As terrible as Survivor Series was, TLC looks to be a good show. Smackdown consistently does more than Raw does with less, and that’s saying something. And while the storylines running are starting to wear thin, this show should be the end of the road for the stories we’ve been seeing since SummerSlam. Or at least it had better be.

No DQ Match
Nikki Bella vs. Carmella

This feud would be a little better if Nikki hadn’t won the first match. Either Carmella should’ve won or Nikki should’ve gotten DQ’ed. Other than that, most of the feud has been solid. However I’m growing very weary of women’s feuds that are about catty bullshit because that’s a stereotype. But, where Raw has to shoehorn “history making” into the build of their women’s matches that have stipulations, any and all of Smackdown’s happen organically. Granted both of the Smackdown’s women’s matches have stips that have happened before. Anyways, I have to imagine whomever attacked Nikki at Survivor Series will cost her the match, because I don’t think it was Carmella.

Prediction: Carmella

Chairs Match
Baron Corbin vs. Kalisto

Can we please just give up on these stupid chairs matches? It’s so fucking dumb. Literally all no DQ matches use chairs, and this only lets chairs be legal. And it always gets set up so stupidly – hey look Kalisto grabbed a chair for reasons to hit Corbin with I wonder if they’re getting the arbitrary chairs match on the show that never happens!! Anyways Kalisto’s getting an End of Days on the chair and that’s that.

Prediction: Baron Corbin

WWE Blue World Tag Team Championship
(c) Heath Slater and Rhyno (c) vs. Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton

Bray’s finally getting a title hurray!! Slater’s and Rhyno’s two month too long title reign will finally come to an end. This is one of three Smackdown stories that have gone on far past their welcome. But there’s no way they can beat Wyatt and Orton. Also Rhyno needs to go get ready to take office in Michigan soon so obviously his belt’s gotta go.

Prediction: Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton

Ladder Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
The Miz (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

This storyline is also wearing thin, which is why I’m happy that this will be the last time we see them compete. Which means The Miz will retain from the same old shit from Maryse and the Spirit Squad.

Prediction: The Miz

Tables Match for the WWE Blue Women’s Championship
Becky Lynch (c) vs. Alexa Bliss

Again, not the first women’s table match, but the first that doesn’t involve a sexist pink table. Becky is the best and I love Alexa too. So happy we’re getting an actual PPV match for them now. Becky will retain – I think Carmella’s next up for her after this.

Prediction: Becky Lynch

TLC Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
A.J. Styles (c) vs. Dean Ambrose

This story is also wearing thin, but it’s only wearing thin to me because the continued unwelcome involvement of James Ellsworth. This dude doesn’t need a contract, doesn’t need to be involved in a huge storyline, and needs to go. It was fine before Survivor Series but now it’s pointless. If he turns heel on Ambrose and costs him it’s going to bring this down greatly. This is another example of taking something the internet likes and blowing it way out of proportion – I don’t know why the internet was dumb and decided this dude without a chin needed to be a meme but now we’re being punished for it.

Prediction: A.J. Styles

Review Sunday night as always. As bad as Survivor Series was I’m actually looking forward to this.

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