This is going to be a fly off the seat of my pants kind of post here, as I feel like I need to talk about this but it’d probably be way better if I had some kind of plan for it. But since WWE seems to want to split the brands all willy-nilly now, I guess it’s fitting that the post I write about it is the same.

So, WWE is moving Smackdown to Tuesdays and have it live, and have a brand split. And all it does it raise a ton of questions for me, not the least of it is why?

So, WWE, you need to answer all of my questions sufficiently if you want to validate this being a good decision.

How exactly are we doing this? Are we just going to draft the rosters from the existing one? Or are we going to split some and then bring up more NXT people? Is Smackdown going to just be NXT? Is everyone important from NXT coming up to Smackdown and then NXT is over?

The biggest problem with it is this – there simply is not enough people on the roster to support a brand split. There isn’t – not without calling up the rest of NXT, or at least the important people. Some of the newer developmental talent would get screwed because they aren’t ready to be on primetime, but the shows are going to need bodies.

That’s not really debatable. They can barely fill up a three hour Raw without throwing some bullshit Golden Truth crap at us every week. And then they’re supposed to split the rosters between two shows?

And if we do bring up the rest of the NXT people, that kind of sucks for NXT. NXT was our little cult following show within WWE for a few years now. Sadly, we have reached a point where, outside of Takeovers, most shows are not as interesting anymore because a large majority of the great talent has been brought up. So, it’s not the worst thing in the world if NXT were to end. They’re running out of great talent to sign to it, anyway.

So, if we do split the rosters, who goes where? Most importantly, what happens with the championships?

We absolutely cannot have a second world title again. That’s crap. The WWE champ will need to face challengers from both shows.

The Intercontinental Championship and United States Championships can become brand specific. I would put the IC Title on Smackdown and the US Title on Raw. The IC Title can be to Smackdown what the World Title was to it the first time.

The tag team titles and womens titles are going to need special attention, for similar reasons. There are absolutely not enough tag teams and not enough women to split them on to two shows and have the champion compete on both shows. So both will need to have those divisions complete on one show. Like back when it started, Smackdown had the entire Cruiserweight Division. Raw will have to have either the womens division or the tag division, and Smackdown the other. But then one show has no teams and one show has no women. (Again, we need to bring up all of NXT to solve this issue.)

We can maybe keep teams on both shows. But we can’t split up the women – all we have are Sasha, Becky, Paige, Emma, Charlotte, and Natalya. Alicia and Summer too I guess. But that’s really it. The rest are barely worth a damn, and splitting them leaves four competent women on both shows. That’s going to be the same tag match every other week and then a one on one match the others. We absolutely must keep the division whole. And bring up Bayley, Asuka, Alexa, Carmella, Nia, Billie, Peyton, and Athena. That’s a solid division if there ever was one. Which show gets the women’s division? Sadly, probably Smackdown. But Smackdown, if done right, will probably become the NXT and actual wrestling fan’s haven and Raw will be the sports entertainment show.

The tag divison only has New Day, SAWFT, Vaudevillains, Wyatts kind of, Shining Stars, and Dudleys. Bring up American Alpha, Revival, keep Blake and Murphy a team, Gargano and Ciampa, and TM61. If we bring up all of them, we could probably make the tag titles a two show belt.

PPVs – if we have separate brand PPVs then they have to actually be good. Like, we should never end up with Golden Truth vs. Social Outcasts at any point.

Also, Balor, Joe, Nakamura, and Aries must all be called up too. (And Itami when he’s ready. That seems to be taking forever.) We’re full blown nuking NXT here, I know. It makes me sad considering the NXT post I made a few months ago – it brought my passion for wrestling back.

So, what are the rosters?

Put everyone the IWC loves on Smackdown and everyone the IWC hates on Raw, basically. I wish it was that easy.

Use Smackdown as what NXT is now, really – put mostly internet favorites there along with half of all those tag teams and the women. Have several womens feuds going along with tag feuds which would lead to tag title matches every other month with whomever the multi-show champ is. The IC title and the women’s title will be the Smackdown’s premier titles.

Raw can have the U.S. Title as the John Cena open challenge title, the rest of the tag division, and the WWE Title. I want the WWE Title to flip between two shows but I don’t know how that will work, really. But then no one on Smackdown can be WWE champion. There’s a problem there I don’t know how to resolve.

Just use Smackdown as the internet, new era, up and comer show and use Raw as the main eventer, well established star show, with some of it mixed up. Keep the women on Smackdown. (Raw is fine too, but I want a whole women’s division. Dividing a thin division is a terrible idea.) (As much as I want that, I’m not comfortable only having women on one show because that feels wrong to me from an equality standpoint, but I don’t know how WWE makes the women’s division work with like, 5 on each show. Although if we call up all of the NXT ones that’s 15, 7 on both shows could do it I suppose.)

Obviously rosters will have to shake up too after a while.

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