I probably sound like a broken record when I tell you that yet another Takeover was amazing. Because, well, it was. It wasn’t perfect – I do have a small issue with the main event – but that’s about it. Also, Samson vs. Crews didn’t happen.

The first match was The Revival defending the NXT World Tag Team Championship against American Alpha. American Alpha almost seemed like they were going to dominate this whole match the way it began – anything the Revival through at them they seemed to have an answer for. But, it can’t be denied how good the Revival are – they truly seem to be everywhere, and no matter when you think you’ll be able to get a tag or a pin, they’ll be right there to knock you off the ropes or pull you out of the ring. But, in the end, American Alpha was able to get the win to become the new tag team champs to everyone’s delight.

Baron Corbin vs. Austin Aries was a good match which mostly saw Corbin exerting his superior strength on Aries until Aries was able to counter the End of Days and catch Corbin in a roll up. It was good, but the weakest match on the card.

Words cannot express how insane Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura was. I can’t do it justice – you really have to go watch it right fucking now. I cannot undersell how good this match was. Just take my word for it and go watch it.

While Zayn vs. Nakamura was the best match of the night, the main event of the show for me was Bayley vs. Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship. And it was incredible. Bayley continues to impress even more with how good she is with every big match she has. As much of a friendly person as her character is, she herself seems almost as much a submission machine as Asuka is. She used most of the submissions we’d already seen from her and she even caught Asuka’s leg out of a kick and dropped into a grapevine ankle lock. Still, she ended up passing out to the Asuka Lock and we have a new NXT Women’s Champ! And as much as I love Bayley, this was the right call.

And finally, Finn Balor defeating Samoa Joe to retain the NXT World Championship was a really good match, but the constant stoppages for the ref to clean up the cut Joe got above his eye in the opening sequence of the match hurt it a bit – and even moreso, the finish bugged me. It seemed more like Balor caught Joe and was lucky to get out of the match with the title – that finish would’ve made more sense for their first match and the London finish would’ve been better here because that was definitive. It makes the fact that there was a second match make a little more sense. But oh well. And I do feel a bit bad for Joe.

Overall a great show as always. You shouldn’t need me to tell you this, just go watch it.

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