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Good lord what the hell was that Raw. I mean, the first hour to an hour and a half was good, but then it died a painful, agonizing death.

Today started with people thinking Paige is going to leave and then in the middle they thought Sasha was going to retire. Because teenagers will believe anything they read on the internet.

And I have to say something about Paige – on one hand, it’s completely bullshit how WWE is treating her in regards to her relationship with Del Rio. On the other hand, it is Del Rio. They don’t have the right to do that, but I can see why they want them apart. Del Rio is a known douchebag and if he ends up taking Paige with him on his way out, he will cement his legacy as one of the biggest asshats to ever work for this company. And she’d better be smart enough not to leave the company over such a fuckhat.

On the other hand, they weren’t using her well to begin with. They did nothing with her since December. And no one lost out on the Women’s Revolution more than she did. And no one was damaged more by Bellageddon^TM : Nikki Bella’s Title Reign of Doom more than Paige was. Getting jobbed out to your inferiors for most of 2015, then watching another inferior defeat said inferior for her rightful title, and then jobbing to that inferior twice basically killed her credibility. And also she lost to Natalya, another inferior. And then she disappeared from tv.

So it’s also hard to blame her if she left. I don’t want her to leave for Del Rio because the douchebag isn’t worth it, but I don’t want her to stay and do absolutely nothing. She’d be better off in Lucha Underground where her talents will be respected. She’s also on the short end of the stick on the four horsewomen, because as much as I love them, there is some favoritism with them. ESPECIALLY with Charlotte, some with Sasha, a good amount with Bayley, and….Well not so much with Becky. They need to put more stock in Paige and less in Charlotte, and push Summer and bring Emma to Raw. Then Raw will have a solid women’s division.

The show opened up pretty well with a decent backstage segment with Stephanie and Mick. And then the celebration for Kevin Owens was great. He told the crowd to f off which is good, and also Seth came out and he’s over as fuck as a face. The two will face each other for the belt at Clash of Champions.

Backstage Owens is mad at Stephanie and Mick and Jericho shows up and shit gets hilarious. Owens will face Sami because reasons and Jericho will face Rollins.

Bayley defeated Charlotte in a good match although it was completely illogical. This is exactly why the Raw women’s division isn’t good. Bayley has to beat Dana once, then beat Charlotte, and then beat Charlotte again to win a title. There is no natural progression. There is just the champion and her lackey. Also Bayley’s “injury” better be fake and WWE better STOP with the fake fucking injuries immediately. It’s gotten to the point where I cannot watch a match without thinking someone’s going to get hurt.

Now, we know Bayley isn’t getting the title match, but imagine if she had and won the belt in a month. You see the problem? I mean, I love Bayley, but there is no proper build. I mean, I know there’s NXT and her winning the title makes sense because I know the talent is there and everything, but still. NXT and titles has made the “long road to winning the ultimate prize” messy.

Bo Dallas is squashing people now too. Joy.

Rollins and Jericho had a really good match – I’m going to say it was the best match on the show. Rollins is still using the Pedigree, and I’m ok with him using it as long as he has a match with HHH and beats him with it. But then he needs a new finisher.

They’re trying to make Dana Brooke look sympathetic which will never work.

Then, at like 830 or so, the show died. All interest in it disappeared.

They were insanely stupid enough to put Sheamus up 3-0. FML.

Nia and Braun both squashed people. Nia seems like she’s going to feud with Alicia now and Braun fought Sin Cara so they’re fighting jobbers with names now.

Whatever Darren and Titus did I don’t know, I changed the channel.

Now, this Club and New Day shit. Fuck that shit. It was so awful I can’t even talk about it anymore.

Shining Stars beat SAWFT because reasons.

Sasha finally showed up at 930. So I knew she wasn’t retiring because it was 930 – a retirement would’ve happened at 9 or 8. But she made it sound like it was going to happen until Dana Brooke’s music hit and instantly we all knew Sasha was fine and that it was a ruse. She beats up Dana and challenges Charlotte for Clash of Champions and hopefully she gets her belt back and Charlotte doesn’t try to kill her again. This segment would’ve been great at 830 when the crowd still cared – because the crowd was really good up until then.

Also the crowd would’ve been good for KO vs. Sami too. Match was good, not great. Just scared at some choices of spots. And Sami is still faking injury.

After Owens wins, we couldn’t be given a Reigns-free Raw, so he comes out and wants the title. Presumably, he didn’t say anything. So instead of logic prevailing because he came in 3rd, not second, if he beats Owens next week he gets into the title match and we all cry.

That’s all for Raw. Smackdown time.

Smackdown was decent, but I won’t talk about it much since Backlash is Sunday and I’ll be doing predictions soon.

The opening with all six women was alright, but please don’t pretend Becky couldn’t take all three of those girls on her own. She didn’t need Nikki or Naomi to help. Their tag team match later was alright, but it choreographed #NikkiWinsLOL

American Alpha and Slater and Rhyno moved on to the finals of the tag title tournament, which isn’t a surprise. The Usos got killed by AA in 30 seconds and then turned heel, pretending to be the Revival with none of the talent.

Orton and Bray didn’t get much build up, nor did Dolph/Miz.

A.J.’s and Dean’s segment was decent.

Whatever they’re doing with Kane, no.

Anyways, predictions will be up soon. Today or tomorrow.

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