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Much better start to this week. Not just with how Raw ended, but most of the show was good.

Outside of the neverending Titus/Darren storyline which I didn’t watch at all, and the continued squash matches of Braun and Nia, I enjoyed pretty much all of Raw.

The opening segment with all four of the contenders for the vacant Universal Championship was fun. Until Reigns realized he doesn’t know how to talk and attacked Kevin Owens without provocation.

Jericho’s match with Neville was preceded by an amusing interview with Phil or Felipe or whatever his name is. Silly guy thought “it” was the correct answer to Jericho’s question when OBVIOUSLY it was the Gift of Jericho.

Sami Zayn beat Jinder Mahal because he could, and apparently he now has to carry his pretend ankle injury with him every week. Have to feel bad for Jinder that he couldn’t beat someone who wasn’t 100%. I’d like this story for Sami if the match he was having was of any importance.

Bayley ran into New Day backstage and had some early NXT flashbacks to when she freaked out from meeting other superstars. She lost that part of the gimmick shortly into my time watching NXT but now that she’s on the main roster it’s coming back I guess. If she does it to someone she’s interacted with on NXT recently it’s going to be annoying. Sadly Dana Brooke showed up and ruined everything.

New Day and Bayley defeated the Club and Dana Brooke in a fun match that sadly had Charlotte on commentary. Why they continue to torture us with Charlotte’s voice and poor mic skills I’ll never know. Like, telling Bayley to get in line for a title shot when there is literally NO LINE of challengers for her title other than Bayley. Literally, who else will be challenging Charlotte anytime soon? Also, I do appreciate that Sasha depicted Charlotte as someone who tried to end her career in their match because she basically did try to do that, although unintentionally.

I have two gripes with this match, however.

One is that we come back from break with all commentators facing away from the ring while the match is still in progress talking to the camera like they do during the show sometimes. Like, at no point should that ever happen. I needn’t explain why that’s stupid because if you can’t figure it out you’re a stupid idiot!

Also, I really despise still that there are no intergender matches outside of mixed tags. Like, seriously, grow up and stop giving a fuck about sponsors. There is no reason we can’t have men vs women matches. But even so, if you don’t want to, fine – but if you’re doing a tag match like this, go all the way with it. I can understand no one on one men vs women matches (I guess – it’s still dumb), but you can have them interact a little during these matches. Like, Bayley did dropkick someone from the Club, but that’s it. Like, women can hit offense on dudes, so the other way around should be okay. Fully commit to none or fully commit to being free. This is wrestling and it’s scripted – no one in their right mind is getting the wrong message from watching it.

Also, Dana – when you are getting dropkicked, you don’t fall backwards until after the person dropkicking you jumps and kicks you.

Another thing on no intergender matches. I don’t care much about Braun or Nia at the moment but if one interrupted the other’s squash match I’d be amused.

Cesaro’s backstage interview was amusing.

Cesaro vs. Sheamus round 2 was starting to get pretty good until Sheamus back body dropped Cesaro into the ring post. Like, was that intentional, or was he angled improperly? Because that looked sick, and I’m pretty sure Cesaro is legit injured from that by the way he reacted. And Sheamus immediately got the win after putting Cesaro in a cloverleaf, so I think this series is over.

They also mentioned that the series is for a title shot, despite the fact that the series isn’t for anything.

So either Cesaro is hurt and Sheamus gets a title shot which is terrible. Or WWE is dumb enough to put Sheamus up two matches.

The Stephanie and Heyman segment also could’ve just not happened. I don’t know what it accomplished and I don’t even know what Heyman was really talking about half the time.

By the way I enjoy the new sets for Raw and Smackdown.

Why is Raw’s set advertising a Smackdown PPV?

And then the main event – it was a good match, however in terms of match quality it was only good. I knew a heel was winning – there was a small chance Reigns was going to win but there was no chance for Cass. And I spent most of the match figuring out which way they were going to go with it. I thought Owens had a small chance considering that he was apparently supposed to be Balor’s first feud for the title.

I was switching between:

1) Owens gets rid of Cass, Reigns gets rid of everybody, Rusev costs Reigns the match and Rollins wins AKA the boring route

2) Reigns gets rid of everyone but Cass, pinning Rollins last

3) Reigns pins Rollins, Rusev costs Reigns the match, Jericho costs Cass the match and Owens wins.

But what we got was more glorious than Bobby Roode, Owens pinned Cass which made me immediately think they were going the boring route, although Owens still had a chance if Reigns took out Rollins before him. But Triple H comes back and Pedigrees Roman on the outside and helps Seth pin him. Then HHH throws Owens into the ring and, like any person who’s watched a lot of wrestling, I knew five seconds before it happened that HHH would turn around and Pedigree Seth Rollins and Owens would win AND KEVIN OWENS IS THE NEW UNIVERSAL CHAMPION WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I had to take a video because the video they put up doesn’t contain You Deserve It chants.

I’m sad that Balor had to get injured for this to happen but a Kevin Owens title reign is more interesting to me than a Balor or Rollins title reign right now.

Also, fuck you Jim Cornette, out of touch moron who thought Kevin Owens was worthless and would go nowhere in this business.

A few things:

1) Triple H did this without telling Stephanie because clearly she had no idea. It’s also possible this is not an alliance between him and Owens considering HHH left during his celebration.

2) This makes Seth Rollins a face!! It’s about time. It makes sense to turn Rollins since Balor got hurt. It also means Rollins will get a new finisher because him doing a Pedigree now would be silly.

3) No Rusev at all but Roman will probably still fight him.

4) This best not mean the end of Jeri-KO.

5) Credit to WWE for not going the boring route just because someone got injured. They have a tendency to fall back into the boring routine when someone they had plans for got hurt so when I heard Owens was going to be Balor’s first challenger I though “Oh what could have been” because certainly they’re going to go the tried and true route of Seth Rollins.

Anyways, that was Raw. Back for Smackdown tomorrow.

Smackdown was alright. The opening segment with Miz and Ziggler was really good. Another IC Title feud seems to be brewing between them and I guess that’s good.

The Hype Bros defeated the Vaudevillains to move on in the tournament, which is stupid because fuck Mojo Rawley.

A.J. Styles defeated Apollo Crews.

Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton had a good segment that set up a Backlash match.

Heath Slater’s thing at his trailer with his wife and Rhyno and Renee officially makes Heath and his wife Jamie Noble and Nidia.

Heath and Rhyno defeated the Headbangers to advance. Why they thought bringing the Headbangers back to a lukewarm reception for a one off pointless match instead of debuting the Revival I have no idea.

Alexa pinned Becky with tights after Carmella attacked Nikki on commentary which distracted everyone else.

Dean Ambrose beat Baron Corbin but not before Kane chokeslammed a guy in his underwear.

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