So, after reading that there will be a kickstarter for a Warehouse 13 board game coming this fall, created by Infinite Dreams Gaming (See @Infn8DrmsGaming on Twitter), naturally I got very excited. I love board games and Warehouse 13 is my favorite show ever. Or second favorite show depending on the day because Psych is too good. (It fluctuates between what day it is.)

Anyways, I don’t know too much about the game itself, but I’m sure it’ll be great. I know they’ve been working on it for quite some time now because I remember hearing of its existence in 2014. And while it seems like it’s a rather long game and requires more people to play than I hang out with on a regular basis, I’ll be donating to the kickstarter the moment it launches.

That being said, it gave me an idea to try to come up with my own Warehouse 13 game. Not to take away from the one I mentioned, of course, because I want any and all Warehouse 13 related games to exist – but to give myself a creative challenge. I mean, hell, I play a ton of strategy games, so I should be able to come up with something.

I would’ve loved to make a deck-building game given my love for both Ascension and Star Trek DBG, but that would take way more time than I’m willing to commit to something that I’m not sure will actually exist outside of my idea. And I also wanted to make something a lot simpler than that and not too time-consuming.

So, the following is the idea I have for a Warehouse 13 card-based game. It’s a mix of The Resistance, 7 Wonders/Sushi Go, and Risk.

Oh, I just realized that gives me a perfect opportunity to do one of these:

The following is brought to you by the brand new Mzrc-Board-Game-Department^TM, and it is sponsored by Warehouse 13, and having too much time on my hands.

I think that’s at least the fourth kind of those now. There’s a Rant Department, a Card Department, a Movie Department, and now a Board Game Department. There might be a Flower Department now that I think of it. I should figure out where in my head these departments are. My mind is messy, ok?

I know I’ve lost all the, um….. Was anyone reading this?….Well, however many people were reading this by talking about a running joke I have in my blogs that no one besides the one person who actually reads them will understand, but that’s just too damn bad!!

That being said, the rest of this post will basically be an instruction manual.

Endless Wonder (Working Title): A Warehouse 13 Card Game
Created by: Marc Schoeneman aka Mzrc (With however many “10’s” you like on the end >.>)

Premise: The Warehouse 13 family are coming home from watching Claudia sing with her band when they notice that the Warehouse has been broken into, and artifacts have gone missing. Before they can do anything, some kind of noxious gas comes from the vents and knock them all out. A hooded figure (or in the case that there are 5-6 players, two hooded figures) emerge and grabs one (or two) of the sleeping Warehouse agents and, with help, uses the Janus Coin on them – the villain (or villains)swaps bodies with the Warehouse agent (or agents), and then the villains, disguised as current Warehouse agents, lay on the floor until everyone else wakes up. Now the Warehouse 13 team, as they learn what happened, need to find the artifacts that are missing, without knowing that one or two of them aren’t who they say they are – and they must retrieve the artifacts before the villain or villains get the artifacts they were looking for to begin with, as the team’s return interrupted their heist.


Pass out hero cards randomly to each player. The character you are will be revealed when you reveal the three artifacts at the end of phase one, so keep your character identity a secret, face down.

Pass out alignment cards face down to each player. If there are 3 or 4 players, only pass out 1 evil card with the good ones. If there are 5 or 6 players, pass out 2 evil cards.

Everyone closes their eyes, and then the villain or villains open their eyes and draw the top card of the villain deck to find out what villain they are. The two villains can share who they are with each other if they desire. Note: The villain can only be Evil Artie if they have the Artie character card. Likewise, the villain can only be Rogue H.G. if they have the H.G. character card. Redraw if necessary. The villains put their hero character cards back in the box since having two of them in front of you would give your identity away. (All heroes and villains cards will have the same back.)

NOTE: As an alternative to having everyone close their eyes, players can opt to all leave the room and have all villains re-enter the room to complete these tasks, then leave the room before everyone re-enters. This is assuming that these tasks will make enough noise that the heroes can be clued in to where the villains may be seated at the table if they remain sitting there with their eyes closed.

Each player is dealt a number of artifact cards equal to the number of players in the game. A player will look at the cards, and take one of those cards if they so choose and put it face down in front of him or her, then pass the cards to the left. A player can only have three cards face down in front of them, so if they have three cards but one isn’t one they need, that card must be returned to the cards being passed around if the player wishes to take a fourth card. (A player would take a card they don’t need to try to stop another player from getting cards they do need, in case they think they know who someone is.) After the same cards have been passed around to all players twice, any remaining cards are discarded and new cards are dealt out. When a player has all three artifacts they need face down, they reveal the artifacts and their character to the other players. This continues until all heroes have revealed themselves, or all villains reveal themselves. (If there are two villains, they must reveal themselves at the same time.)

Artifact goals: Telegraph Island’s Telegraph, Spine of the Saracen, Sodom and Gomorrah’s Salt Mask
Ability: Vibes – Add + 1 to defense rolls. (all dice) (Phase Two)

Artifact goals: Lewis Carroll’s mirror, USS Eldridge’s barometer, Sylvia Plath’s Typewriter
Ability: Resilient – Add +1 to attack rolls (all dice) (Phase Two)
-Will not attack Rogue H.G. unless she is the only one left

Artifact goals: The Phoenix, Judah Loew’s Amulet, Mata Hari’s Stockings
Ability: Knows an awful lot of things about an awful lot of things – Add +1 to attack and defense rolls (all dice) (Phase Two)
-Artie will not attack MacPherson unless he is the only one left

Artifact Goals: Rhetticus Compass, Jimi Hendrix’s guitar, 42nd Street Marquee
Ability: Has ridiculous gadgets and is way cooler than you – Add +2 to all dice, affects both villains if there are two because Tesla Grenade! (Phase Two)
-Will not attack Evil Artie unless she is the only one left.

Artifact Goals: Johann Maelzel’s Metronome, Edna St. Vincent Millay’s Two Ended Candle, Triangle Shirtway’s Factory Doorknob
Ability: Knows if you’re lying – Can call out a villain in phase 1 – must know for sure who is a villain and which villain it is, otherwise Jinks is bronzed after the regents become suspicious that he is actually the villain. (Phase One)

Artifact Goals: Time Machine, Pachycrocuta Jawbone, Joshua’s Trumpet
Ability: Has a damn time machine – If you have the time machine, +2 to defense rolls (all dice) (Phase Two)


MacPherson – Honjo Masamune, Edgar Allen Poe’s Quill and Notebook, Harriet Tubman’s Thimble

Rogue H.G. – Minoan Trident, Pitch Lake’s Primordial Tar, Lizzie Borden’s Compact

Sykes – Carlo Collodi’s Bracelet, Masonry of the House of Commons survived from the Blitzkrieg, Cecil B. DeMille’s Riding Crop

Evil Artie – Ferdinand Magellan’s Astrolabe, The Chinese Orchid, Francisco Borgia’s Dagger

Paracelsus – Lizzie Hitchcock’s Petrified Wood Tower, Egyptian Pharoah’s Copper Bowl, Philosopher’s Stone

Benedict Valda – Hiram Abiff’s setting maul, The Mason’s Compass, The Mason’s Square

When a hero acquires their third assigned artifact, they place the three cards down in front of them. They take no more turns. They go hang out at Leena’s.

Phase One ends when all of the heroes reveal all of their artifacts, or the villain or villains reveal theirs. (When there are two villains, they both must reveal at the same time to begin Phase Two.)

If all of the heroes have revealed their artifacts before all of the villains, they win. (The team learns before the quest from Mrs. F. that one (or two) aren’t who they say they are)

If Jinks outed one or both of the villains, the heroes have won.

If the villain or villains get their artifacts first, they reveal themselves and attack. Phase Two begins.

To defeat the villain or villains, it becomes somewhat like an RPG. Each villain will have a set number of HP that the heroes need to knock down to zero before the villains knock theirs down to 0.

Villains will start at 30 HP. Heroes will start with 10 times the number of the 3 of their own artifacts they found. Each hero has an ability that helps them with either attacking or evading.

Attack order is clockwise around the table. (Or wherever you’re playing.)

The villain chooses which hero to attack and rolls three dice. The hero roll the amount of dice for how many of their artifacts they have. The hero, after accounting for the bonuses in their ability, take damage equal to the total of the villain’s attack roll minus the hero’s defense roll. If the hero falls to 0 HP, the hero is defeated. If not, the hero stays alive.

The hero attacks with the amount of dice equal to the amount of artifacts they got plus one. The villain defends with the number of dice equal to the amount of artifacts the hero has. Damage is Sum of attack dice (+ any bonuses) – Sum of defense dice.

A hero may choose to take their turn by visiting Leena’s B+B to rest, rolling the number of dice equal to their artifacts to regain HP equal to the sum of these dice, to a max of 10.

-Leena’s B+B is NOT available if Evil Artie is one of the villains. When Evil Artie reveals himself, Leena’s B+B immediately explodes and she dies. Sorry.

Whomever remains standing at the end, wins.

So, that’s the basic idea – took only a few hours to come up with, and an assist from a friend. Some of the mechanics might need tweaking but that can only be tested through actually playing it and that’s something I would actually need to create the cards to do. I don’t know if I’ll be able to, but even then I could only make it for myself. I can’t create and distribute/sell it to others without licensing rights and all that. But I think this would be a much faster alternative to the other game. I think it’d probably be fun, quick, and the tie ins to the show are fun too.