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Not much to say about Raw this week. I fast forwarded through most of it and didn’t watch anything past the Cruiserweight match because I read spoilers and stopped caring.

The opening with Jeri-KO and Rollins was fun, I suppose.

Enzo and Cass doing their stuff without the mic with the crowd doing it was pretty sweet. Still I didn’t watch the match but Enzo won I guess?

Jericho looking for the list was probably the best part of the show.

I wish the Sasha/Charlotte contract signing was good, but Charlotte just can’t talk at all and Mick was pretty infuriating too. Sasha wasn’t her best either but she doesn’t really have anything to work with given her opponent is trash on the mic.

Why did Kendrick lose when he’s the #1 contender?

Everything else I pretty much just skipped. Saving it up for predictions.

Smackdown was also just ok.

Wyatt beat Kane in a No DQ match with plenty of help from Harper but what got Wyatt the win was an RKO from Orton, so logic! I don’t know if that’s a heel turn or just mind games. But the fact that Wyatt needs anyone’s help to be old ass Kane is pathetic.

Apparently we’re getting qualifying matches for the tag match at Survivor Series and apparently WWE thinks the Hype Bros should be beating the Ascension.

Becky and Alexa stuff was alright but I’m sick of all the catty bullshit they do with the women. I can’t tell if they are serious about competent stories with women or just “Diva bullshit.” That being said the spray paint stuff is good, I guess?

Apparently Daniel Bryan is stupid because he thinks that anyone but the women’s champion would possibly captain the women’s team at Survivor Series. Because they think Nikki Bella is now the captain because she beat Natalya. That match was just to make the team – Nikki is the fifth woman on the team. Natalya is thankfully not. Becky is the captain. End of.

Anything they do with the Spirit Squad and/or Heath and Rhyno I will no longer pay attention to.

AJ beat Ambrose by DQ because Ellsworth got involved.

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