WWE SuperCard is an iOS game I’ve been playing since it came out in mid-2014. It was a fun card collecting and battling game that WWE created, and is far more fun and takes way less space on your phone than WWE Immortals. The only problem with it used to be how long it would take to update it.

That was until earlier this year.

None of the issues I have with it came before season 2. At some point I gave up on season 1 just because I got bored. I’m not sure I got any cards past the super rare tier.

The minor problem I started to have was that the game is unfairly set up. You don’t fight opponents in real time – you choose an opponent and you fight the deck that they have set up, but it’s just the AI choosing cards from it.

But, since I’m not someone who plays this game ALL THE FUCKING TIME, I’ve played less than 1000 matches whereas half the opponent choices have between 2000 and 5000 games played. That’s not really a sign of their deck being good or anything, but it is annoying. However, their tier level, or rank, is misleading.

I play this game properly. By that I mean, I go through matches with my cards, draw cards after I win or lose, and use those cards to train the cards in my deck. If I get a copy of one in my deck, I can train that card too, combine the two cards to make them a “Pro” card, and then train that to its maximum level. That is how you get a card to its maximum stats, not counting bonus tokens and temporary stat modifier cards.

The higher level cards in your deck, the more your deck “points” increase until you reach the next tier. Tiers are: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare, Epic, Legendary, Survivor, WrestleMania, SummerSlam. All tiers at Rare and above have three sublevels of Rare, Rare+, and Rare++ – the more pluses, the more likely you are to draw a card of your tier level. The highest tier card you can draw is what your tier level is, but naturally those are the one you’re least likely to get.

Eventually if you are a Rare difficulty, you will draw enough Rare cards to add into your deck in place of the lower tier cards, train all of the cards you have until you reach a higher tier, or a combination of both so that you end up reach the next tier, from Rare to Super Rare. Then you can get Super Rare cards.

That’s fine. But unfortunately there are morons who will legit spend real money to buy higher level cards from the store, but still have only like, twenty games played. These are the idiots. Instead of having a deck like yours that’s evenly spread out, they have some really good ones and some really shitty ones. So they’ll have, like, Super Rare cards, but still be Rare rank because the rest of their cards are commons. So you go in thinking you’re going to win until their random super rare card they shouldn’t have beats you.

This shouldn’t be happening.

Also, these people have so much time on their hands that they’re on the app all the time, playing the King of the Ring events and the other events that a person with a life doesn’t have time for.

But that can be let slide compared to my real problem with the game that I have now, because I was still able to advance in the game.

However, earlier this year, sometime around February, I think, I finally broke the “Epic” rank. At least I think it was Epic – it’s possible it was legendary, but I’m pretty positive it was Epic.

I was happy to finally reach that rank. And then slowly but surely, the game became impossible. I was losing every match. Every one of them. Sure, before this I would lose matches, sometimes several in a row, but they’d even out. I’m at roughly 75% wins, 25% losses even now. And I was wondering why I was losing so much – every time I thought I was about to win, they throw out a card that’s clearly better than mine. And how is it happening? EVERY TIME. It seemed the card’s ability would ALWAYS kick in, pumping up the card’s stats just when it needed it. Or the card was just better.

See, normally when you go to choose an opponent, it will give you four choices. Most are in your current tier, sometimes you’d get one in the tier directly below or directly above. No issues. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But all of the matches are competitive.

Competitive is fine. My normal choice is lowest rank unless I see someone with a Bella Twin, Eva Marie, or some other jobber as their avatar.

But once I hit the Epic tier, this all changed. All of the opponent choices were in the Epic+ or Epic++ tier, maybe even legendary. On occasion I’d get a regular Epic one but I’d still lose.

All of these opponents would have the same cards as me only maxed out Pro versions, or other ones. It doesn’t matter – they got their deck to that tier, they deserve to be that tier. But I shouldn’t be seeing only people of that tier as my opponent choices. I should be seeing people in my tier as my opponent choices.

I emailed support about this, and they said they’d “look into it,” but nothing’s changed.

It’s become completely unplayable. I want to play but I know I’ll lose.

I’ve managed to keep up a little and make my deck better because I login everyday to get all of the login bonuses. Through this I’ve gotten the top 4 survivor cards and add them to my deck, training them to their highest level from the maxed out legendary cards that I had, also mainly from login bonuses. And now I even have a WrestleMania card because they put a WrestleMania Stone Cold card as the biggest reward this month. And I maxed it out. I’m now at Legendary+ tier because of login bonuses.

However the game remains unplayable. Because I still have mainly Legendary++ or Survivor tier decks in my opponent choices. I have cards with stats at 1100+. But they lose because the opponents have cards at 1300+ every time. Sometimes I’ll beat one card the opponent has with the Stone Cold card, but most everyone at these ranks login every day so they also have the Stone Cold card and maxed out with bonuses in different places so that I still lose to it on occasion.

And the biggest problem? I’ve never drawn a female wrestler card above the Super Rare level. I only have the Ultra Rare Bayley because she came as a login bonus in April – possibly because in March when I emailed about this problem, I requested they put an Ultra Rare female card as a login bonus.

So I have an Ultra Rare Bayley and Super Rare Summer Rae, both maxed, not pros. But they are completely useless. Because the opponents always have at least maxed out epics or higher that they cannot possibly beat.

I’m sitting here thinking that maybe if I had a better set of female cards, I’d do better. But then my tier would increase and the opponents would too.

I can’t even draw the female cards anyway, because that requires drawing them, which requires playing the game. You only get one card draw for a loss, two for a win, three for a sweep. But I lose EVERY TIME. And I’m not going to play a game that I know I’m going to lose EVERY TIME. I have no problem with a competitive game, but a game I’m always going to lose is a game I’m never going to play.

So I can’t draw higher ranked women’s wrestler card, and I’m certainly NOT going to pay for a CHANCE to get one. I’m not going to pay a dime for any iOS game app. And the fusion chamber completely failed to give me a female card AT ALL, much less anything above Ultra Rare rank. I was able to fuse a card through the legendary rank but they were all male cards and I had all survivor cards by that point so all of them were useless.

So, WWE, Cat Daddy, and everyone else who makes this game – it’s broken as hell, so fix it so I can play it. It’s been seven months since this game has been playable for me. Which is sad since I like it. Also, don’t “fix” this by pushing out season 3 and making us all start over.