I’d ever heard a woman get in WWE. This plus the curtain call – I cried after four Takeover women’s matches this year. I’ve rewatched this match many times since. And after this, there was no way in hell that fans would accept anything less than this from WWE going forward. No matter how hard WWE fought it.

Asuka had also come into the company at this point, and she’s been great ever since. Asuka is on a whole new level – she’s above everyone. You’re fighting Asuka, you say? Well prepare to die. Emma had gone down to NXT and in the course of a year, turned heel and become one of the best women WWE has as well, without really getting any credit for it. Paige was still great but WWE was hell bent on screwing her over at every turn. It’s hard to blame her for not really giving a damn about them this year. Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, and Ember Moon have come into the company too since then and they’re great.

Charlotte won the Divas Title from Nikki, and I was happy for her. Still, no one was surprised. She was Ric Flair’s daughter, of course they gave it to her. Sasha and Becky had been wrestling circles around her all year and slaughtered her on the microphone, but it’s WWE – and WWE gives the title to whomever is related to a legend whenever they can. Nepotism runs strong here. It doesn’t matter that the crowd’s been chanting “WE WANT SASHA” over and over and that Becky is clearly superior as well, it’s the one related to Ric, despite her lacking the same level of talent.

Meanwhile Sasha and Bayley had an Ironwoman match main event a Takeover special in another match of the year candidate.

Then Paige finally turned heel. Awesome, I thought – we’re going to finally get this going. Nope, she lost immediately to Natalya of all people. Paige went from losing to the Bellas because the Bellas were heels and there were always two, so she can’t do anything to stop them because heels and numbers. Then she turned heel, and then she couldn’t beat Charlotte just because Charlotte became the super face trope and heels always lose. Then Charlotte turned heel and had Ric in her corner, so Paige again lost because now there were heels and numbers. So the feud was a complete bust. But at least Charlotte was heel, because her as a face just doesn’t work.

And now they started to push Becky against her. And Becky got herself over because she was lost in WWE’s desire to push All Charlotte Everything and the fans’ desire to have Sasha pushed to the moon. Becky was caught in the middle and deserved far better, so she got herself over. By the time she faced Charlotte at the Rumble, the entire crowd was behind her. They were so behind her that by the time WrestleMania came around, I wasn’t sure if I wanted Sasha or Becky to win when only one could.

WrestleMania showed that WWE got the message. They had finally gotten the message that we weren’t going to settle for them treating them as piss breaks. By this point Sasha, Becky, and Bayley have all become favorite wrestlers of mine. As well as Asuka, Emma, and Paige. While I can’t really pin one person down as my favorite wrestler still because there are just so many good ones, and even between the three of them, I had a hard time picking between them. Well, Sasha was at the top, and Becky and Bayley always flip flopped. I put Sasha and Paige as a tie, because Paige has always been better than the main roster has let her be. Asuka is on a different scale altogether. But, if I pinned one person of all people that I’m a fan of as my favorite, I truly have to pick Sasha Banks. She is that good.

Let’s face it – Lita and Trish were great. Mickie and Victoria were too. But they’ve got nothing on the talent of Sasha and Becky and Bayley and Asuka and Emma and Paige. They are that good. I’ve seen so many articles written about them, especially Sasha and Bayley, that go more in depth to just how good they are than I ever could. Some have argued that Sasha Banks is the best wrestler in the world. I tend to agree.

So when I heard that they were going to finally create a Women’s Title and that the winner of the WrestleMania match would be the first holder of the title, I was ecstatic. They were finally taking a step in the right direction. I was so proud of what these women had accomplished. On a WrestleMania whose card was practically awful, this match was my safe haven. This was my WrestleMania match. This is the only match that felt like WrestleMania.

So here we are. After all of this, you’d think that WWE couldn’t possibly screw this up, right? Well, you’d be wrong. With every good thing WWE does, they always actively screw it up, it seems.

It begins with having this huge WrestleMania match between the three of them, finally have a Women’s Title and stop calling them divas, have grand entrances and the best match on the show. How do you screw that up, you ask? Well, you have Charlotte win, again. Not only that, Ric helps her win. A man decided the women’s match, essentially. I thought WWE was trying to help rid itself of sexism?

This isn’t sour grapes that someone I wanted to win lost. There are times when you can’t have the heel win. You can’t have something like this that’s supposed to be a big deal on a big stage and have the heel win. Yea the match was great, but it’s going to be looked back upon as that match Sasha or Becky should have won, no matter how good it was.

Then after what should have been Sasha continuing her feud with Charlotte, Sasha has to take time off and we’re stuck with a terrible feud between Charlotte and Natalya. The matches were mediocre, Charlotte’s mic work kept getting worse and worse, and in the end, Charlotte ended up with Dana Brooke as a cohort instead of her father, which made it even worse. After Natalya and Becky failed to beat the two in a tag match and Natalya turned on Becky for reasons, Sasha finally returned. Sasha brought up Bayley to face the two at Battleground and got the win.

Then they had the brand split. And they split the women’s rosters in half. This was a terrible idea. Raw got Sasha, Charlotte, Paige (suspended/injury), Emma (injured), and jobbers. (Now Bayley.) Smackdown got Becky, Alexa, Carmella, Nikki, and jobbers. It’s not a surprise to see what Raw’s division has become what it has.

That’s where things start to take a turn. Or several.

I told you that story to tell you this story.

The next night on Raw was the first Raw after the brand split. On that night, they put Sasha and Charlotte against each other for the title. Okay, I thought – well, Dana’s going to cost her the match and then they’ll face each other at SummerSlam and Sasha will finally win. Then Dana got ejected. And I thought – is she really going to win this? And then she did, and I was ecstatic. FINALLY the best had her belt. FINALLY. I was so happy.

It was off to a great start. And then when they had their SummerSlam match, I knew they were going to try to outdo themselves. But that’s when things start to go awry.

Charlotte picks up Sasha to go for a Sidewalk Slam off the top rope. But she drops Sasha because she’s not as strong as she thinks she is – proof of this is how many times Sasha’s done a dive on Charlotte and she can’t catch her and Sasha almost dies. And then fans think Sasha botched when it was Charlotte. Then Sasha almost killed herself doing a Frankensteiner to counter a top rope powerbomb Charlotte really would have killed Sasha with. And then, the unthinkable – Charlotte rolls the Banks Statement into a pin. And the ref counts 3. The crowd goes dead. Was it a mistake? Surely it had to be, right? It didn’t even seem like the proper time for the finish. Was Sasha hurt? Did they end it early? Either way, certainly Sasha was supposed to win, right? Certainly she wasn’t going to lose the belt on her first defense.

So we leave SummerSlam deflated. I was so deflated I almost didn’t enjoy A.J. vs. Cena as much as I should have because of it.

Then we’re told Sasha’s hurt and needs surgery, but it’s a small surgery and she’ll be back in a few weeks. Well, I guess I get it – like I guess I can forgive you for doing this because you weren’t sure if Sasha might be more seriously injured. Fine. I mean, you should have kept the belt on Sasha, but I can forgive that.

Bayley got called up, and then Sasha returned and it leads to a triple threat match at Clash of Champions. Bayley takes the pin from Charlotte because apparently Charlotte is capable of pinning people with big boots now. I don’t understand.

Two weeks later, Sasha gets another title match in the main event of Raw. I’m thinking – okay, surely Dana’s going to interfere in this and cost Sasha this time. Then they’re going to have the first women’s hell in a cell match at the next PPV and Sasha will win the title in her hometown. That’s going to happen, right? Then Bayley takes Dana out backstage. So, I’m thinking again – is she going to do this? Is she going to win again? And then she did. The match wasn’t as good as the first time she won, but she did win – and I was ecstatic again. She got the belt back that she should have never lost.

And then they got a Hell in a Cell match.

And everyone hated the storyline. Fair enough. It was all “We’re making history” instead of “I hate you!” I don’t disagree with that. However I’m still in the camp and will always be that they should have gotten a Cell match. You have women that the crowd can buy having a Cell match. They haven’t had that before. The closest thing that could’ve made it was A.J. vs. Paige, but they screwed that feud up too. Please recall that the Bellas wanted a Cell match and then remember what we got as the first one is a far superior option. The storyline wasn’t written well, but there IS enough history to warrant a Cell match. Especially with the Cell matches we get these days – we get cell matches that just happen because there’s a Cell PPV and hell, someone’s got to do it. Punk vs. Ryback happened in it twice. Why? Because they had to, basically. The only completely natural builds we got to cell matches in recent memory have been Ambrose/Rollins and Lesnar/Taker.

I understand they didn’t have like, a match, then a hardcore match, then something else, and then a cell match. But that kind of build doesn’t really exist in WWE anymore, so you can’t fault Sasha and Charlotte for that.

The making history thing you can’t fault on them, either. You can fault that on WWE. And that is where everything fails. It’s things like this that makes it painfully apparent that WWE is doing this more to make themselves look good and not because they should be treating them equally to begin with. It’s more like WWE is saying “Look at how good we are and how much we support gender equality” and all that when they should be supporting gender equality without jacking themselves off and trying to make themselves look like the good guys as they do it. I accept all genders as equal as any normal person does. But it’s clear that they just care about public image. Also, when it comes down to it, you can preach that you push equality like you do all you want, but equality doesn’t limit women to a women’s division, either. If you want someone who actually treats women as equals without doing it to make themselves look good, go watch Lucha Underground where women just win their World Title organically. No one is surprised by it and no one questions the company’s true motives.

But as much as that problem exists and the build left a lot to be desired, I still was strongly behind them having a cell match. Because at the end of the day, to me it’s about the talent. It’s about Sasha and Charlotte. Fuck WWE. And does Sasha and Charlotte deserve to have a Cell match? Absolutely yes. Did they deserve to main event the PPV? Absolutely yes. So putting all the bullshit aside that WWE provides, I was still all for it and I will stand by that no matter what.

Everything aside, it was a huge deal for women to be in the cell and for them to main event. I don’t think I could ever believe that women would ever main event WrestleMania because WWE is stupid, but I’m glad that we’ve broken ground here. I do not believe this will happen often, but this was the time to do it. A title match, first women’s cell match, Sasha’s hometown, they’re on the poster – if ever there was a time, now was it.

So, like I said, huge deal. First Women’s Cell match, first women’s PPV main event, in Sasha’s hometown, WrestleMania like entrances. Certainly WWE couldn’t fuck this one up, right? Right? RIGHT?!?!?!?!


First they have the stupid stretcher spot that dragged on for far too long. But once they got in the cell it was pretty good. I was happy with it after that, match wise. Then Charlotte goes to throw Sasha through a table and fails. She tries again and fails. She hits Natural Selection, but it’s at a disjointed part of the match that’s clearly not the finish, so obviously Sasha’s going to kick out, right? RIGHT????

The ref counted to 3.


The crowd dies. Again. In fact, kids in the crowd are crying.

How? HOW??

How do you screw this up so terribly? This was EASY. SASHA WINS. FEUD ENDS. It’s Sasha’s hometown. First Women’s Cell match and PPV main event. I mentioned earlier about instances where the face HAS TO WIN. Well, EXHIBIT FUCKING A.

I don’t think I’ve ever used the term “burial” before myself. I’ve seen others use it, but I’ve never really said that someone buried someone. Well Charlotte buried Sasha. What credibility does Sasha have after this?

Like, how does she come back from it? She lost this match in front of her hometown in the main event in HIAC. She lost the title three weeks after she’d won it. AGAIN. Why? Because Charlotte’s got a stupid PPV winning streak? Was Sasha supposed to keep the title from SummerSlam until HIAC and the surgery just screwed with it? Then why bother giving Sasha the belt back? Or change your plans. Have you heard of changing things when things go wrong?

There’s nothing good enough about Charlotte that warrants her having this title three times since it was created in April.

So, I’m depressed. Two times Sasha won and two times she lost to Charlotte on her first defense and even worse, in the situation she’d been in at HIAC. I was ready to move on, to be honest. I was ready for everyone I liked on Raw to be traded to Smackdown where they’d be treated with respect and not subject to constant losses to WWE’s pet projects. I was ready to move on to Charlotte vs. Bayley, the obvious next feud.

I see people complain on Twitter about how Raw’s women’s division is just Sasha vs. Charlotte or Bayley. They want them to do something else. I understand, but what are they supposed to do? Emma”lina” still hasn’t shown up and who knows if that will be turn out well. Paige is hurt. Nia and Dana aren’t that good. The rest are jobbers. I see people keep trying to push Alicia Fox as an actual competitor as if she’s relevant or ever could be again. The first comment I saw on the Youtube video of Sasha’s second title win on WWE’s channel was #Justice4SummerRae. 1) Summer is hurt, 2) Justice? For what? Existing in the company doesn’t mean you get a title run. There are delusional people who tweet things like this that just because this person is their favorite means that they’ve obviously been screwed out of title runs or something when they’ve done nothing to deserve it. So what are they supposed to do? NOT HAVE SPLIT THE DIVISION TO BEGIN WITH. Somehow Smackdown has done more with their women’s division with less. Smackdown has Becky who’s great, and Alexa and Carmella who are good/solid, and somehow they’ve made me not absolutely despise Nikki Bella. (The hate goes to Naomi and Natalya now.)

So when they decided that Sasha and Charlotte would have another rematch just because Sasha lost the belt and automatic rematch clauses, I was just annoyed. I didn’t care anymore. Firstly, HIAC Matches are supposed to be FINAL. As much as I hate that Charlotte won the match, she did win the match. When you go through HIAC, that’s a FEUD ENDER. This rematch should not be taking place to begin with. And it especially shouldn’t be a regular match if it did happen.

So on this Monday night, I could only think two things because it was in Charlotte’s hometown. Regardless of which, I had no reason to believe Sasha would win. Charlotte of course would overcome the “It’s your hometown so you’re going to lose” deal that happens to literally everyone. And the end of the Survivor Series match with Charlotte beating up Bayley clearly meant that feud was starting. Now Bayley looks even weaker for not getting comeuppance for that.

So Nia would interfere and start a feud with Sasha which Sasha would sadly lose or Ric would cost Sasha the match because it didn’t make any sense.

They also threw them out there to have a regular match, had it end in chaos, then made a Falls Count Anywhere match between them as the main event because reasons. Why do you need to do the restart to justify Falls Count Anywhere when they already had had a Cell match? I don’t need them to justify them having a FCA match when it’s a lesser stip than HIAC.

But we know what happened. Sasha won. And I didn’t care.

My first thought was “Oh well she’s just going to lose it at the next PPV.” I’m sure that was everyone else’s first thought, because history has taught us this. When Sasha mentioned Ric earlier in the night, you knew he was going to show up. But then he only showed up after Sasha won. So now everyone’s first thought is that Ric is going to cost Sasha the title at the PPV in an obvious swerve. I’ve already seen news sites saying it. Then again that could just be news sites posting the obvious, so who knows if it’s real.

This also makes Sasha losing at HIAC even more stupid.

This feud made me a Sasha Banks fan in 2014. And Sasha’s matches with Becky and Bayley have made her quite possibly my favorite wrestler. And it’s really sad that what should be a happy moment for me is met with indifference, because I know better. Until Sasha wins a rematch at the PPV, as far as I’m concerned, this title win has not actually happened. I refuse to get excited until Sasha wins another match. Because they’ve failed me twice. They’d better not fail me again. I fucking dare them to.

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