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I’m already growing tired of writing these posts on a weekly basis. I thought that after that first week, maybe things would at least be interesting enough each week to write about. But we’re right back in the shitter. I feel like the brand split has already peaked on the first episode of Raw. Not even live tweeting it made it that interesting. Raw was questionable at best.

And so far, SummerSlam is for the most part, all matches I would want to see on paper. But the hype for almost all of them aren’t there. In fact, I think the whole hype was the first show. It looked like we were going to get somewhere after the first Raw, but now even though he’s going for the U.S. Title – this is still somehow the Roman Reigns show.

Finn Balor and Seth Rollins are fighting for the Raw World Title. How are they on in the middle of the show when Roman Reigns is on at the end because he’s going for the U.S. Title?

And Finn Balor came out as the demon today. On Raw. Not on SummerSlam. On Raw. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING??? THIS IS STUFF YOU SAVE FOR PPV!

And Rusev vs. Roman Reigns actually happening on tonight’s show? The fuck? Because what I really needed to get hyped for this match that didn’t interest me on Sunday was a match between them tonight with two commercial breaks thrown in! And now when Rusev retains on Sunday, what does that prove?

And they’re fighting over “Lana’s honor?” The fuck? “Hi, we’re WWE. We want you to look at this nice and shiny Women’s Revolution thing we’re having and be happy and be like ‘Look at how progressive they are!'” Let’s not forget that there shouldn’t need to be a “revolution” because you should be treating the women’s matches with equal importance from day one – I realize it’s hard to when you hire a bunch of models with no wrestling talent for several years there, but that’s not an excuse. But, that being said – we’re here having this so-called revolution which at times seems to be working and at times it seems like WWE is falling flat on its face. Well, this is another example of it falling flat on its face. You’ve got two dudes fight over a “woman’s honor” in 2016. Yea, let’s have a women’s revolution in this corner and then a sexist storyline in this other one. Fuck off. (And Roman won, so does that mean Lana no longer has any honor?)

By the way, I have ten bags of honor, for whatever that means to you.

And Cesaro vs. Sheamus in a best of 7 series?? They had two matches and I don’t need seven more! The first two don’t even count towards it! And what do they get for winning? Like, take notes on Lucha Underground about how to do a best of series, because this isn’t how it’s done. (YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE A GOOD BEST OF SEVEN SERIES?? CESARO VS. SAMI ZAYN! And it would at least make sense considering Sami beat KO at the PPV, Sheamus just lost to Cesaro twice anyway – and even Sheamus wins the series 4-3, Cesaro is still up on him 5-4. Because logic!!)

And no, mindless troll who called me an idiot for thinking that the best of 7 series is a bad idea, I don’t give a single fuck about what you have to say. Silly people think I care about what others have to say about my opinion. How cute. It’s a terrible idea – the first two matches don’t count, we don’t know what the winner gets, and the first two matches weren’t that entertaining. Let’s make that clear.

And you know that big moment Sasha Banks had that was awesome? Where’s the rest of the hype for that match? Like, I think the hype for the PPV match is their Raw match. They tried to salvage it with Charlotte putting the Figure 8 on and not letting go – that wasn’t bad – but it’s not enough.

Strangely, as much as Smackdown is trying to push Eva Marie on us, they’re doing a better job of showcasing more women than Raw is. Raw has the same three girls every week, and while one is great and one is good, I want more than just what they’re doing. I want them plus more women segments. You’re going to have to build Nia and Summer and Alicia and for the love of fucking God you are going to have to push Paige properly when she’s done healing from her shoulder injury.

And trust me, WWE, there is absolutely nothing you can do to make me care about a Darren vs. Titus feud. Absolutely nothing.

Sami Zayn still doesn’t have a SummerSlam match even though he beat Sheamus.

All of this is questionable decision-making. It’s about as questionable as forgetting 9/11 happened while you were the mayor of NYC but it’s not quite there.

Heath Slater decided he wanted to die today, apparently, so he got in the ring with Brock and died.

The only bright spots of this show, really, were Jeri-KO and Heath getting killed. And I guess the demon entrance for what it is, but I still don’t think it was a good idea.

I’m going to stop the Raw stuff there, because at this point it’ll just get into predictions stuff which will be saved for that actual post. I’ve got to finish this post tomorrow night after Smackdown which I can’t watch until I get back from a concert. Then Wednesday I’ll have SummerSlam and NXT Takeover Predictions.

Just a few comments on Smackdown – there won’t be many, although I enjoyed it more than Raw again.

The MizTV segment with Dean and Dolph was pretty good.

Whatever Naomi was doing with her entrance – no.

At least Becky and Alexa have a SummerSlam match!

But we’ve come to a point where Sami Zayn, Neville, Bray Wyatt, and American Alpha have no SummerSlam match.

I think that I know how Sami and Bray will get on the show, though. And both involve Heath Slater. I think Heath will demand a match for a Raw contract and lose quickly to Sami. And then later he’ll demand a Smackdown contract and lose quickly to Bray Wyatt. It’s sad as fuck that that’s how they can both get on the show, but it’s what I foresee happening.

So, I’m going to put up the SummerSlam and NXT Takeover cards now, and then I’ll do predictions for both tomorrow.

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