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Raw was alright, again. Nothing spectacular, but not terrible. I got what I wanted out of it, and that’s what matters.

Most importantly, if you’ve read my No Mercy review, you know the match announcement of Sasha vs. Charlotte during the PPV annoyed me because it did not include them actually making Sasha and Charlotte a Cell match. And, I wasn’t sure if that was just them announcing the match and that one would challenge the other to it, or if they just weren’t going to do it at all. Because I know they’ve been considering it but they have super dumb, conservative sponsors like Mattel who won’t let them do intergender matches otherwise they won’t make them action figures.

And I’m proud to say that Sasha challenged Charlotte to a Cell match tonight and Charlotte accepted it, and Foley confirmed it. So it’s happening! WOO! More steps forward! I know we haven’t really had a women’s feud that has been worthy of being in a cell until now anyway, so I don’t really fault them for not having a women’s Cell match up until now. You could say maybe AJ vs. Paige, but that feud didn’t get to quite that level – again, if you read the review, a submission match would’ve been good and fitting. So I don’t really think people should be bitching that there hasn’t been one before now – let’s thank our lucky stars that the Bellas didn’t get one because news was that they wanted a Bella vs. Bella Cell match as part of their god awful feud that no one wanted. Trust me, if that happened I wouldn’t be done ranting about it yet. One of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard. That was one of the worst feuds in WWE history, and they could have potentially given it the first women’s cell match. Imagine how painful that would’ve been – so undeserved. Let’s be happy they waited for talents and a feud that deserves it.

The Cell is the ultimate match two competitors can have, and we haven’t seen women get ladder matches or TLC matches or Last Woman Standing Matches or I Quit matches yet, either. I don’t recall a submission match. Lita and Victoria had a Cage match, Victoria and Trish a hardcore match, Natalya and someone had a table match, and Sasha and Bayley had an Ironwoman match. So it is kind of odd that they’re jumping right to a Cell match but it’s pretty awesome.

A lot of history being made in the women’s division and a lot of it centers around Sasha. I’m so happy with how far they’ve all come and we’re not even fully there yet. The women’s revolution centers around the 4 horsewomen. I know Charlotte’s had the long title reigns but that’s clearly from favoritism from her last name – her mic work is awful and she botches a lot. Outside of this minor injury, Becky has finally started to get the recognition she’s long deserved and a title to go with it. And while Bayley isn’t the end-all, be-all of the women as so many believe, she is still amazing and deserves as much spotlight as she gets – even if her mic work isn’t the best. But what has become clear, if it wasn’t already, is that Sasha is the best, bar-none.

Think back to all of the great moments in the past few years for the women and you’ll realize that for most of it – not all of it, but most of it – has one common factor. And that’s Sasha Banks. From December 2014 and onward. Before that you had Paige vs. Emma, Charlotte vs. Natalya, and Paige vs. AJ. Then, it’s almost all Sasha. You’ll notice that all of Charlotte’s GOOD matches outside of the one with Natalya at NXT Takeover all are against Sasha Banks or have Sasha in them. All of her matches with Sasha are great – there have been a lot. Three one on one matches in NXT, three on the main roster. Two triple threat matches as well, and one fatal 4 way. Charlotte’s had a couple good matches with Bayley, too, but not quite on that level.

Sasha’s and Becky’s match at Takeover Unstoppable was great.

You think of Bayley’s and Sasha’s two matches and you think of how incredible a heel Sasha was and how Bayley was the perfect foil, and how amazing those matches were.

And now the biggest moments on the main roster have almost all included her too. Their debut on Raw. The triple threat match on WrestleMania that was unquestioningly the best match on the show. Two of the best title wins and reactions on Raw in recent memory – one in the main event. And now the first Cell match. The rest is Paige’s heel turn, Becky’s feud with Charlotte, Becky’s title win, and Bayley’s debut.

Sasha is the best and it can’t be questioned. I’ve heard people call her overrated but the second someone calls her overrated she immediately becomes underrated. The people that think she botches a lot in her matches with Charlotte are the ones who don’t actually know anything about wrestling – literally ALL of those botches were Charlotte’s fault, because Charlotte doesn’t know how to catch Sasha properly out of suicide dives and can’t hold her up properly.

Now, this Cell match better be a full blown one, too. It better be treated like one – not just a women’s match with a fence around them. Now, I don’t need them going to the top of it and jumping off of it – unless they want to, of course. But I’m not going to bitch if they don’t. But I don’t want some shit like in the one women’s table match with Natalya and whomever where the table was pink because they’re women. Fuck off with that shit. Just treat it like any other Cell match and we’ll be okay. I don’t need blood, either. I’m not a THERE HAS TO BE BLOOD person. I never have been. If they get busted open on accident, just let them wrestle, but they don’t need to cut themselves open just to add to the story.

Kind of awesome that the only Cell match that’s worthy of being a Cell match is theirs, too.

All that being said, it’s kind of hilarious that on the Raw that we got the first women’s Cell match announced, we got a mixed tag team match because the sponsors are apparently okay with women throwing each other into cage walls as long as they don’t fight any dudes.

Also, this tag match should have been booked differently. I know it’s counter-intuitive, but Sasha should have been on Rusev’s team and Charlotte should have been on Roman’s team. Roman is supposed to be a face, but the crowd hates him, and we don’t need his boos to carry over to Sasha just because they don’t like him. And Rusev being a sexist that won’t tag in Charlotte and then Charlotte tagging herself in like a boss would have been great – if she was a face. But she’s a heel. So the crowd cheering her when she tags herself in just doesn’t work, because Charlotte should not seem sympathetic. Everyone loves Sasha, and having her stuck in the corner for a long time while the crowd is chanting “We want Sasha” progressively louder and Rusev is refusing to tag her in, and then she finally tags herself in like the boss that she is, the crowd would go nuts and then she’d win the match, too. The only face in this match is Sasha, and this would have been the best way to book it. Especially if it was intergender, because then Rusev could fight Charlotte and look like even more of a dick and not be forced to tag out if Roman were to tag out.

But alas that didn’t happen and Roman and Sasha won.

Rollins and Owens will also be in the cell and Jericho lost a match to Rollins in the main event to be kept out of the match. I don’t know why – what else is he going to do at the PPV? But Jeri-KO is still hilarious.

I wish they’d book the cruiserweights well. They keep having entertaining matches but there’s been not much to the division at all.

Are Zayn and Neville a tag team now? They beat Bo and Axel after Club took out SAWFT.

New Day vs. Cesaro/Sheamus is a thing that’s happening.

Bayley won a squash.

Braun Strowman is getting Ryback’ed and fighting two people now.

Also, they’re clearly going to do Brock vs. Goldberg again and I just don’t need that.

Smackdown was pretty pointless this week. Dolph beat the Spirit Squad because reasons.

An Uso beat Chad Gable.

The whole AJ and James Ellsworth thing was dumb as fuck. Whatever the internet likes about Ellsworth can just stop because it’s not amusing and he’s just a jobber. Get over it.

Wyatts beat Orton and Kane.

Naomi beat Carmella because fuck everything.

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