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Raw was okay, I guess. It’s hard for Raw to be anything but just okay, to somewhat good. It’s nearly impossible for it to be truly great when it’s 3 hours and there’s too much crap on the roster I don’t care about.

The opening with Jeri-KO and Rollins was pretty good. And while the match between Jericho and Rollins was mostly good, the finish was some sloppy BS and too much reversing. Rollins was in the Walls for way too long to not actually tap to, and then when Jericho countered the Pedigree, he should’ve hit a Codebreaker. But Rollins ducked something and went to do something else but Jericho hits the enzuigiri, only to be caught out of a Codebreaker and Pedigreed for the win. What was the point?

I fast forwarded through a lot on this show. I fast forwarded through Charlotte’s interview. I skipped Sheamus’s match. I watched New Day’s entrance but that was it. I skipped whatever the fuck Golden Truth did. I watched SAWFT’s entrance but skipped the match. I skipped Neville vs. Bo. I skipped Braun’s match but saw him shove Sami Zayn, so that’s a thing. I skipped the whole Roman/Rusev thing.

Sasha’s interview was good.

Bayley vs. Dana Brooke was some fucked up BS. Dana has no business beating Bayley, especially like that.

Also, Corey Graves, you’re great, but DO NOT EVER compare Bayley to Ken Bone.

The world barely knew what a Ken Bone was until a week ago, but he’s an undecided voter that was at the most recent debate that no one of sane mind actually watched. In this election, there are no undecided voters. Whether you’re voting Democrat or Republican or you’re a useful idiot not voting for either of the two people who have a chance of winning, you know who the fuck you’re voting for.

How is someone who doesn’t know who he’s voting for relatable to Bayley? Do people even know anything about this guy? He’s a meme, yes – because he has a weird face and wore a sweater and asked a question at the debate. Joy. So?

If you dig a bit, you’ll find that Ken Bone is a guy who admits to committing insurance fraud, enjoys sex without condoms because he loved his vasectomy so much, and also thinks George Zimmerman was justified in killing Trayvon Martin which those of sound mind know isn’t the case. (And somehow a person shooting at George gets you 20 years when actually killing someone when you are George is apparently legal. Logic!)

So maybe don’t compare everyone’s favorite, do-no-wrong Bayley with such a fuck up, ok, Corey? Thanks!

Cruiserweights had a decent match but the crowd still doesn’t give a fuck.

Seeing Goldberg was pretty awesome. I think doing this match again is dumb but it’s impossible to not like seeing Goldberg for the first time in 12 years.

I saw on Twitter some idiots saying that the only reason Sasha vs. Charlotte is happening in a Cell is to “make history” and that the only natural Cell match at the show is Roman/Rusev. These people are fucking stupid.

Anyone who thinks Sasha/Charlotte isn’t worthy of a Cell match isn’t paying attention. Anyone who thinks Roman/Rusev is worthy of a Cell match is also not paying attention.

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev has been a god awful feud that absolutely no one cares about. It’s supposed to be a Roman Reigns redemption story that absolutely no one is buying. It’s for the U.S. Title and it’s being booked like it’s the most important thing on the show. The feud started because Roman decided to be a dick to Rusev during his wedding ceremony. Roman’s the face. They fought in an unmemorable match on Raw and Roman won. No one cared. Everyone still hates Roman and he’s getting booed over “Big Bad Russian” which is odd considering how xenophobic the country is. Their match at Clash of Champions was also quite bad. No one cared.

Do you get it? NO ONE CARES! And now they’re putting it in the Cell and absolutely no one will care. It’s a forgone conclusion that Roman wins. It won’t be entertaining. It’s legitimately a piss break.

Sasha vs. Charlotte is a feud that’s existed since 2014. If people don’t know that, they aren’t paying attention. If you don’t know about it, you haven’t listened to them telling you that, and/or you haven’t watched NXT. And if you haven’t watched NXT regularly by now, you are literally just an ignorant fan at this point. NXT is practically required viewing for WWE fans now just so they know who half the people are. You are expected to know everyone’s histories.

Sure, there is WWE giving themselves a huge pat on the back for being as progressive as they always should have been That goes without saying – they sure do love to push how “With it” they are in terms of pop culture and trends. And while the Revolution is a good, positive thing, that will never forgive the fact that for X amount of years they treated women like piss breaks. You don’t get a pat on the back for doing things you ALWAYS should have been doing, and even so, you haven’t fully gotten there to begin with. Until women can fight men and women can main event PPVs based on merit, you haven’t reached the ultimate goal.

Also, yes, there is an issue with feuds naturally progressing to Hell in a Cell, but that’s not on Sasha and Charlotte, that’s on WWE. Back in the day, people didn’t get a Cell match until they at least had, like, a No DQ match and a Last Man Standing match and even then it couldn’t settle their feud. That’s when the Cell would come in. But that was then. Now we have Gimmick PPVs and we’ve had them since 2009, so natural progression from normal match to Cell match has been absolutely killed. Feuds have had their first match be a Cell match sometimes. Feuds have gone through the Cell and had more matches later. Some of those later matches were normal matches. That’s not this feud’s fault, that’s WWE’s stupidity in having Gimmick PPVs. Hell in a Cell should NOT be a PPV. But since it is, there is NO reason Sasha and Charlotte shouldn’t be having one. The feud is without question long enough to deserve the Cell. It’s the only Cell match on this PPV worthy of it, too. For that, it should even be the main event. It probably won’t be, but it should be. You can try to debate any of this all you want – you’ll be wrong every time.

Smackdown was better than Raw. Or at least the crowd was hyped for it.

The Orton and Bray stuff will lead to a casket match so hurray? Bray isn’t Undertaker so you don’t need to pretend he is. ALSO KANE IS NOT RELEVANT IN THIS.

Alexa beat Naomi like she should’ve at the PPV.

The Carmella promo on Nikki I would’ve called good if it wasn’t all stuff we’ve heard before and knew to be true. We know she’s dating Cena and all of that shit. It’s old news. The Bellas have some kind of mental issue if they need to be surrounded by all of that power in the business. Nikki acts like she’s heard it all before which she has – she talks about how she came here to be an athlete which is fine. The WWE 24 Women’s Special cuts immediately to the Bellas when it talks about the women taking a step backward after the attitude era so draw whatever conclusion you may from that.

Whatever Natalya was doing….No.

The six man tag was kind of pointless. I don’t care about Slater and Rhyno anymore so move the fuck on. Were the Usos and American Alpha even on the show?

Corbin beat Swagger. Duh.

I realized that Curt Hawkins is just the second coming of Eva Marie.

And James Ellsworth beat AJ by DQ because apparently AJ can’t just pin him like a normal person. And that’s about it.

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