WWE really, really wants me not to watch Raw anymore. They really do. Even when they do something right, they completely fuck up.

Roman Reigns defeated Rusev in a bland Hell in a Cell match that anyone whose watched wrestling before could call from a mile away. Rusev prolonged beatdown, Reigns comeback, match over.

Rating: **

Bayley defeated Dana Brooke in a nothing match.

Rating: *

The Club defeated SAWFT in a Raw quality filler match.

Rating: *

Kevin Owens defeated Seth Rollins in one of the two good matches on the show to retain the Universal Title inside the cell. A lot of fun, but still tons of interference by Jericho.

Rating: ***1/2

Brian Kendrick defeated T.J. Perkins to win the Cruiserweight Championship in a decent match the crowd didn’t care about.

Rating: **

Cesaro and Sheamus defeated New Day by DQ in a boring match and now this trash storyline will continue.

Rating: DUD

Sasha Banks and Charlotte main evented a PPV. Awesome. Sasha Banks and Charlotte had a Cell match. Awesome. They had great entrances, the crowd cared, etc. Then they did the stretcher job. And you knew it was all pretend because of how Charlotte acted. It dragged out too long. They finally started the match and it was great. But the only logical conclusion of Sasha winning wasn’t went with. Charlotte won in pathetic fashion. There is no defending this. There is no excuse. If Charlotte was going to win, this should not have main evented. The crowd’s supposed to go home happy – and the crowd wanted Sasha, obviously. You are pathetic, WWE. Charlotte is a terrible mic worker and she almost kills her opponent in every match. I’m done with this shit. Trade Sasha, Bayley, and Emma to Smackdown so they get the accolades they deserve and stop being fed to the failed Charlotte experiment.

Rating: ****

Nothing on this show will be looked upon with 100% positive eyes. I want to praise them for the main event being the women, and for it being a Cell match. But I can’t because they chose the objectively wrong person to win. Charlotte has no business with the title anymore. What, is she going to lose it to Bayley and then just win it back from Bayley? Fuck this shit. It’s done. You can’t defend Charlotte winning no matter how hard you try. Fuck this company. Give those who deserve it title reigns, not your pet projects who aren’t good enough.

Overall Grade: C-/D+

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