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Hey I got to watch all of Raw this week! Well all of it that I chose to watch, as I was switching between it, the Cubs, the Bears, and the World Cup of Hockey. But, for the most part – Raw was good.

Now, why Owens has to face Reigns in a cage match tonight, we will never know. Owens beat Reigns twice last week, once by DQ and one was a clean pinfall. But Foley is “making things right” by making this match. Is it me or has Foley lost a step? Because there’s no reason Reigns has any beef with Owens anymore. He lost. Fair and square. In fact, again, he lost twice.

Rollins and Rusev fought to a double countout for reasons.

Bayley’s and Sasha’s double pin from last week has created a triple threat match on Sunday for the Women’s Title, which I feel is too early to do that. Also, two faces and one heel means Charlotte wins and that’s a problem. If anyone but Sasha comes out with the belt WWE royally fucked up. And it’s too early for Bayley.

Pause to recall the idiot on Twitter who was complaining that the women’s match on Raw was Sasha and Bayley vs. Charlotte and Dana and not Paige and Emma vs. Summer and Alicia – because, you know, why build the PPV match on Sunday when you could have a completely pointless match instead? These were no doubt the people who started Give Divas a Chance without knowing exactly what needed changing because they don’t seem to grasp how wrestling even works. We don’t do random matches for no reason – I mean, obviously Paige and Emma vs. Alicia and Summer would totally build up Sasha/Charlotte/Bayley, what am I talking about?


Anyways, Bayley got pinned from a Big Boot today so WWE logic is out the window there.

The list of Jericho was amusing until it got interrupted by half the roster.

Cesaro won to make the best of 7 series 5-3 in his favor. Their final match is Sunday and somehow Sheamus will probably win and still have lost more matches than he won.

The cruiserweights finally arrived and Brian Kendrick beat Cedric, Swann, and Metalik to get a title shot on Sunday.

Reigns beat Owens in the cage via escape for reasons and because he’s a coward. Then Rollins jumped off the cage and Splashed Rusev and Owens for fun.

Smackdown was pretty good, again. It started with a contract signing for Becky and Alexa.

The Usos defeated American Alpha to become #1 Contenders for the tag belts at No Mercy.

One of a few things I skipped was Baron Corbin defeating Apollo Crews, but glad Baron won.

Miz retained the IC Title against Dolph again with more hair spray. Dolph needs to turn heel.

Orton beat Rowan and I didn’t watch it.

There was a women’s tag match that was so short that I missed it.

And Ambrose beat Cena in a really good match. Ambrose will get a one on one rematch next week for the title.

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