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This post will be brief. Why? Because my dvr failed to record Raw and I got home when Jinder Mahal vs. Jack Swagger was about to start so I immediately switched the channel.

From my knowledge, the only interesting things from Raw was that the women got the first 40 minutes, Sasha somehow needed a #1 contender’s match to get her automatic rematch and she won, Cesaro got back to 3-2, Sami Zayn was on the highlight reel and now they’re fighting at Clash of Champions, and that’s about it.

Owens defeated Reigns to keep the match with Rollins 1 on 1. Actually he beat Roman TWICE because Rollins attacked Owens midmatch but Foley restarted it. So he beat Reigns by DQ and he beat Reigns by clean pinfall too. #BecauseHesAFatherDamnit And don’t give me that shit that Rusev interfered so it wasn’t clean – Rusev did no damage to Reigns, he just existed and got knocked off the apron. Owens got beat up by Rollins midmatch so the only one with a real disadvantage was Owens. SO OWENS BEAT REIGNS CLEAN. #TheKevinOwensShow

But it seemed very uninteresting for the most part. Smackdown on the other hand was great. I didn’t think Smackdown stood a chance but it’s been the far superior overall show. Raw’s had a few better moments, like Sasha and Owens winning the title, Balor getting the #1 contender win, and Bayley debuting. At least the cruiserweights come next week.

AJ addressed his title win and started calling himself the champ that runs the camp. I think they can leave that moniker behind if you ask me. But Cena comes out and apparently he’s a walking MITB case because he demanded a WWE Title match which makes no sense at all. A.J. beat him clean and Ambrose has a rematch. Anyways, out comes Ambrose and he wants his rematch and all of a sudden Cena decides to be a huge douchenozzle to Ambrose for absolutely no reason. Seriously, what the fuck was Cena’s deal? Anyways, we’re getting a triple threat match at No Mercy for the title.

Other highlights of Smackdown:

Ziggler’s going to get a rematch for the IC title, no surprise.

Erik Rowan is Bray’s friend again but got RKO’d instantly.

Jack Swagger left Raw for Smackdown and no one cared.

And most importantly, Alexa Bliss won a Fatal 5 Way to become #1 Contender for Becky’s title. WOOOOOO! Becky vs. Alexa is the best feud they can have.

It’s well known that I despise the Bellas, but I have to give credit where it’s due – I can respect Nikki for coming back and putting younger talent over. She’s put over Carmella twice now and Alexa once. It seems she’s found her place on the totem pole and as long as she stays there, we can be friends. Now, I’m not going to be mad when she beats Carmella. Just as long as she doesn’t win the title from Becky. Becky’s going to have to have a long fucking run.

Nothing super interesting on the tag team front. The Usos squashed….a team. I don’t even remember who it was. Slater and Rhyno beat the Ascension.

Cena and Ambrose beat A.J. and Miz in the main event, then Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds on Cena at the end. And the Philly crowd booed Ambrose because Philly is stupid.

Some people think Ambrose turned heel just because he did a move on Cena. They didn’t boo him when he did it to Reigns, and it wasn’t a heel turn – so why would this be a heel turn? LOL.

Anyways. The CWC ended tonight with the “Worst Case Scenario” finals of TJ Perkins vs. Gran Metallik. I wanted Kota vs. ZSJ. =[ Anyways, TJ won and is the CWC winner and the Cruiserweight Champion. The belt is purple.

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