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I’ve got to tell you, these posts may not last much longer on a weekly basis. It seemed like a good idea the first week when there was one great show and one with talking points. Now there’s not much to talk about. Raw isn’t even over yet and I’m starting this post.

I’ve had a hard time caring about this show since Finn was injured and had to give up the AllRedEverything Title. It really sucks – he won’t be back until the Rumble.

They’ve had some decent matches to set up a fatal 4 way next week to determine the new champion. So far Owens, Rollins, and Big Cass have advanced. Roman and Jericho are currently fighting for the final spot. (Reigns won to no one’s surprise.)

The matches weren’t bad or anything but they were all pretty predictable. It’s pretty obvious that Rollins is going to walk out with the title next week.

Bayley showed up to save us all. Hurray. It’s about fucking time.

The Dudley Boys thing didn’t end with a Bubba Ray heel turn so I don’t care.

Someone thought giving Titus a mic was a good idea. They were wrong.

Again, Smackdown was a lot more entertaining. In fact, it was good.

They set up a six pack match for the Smackdown Women’s Title at Backlash and started a tournament for the Smackdown tag titles. I guess they didn’t get the memo to do them on separate shows. Oh well, I guess.

Heath Slater showed up and got himself into the tag tourney as long as he got himself a partner, who ended up being Rhyno.

AJ came out and was annoyed, but got attacked by Dolph who he’d had a confrontation earlier. The two fought each other in the main event which AJ won, keeping the WWE Title match at Backlash just him vs. Dean and not a triple threat.

Becky beat Alexa in a nice match but unfortunately it had two terrible guest commentators of Natalya and Naomi. Becky or Alexa for first women’s champion.

Nikki was going to fight Carmella but got attacked by Carmella while being interviewed. I don’t know if that means Carmella is heel or not but if it means Nikki is a face shoot me in the face.

American Alpha defeated Breezango to advance in the tournament in a fun match. Also, LOLUsosWin beat the Ascension to do the same.

Bray Wyatt interrupted Randy Orton so that feud is set up now.

Can we trade Becky and Alexa to Raw for Dana and Nia? And then bring Emma back to Raw and use Paige properly? And call up Asuka to Raw?

Imagine the 4 horsewomen, Paige, Emma, Asuka, and Alexa all being used properly on Raw.

Anyways, this appeared in my twitter timeline today and I felt like talking about it:


I can’t say I’m surprised. In a way I get it completely, and in another it’s bullshit.

The part about the “Women’s Evolution” just being a ploy to exploit a liberal narrative I can completely see, however. Even if it’s a liberal narrative I agree with, it doesn’t surprise me that WWE is just exploiting it. Like I said a week ago about the WWE 24 special to the only person who is probably actually reading this, it is kind of just the WWE giving themselves a big pat on the back, even though they haven’t fixed all of the issues yet.

Sure, I completely agree with the entire movement. And they are doing better, but they haven’t fixed everything that’s wrong. Most of it’s just the booking – they have enough talent now, but the booking isn’t good enough. In a way, things are at least a little more equal now, because the problems for both are now the storylines and booking. Among some other things.

The fact that no one in the back has any faith in the women is bullshit. Triple H sure does, or he wouldn’t have begun to push them in NXT the way he did. And he started that before we’ve started to see a big upswing in gender equality in the media. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve been fighting for this for years, and much longer than I’m making this out to be. Longer than I’ve been alive. Like, it was only a few years ago where I started seeing feminism and the gender equality fight like, everywhere all over the internet and the media and just everywhere. Again, it was always a thing – it’s not like it just started at the time I’m mentioning – it’s just when I saw it become prominent. That or I stumbled on to Tumblr and then it seemed like suddenly everyone was a feminist. And I mean, rightly so. I consider myself one, too. But anyways, Triple H was pushing the women in NXT before this seemed to become a trend, so on that end, it’s not just WWE pushing a liberal narrative.

When it comes down to it, the only thing you need to do to make them integral part of the drawing power is treating them as such. There are people out there who will turn on the show for the women. There are people who watch for them specifically. I’ve been watching for the women specifically since 2013/14. A.J. and Paige were two of the main reasons I was watching Raw in 2014. The 4 Horsewomen and Asuka and Emma and Alexa and Paige are all big reasons I watch now. Don’t tell me there aren’t fans who will watch for them specifically – that’s bogus. And the whole “someone is a draw” argument is bullshit. It’s 2016. No one’s going to a WWE show for one person in specific. They’re trying to push Reigns so hard because they think he’s the next Cena or Hogan or some shit. Because they think people go to their show for one person. I’m going for Kevin Owens, sure. But I’m also going for Sami Zayn. And AJ Styles. And Chris Jericho. And SAWFT. And New Day. And Balor. And Rollins. And Ambrose. All the women I already mentioned. And Cesaro. Etc. No one goes for just one person.

They have called some people up who are not ready, but not everyone was as green as this commenter is pointing out. You can’t tell me Finn Balor or Kevin Owens or Sami Zayn were undertrained. That’s some bullshit.

The last line about WWE knowing everyone’s physical condition before a match and that more suspensions may happen make me believe that Sasha might get suspended, for reasons I have no idea. Someone in the wrestling group I’m in on facebook said that WWE “suspended Sasha for not reporting that she was injured.” He could not provide a source, so I have no reason to believe it. It’s not in the news yet. But this says WWE news will drop within 48 hours. So, who knows.

But what I do know is that I was considering going to the live event in Chicago on 9/24 because I thought I was going to see Balor on the main roster and finally see Sasha wrestle a match. Now I’d be lucky to get one.

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