Well, UltimaLucha Dos is over, and I’m going to be honest – I’m not sure how I feel. After the first UltimaLucha, I was all “That was the best show of the year.” After this show, I’m not exactly sure. I’m kind of annoyed at other things at the moment too, so perhaps I’m not looking at things with a level head. But there are definitely things about this show that rubbed me the wrong way. I think it’s mainly that there was a lot of interference on the final part that bugged me. And really, only one of those I have a real issue with, but we’ll get there.

The opening match of Part 1 was Cage vs. The Mack in a Falls Count Anywhere match in the semifinals of the Unique Opportunity Tournament. This match was great, and I think it might be better than their match at UltimaLucha last year. It was brutal, and also had a lot of callbacks to the first match. And, I was pleasantly surprised to see The Mack win. It was a legit shock – I thought Cage would win the whole thing.

Son of Havoc defeated Texano in the other semifinal match, in a Boyle Heights Bar Fight. Another fun match, although it didn’t live up to Cage and Mack, mainly because of Texano. But Texano got put through an entire bar, so that was fun.

I was very pleased to see Son of Havoc win the tournament by defeating The Mack in a good match. It was a Falls Count Anywhere match too, but it didn’t use that stip much.

The unique opportunity was either $250,000 or a title shot at UltimaLucha Tres, so obviously Havoc took the title match. But since Dario apparently wanted to give out the money as much as possible, he offered that to Famous B’s new client, Dr. Wagner Jr, and the winner of the match will get what they picked. Havoc got some hope spots, but Dr Wagner Jr. got the win.

Part 2 saw Sexy Star win the Gift of the Gods Championship, as expected, in a really good match. I think my favorite part of the match was the new guy, Night Claw. He really impressed me. He got two eliminations – Siniestro and Daga – before Killshot eliminated him. Mariposa and Marty vs. Killshot and Sexy Star was the story of the rest of the match. Killshot was eliminated first, and Sexy Star overcame the double team to win. Happy for her, although I was hoping for Mariposa or Marty to win.

Mil Muertes vs. Cuerno in a Death Match was a little underwhelming to me. It wasn’t bad or anything, but it just seemed like a typical hardcore match to me. And then once Cuerno put his hands on Catrina, Mil went berserk and just killed Cuerno – Speared through one table, powerbombed through three others, hit on the head with a crowbar, and a Tombstone. Dead.

Speaking of dead, Mr. Cisco wore a wire to try to incriminate Dario, did a terrible job of it, and got killed by the bull statue.

And the final part opened with Pentagon fighting multiple versions of himself and becoming “Pentagon Dark.”

Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, and PJ Black defended and lost their Trios titles to Fenix, Drago, and Aero Star in a rather good but crazy match. The Aerial Assholes went full Aerial Asshole on the three of them and cheated as much as they could, and if Rick Knox wasn’t a bad ref, they would’ve retained after a triple belt shot. But after the kickout, Angelico returned and attacked Mundo – alluding to Mundo being his attacker – and because of that, we have new Trios champs. I can live with that.

My biggest issue I think is that Dragon Azteca, Jr. vs. Black Lotus kind of got ruined by Pentagon Dark. I was enjoying the match and then Pentagon just rushed in and broke both of their arms before cutting a promo. I really would’ve liked to see that match have a conclusion – Pentagon could attack them after if he wanted, but to end the match without a real winner really does bother me.

Since apparently Pentagon Dark wanted his title match immediately, the main event of the show happened here. I don’t agree with the title match not being last. Also, I’m not sure how much I liked the match. Pentagon just destroyed Matanza for what seemed like forever, which made me think Pentagon was going to win and just kind of make Matanza look like a bitch. And that would’ve bothered me a lot. Pentagon didn’t seem to be ready for Matanza until tonight, but in the end, Matanza reversed an Irish whip into a chair by forcing Pentagon into it, then hit some of his signature offense. Vampiro gave Pentagon a barbed wire 2×4 to use, but Dario got in the ring, and Pentagon became distracted enough for Matanza to hit him with the baseball bat and then Wrath of the Gods, and Matanza retained. And after how the match went, I think I agree with that now more than I thought I was going to. I wanted Pentagon to win, but I feel like this would’ve destroyed the “Unbeatable” image Matanza has, and that would’ve bothered me. So that’s fine. Pentagon shoved Vampiro away before leaving.

Taya vs. Ivelisse was a very enjoyable match, but right when Ivelisse was about to win, Catrina used her Warehouse 13 caretaker powers to show up and hit Ivelisse with a move that seemed similar to I believe her name was Roxy Laveaux in TNA’s finisher – and then Taya hit her finisher after Catrina disappeared for the win. At this point there was three different sets of interference tonight, and it was a bit annoying to be honest. They can all set up different storylines for season three, but it was a bit disappointing.

And the main event of Prince Puma vs. Rey Mysterio was great. Amazing match, but Rey winning is very questionable at best. There’s really not enough reason to put Rey over Puma – Puma is the star and Rey is a legend. Rey winning is a WWE move, and Lucha Underground is better than this.

We cut to Matt Striker and Vampiro talking for a bit, but Pentagon shows up, takes out Striker, and then just annihilates Vampiro in the ring with the barbed wire baseball bat and cutting a promo, saying he’s the master now and starts licking his blood.

And the show ends with Dario going away in cuffs, but before it fades to black, he looks up with an evil smile.

We still don’t know who the lord is, or who he called on the phone at the end of part two and said that it was time to.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable show, but I can’t say it was better than the first one, I think. It seemed like an advertisement for season 3, which is fine. It wasn’t bad by any means, but I think we all probably just set such high expectations and it didn’t quite hit that level. But I’m still excited as fuck for season 3. Is it season 3 yet?

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