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So, I’ve been toying around with the idea of this post recently. I had a strong desire to post about some completely bullshit Star Wars hate and a bogus “Rey is a Mary Sue” argument going around, but then I realized that most of what I was going to put into it was a link to a video and a different article and then add some stuff in of my own – so I didn’t think that warranted its own blog on here; I just added that into my normal blog. But now I’ve got a few other things that need to be rebutted, so I’m going to add the Star Wars stuff in at the beginning.

Problematic Argument number #1: Rey is a Mary Sue

This isn’t only about Rey being a Mary Sue, but that is the main criticism I see thrown around on the internet. I’ve already written all I need and want to about this subject, so I’m just going to copy and paste from my private blog where I’ve already discussed how much I loved it, the things that I didn’t like, and then refuting arguments against it a friend made and the Rey is a Mary Sue bullshit.

STAR WARS WAS FUCKING AWESOME. It’s not perfect but it’s still 5 out of 5 stars. Best movie of the year no question about it. Also, Daisy Ridley, new third favorite actress, no question about it – she is brilliant. Rey’s a fucking badass and she is awesome. And the other new characters are great too.  Finn was great, Po Dameronn was great. BB8 was great. The scene where Finn gives BB8 a thumbs up and the droid gives him a thumbs up with a lighter legit broke me for like five minutes. There’s a few issues with it, too, of course:

  1. Did we need another Death Star kind of deal? It wasn’t necessary. The more I think about it, the more I don’t care for that.
  2. The First Order hating the Republic because the Republic supports the resistance just doesn’t make much sense to me. What would the Republic have to do with the resistance and why would they support them?? If the resistance is a faction fighting the first order, who are evil, then either the entire Republic  is part of the Resistance or the Republic is evil!
  3. Phasma was kind of made to look like a bitch. Hey look at this chrome armored stormtrooper! Clearly she’s a badass if she’s made to stand out from everyone and….oops, she got caught and thrown down a garbage disposal.
  4. R2D2 powering on at just the right moment is convenient as hell, unless Luke is controlling him and then it’s ok.
  5. The ground breaking into a canyon between Rey and Kilo Ren at a convenient time is super convenient.
  6. It did not show Kilo Ren being saved before the planet exploded. Kind of important.

Those are my main problems with the film, and only a few of them are really a problem. 1 is most glaring, and 3 and 6 are the only other ones that really matter. The rest was great. It did borrow a lot from A New Hope but fuck it, who cares?

Tom tried to tell me why he didn’t like this movie and I told him why he was dumb. The only thing he said which was something I agreed with was about Phasma. His other problems were basically dumb as fuck.

  1. It was all daddy issues in terms of Kilo Ren. Which is both irrelevant and stupid. All of Star Wars is mommy/daddy issues. Every episode has that in them. And also that we don’t know why he hated his dad. WELL THERE’s TWO MORE MOVIES, YOU DOLT! You don’t find everything out at once and you can’t expect to.
  2. “No other Star Wars movie has left things this open.” Completely untrue and bullshit. Left things open? If you were alive when A New Hope was in theaters, you’d feel the same about that. But we weren’t. And again, we don’t need to have everything spoonfed to us right away. That’s not how movie series work and if you think it does, your idea of what movies are is pathetic. You are one of the people who feel entitled to everything they want when they want and that’s not how the world works.
  3. Rey was able to take down Kilo Ren too easily. She’s untrained, he’s barely trained, she’s probably his brother or cousin. Not too difficult to comprehend why this would happen.
  4. Rey’s and Finn’s friendship grew too quickly. Saved each other’s lives, dude.

Sure, there are some flaws, but to actively not like the movie or to make it seem like it’s bad takes a special kind of stupid.

A couple of other things to link to about this subject:

This is the most fair review of the movie on the internet: The most fair review of the movie on the internet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbaliPyihCY

And finally, the Rey is a Mary Sue thing. First and foremost, read this article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2016/01/04/no-rey-from-star-wars-the-force-awakens-is-not-a-mary-sue/#2715e4857a0b2107f246d45b

The only thing I would really add (Read the article  and watch the video first) is that, not only does Chewie shoot Kylo Ren, but Fin burns Kylo with the lightsaber in the shoulder once. So Kylo’s already weakened significantly when Kylo fights Rey. And Rey is significantly good with that stick weapon she has, and really, HOW DIFFERENT can fighting with a lightsaber be than fighting with that stick thingy? I mean, you hold the stick in the center and not at the bottom, but the mechanics of fighting with them have got to be pretty close – one just happens to burn you and cut your body up. So don’t give me that shit that she shouldn’t be able to beat him with a lightsaber. He’s not fully trained and he’s significantly weakened and she’s good with those kinds of weapons. You can argue that maybe she learns the jedi mind trick too easily but she’s clearly strong with the force, smart, and she’s a survivor.

See, she’s not Luke, and that’s what people don’t get when they say she’s not a good character. They don’t realize that when they compare her to John Cena. She wasn’t some pampered farm boy like Luke was. She was left on Jakku by her family or someone and forced to live on her own as a young girl. She had to learn to fight in order to survive. Learning multiple languages and about spaceships their parts are important skills she needed to survive on the planet on her own when her only way to eat is trading in ship parts for food from the one guy who decides how much she gets – and that also involves beings of other species which she needs those languages to communicate. And she lives by herself in the middle of nowhere – it’s a good thing she knows how to defend herself otherwise she’d have never made it. (But I’m sure if she didn’t know how, the same people would say she was “asking for it” if she was like, raped.)

Having multiple skills doesn’t make you John Cena. It doesn’t make her a “Mary Sue.” That implies that she NEVER fails as a person, which is completely untrue. If she never failed, she wouldn’t accidentally let out the wrathtars. She wouldn’t run away from all of it when she has visions of something from the lightsaber. In fact, her running there is why she was captured by Kylo Ren. I don’t understand why she would run from random visions considering she seemed receptive of what Moz Kanata was telling her up until she said “Keep this lightsaber” and then ran like hell. That’s not a rational reaction to having to hold onto the lightsaber. Sure, she had some kind of vision from it, but she didn’t have a vision from it when she caught it and fought Kylo so she wouldn’t have the vision every time she touched it. A Mary Sue would never be captured because of something she did. End of.

If you want to compare Rey to anyone, compare her to Katniss from Hunger Games. She is Star Wars’s Katniss. Those comparison’s are easy to make. If Rey is a Mary Sue, then Katniss is a Mary Sue. But she’s not and Katniss is not. (So, Max Landis, guy who made the awesome “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling” video, Rey is not a Mary Sue, Q.E.D.)

The other criticisms of the film I had still stand – it’s not 100% perfect but no movie is. As long as the next one isn’t so unbelievably similar to previous ones then the similarity in this one can be completely forgiven, too. Just no more Death Stars.


The next argument was going to be something I read last week regarding my favorite tv character of all time, Claudia Donovan, but I just realized I misread the article. I thought the article had had the balls to describe Claudia as the “least interesting and least developed” character on Warehouse 13, until I just re-read it and realized that those statements were describing Mrs. Frederic. While I still disagree with that as well, at least in the “least interesting” sense, it isn’t worth a blog about. She could probably use more development but I think using “least” for either of those criticisms about Mrs. Frederic is also wrong – Leena is so readily available for least developed and Myka really isn’t that interesting at all. And I’m very thankful that I don’t have to bitch at someone about saying something so drastically bullshit about Claudia because saying that about Claudia is literally “How the fuck dare you?” Anyone with a brain can see how great of a character she is.


Problematic Argument number two: Jim Cornette vs. Lucha Underground

Recently Jim Corette had this to say about the best wrestling program on television:


“The most heinous horse shit I’ve ever seen in my life.”
Have you watched WWE recently? Better yet, have you watched TNA like at all? You must watch literally nothing else so the best thing you watch is also the most heinous horse shit you’ve seen in your life. You’ve literally seen nothing else with your two eyes if that is true.

See above.

“It’s not wrestling.”
Then what are they doing in the ring doing wrestling moves in choreographed sequences until somebody wins?

“It’s not a sport.”
When has wrestling ever been a sport?

“No attempt at even making it believable.”
I see it and I believe it. Realistic? Perhaps not. But I believe it.

“Another nail in the coffin for wrestling to be taken seriously or anything that’s not completely predetermined.”
That’ll never happen. In fact it never seemed real.

“No one watching will believe it’s legitimate.”
No one watching isn’t already a fan of wrestling that knows it’s fake.

“It shouldn’t be called wrestling. It’s a movie and they’re wrestling in the movie.”
I thought it wasn’t wrestling? ALSO THAT’S THE POINT, CONGRATS ON REALIZING IT.

“It’s a scripted performance of a movie or tv show.”
Just like all wresting and all movies and all tv shows.

It’s Fenix. At least learn the names if you’re going to degrade them.

“Choreographed fucking Chinese acrobat Olympic gymnastics tumbling routine.”
That’s racist.

(Not really, but the statement had so many pointless adjectives that it got a Cinema Sins “That’s racist.”)

“Wrestling with furniture.”
Ladders are not furniture. Also, how about WWE’s furniture PPV? Also welcome to 2016, where ladder matches have been around for 20+ years. No one watching wrestling today doesn’t know what a ladder match is and doesn’t love it.

“I like John Morrison. He’s an OVW guy. I’m sorry he has to be there instead of real wrestling.”
First off, it’s Johnny Mundo, get it right. Also, we’ve established that “real wrestling” doesn’t exist in the sports entertainment world we live in. And why would you feel sorry for Johnny when he loves it in Lucha Underground and despises WWE? That’s misplaced anger.

“The only way to save this is dropping a nuclear bomb on the temple with everyone who is associated with it.”
Wow, so I guess we should just put you in prison then.

“If you have any pride in wrestling…as a fan….”
I have a ton of pride in good professional wrestling, and thusly I have a ton of pride in Lucha Underground.

If you cannot understand that Lucha Underground is the best wrestling show on television and that wrestling is not what it was in the 80’s or before then AND NEVER, EVER WILL BE EVER AGAIN WITH GOOD REASON SINCE THE ATTITUDE ERA AND THE INTERNET KILLED IT, then you are pretty delusional. You don’t have to like it, but you definitely don’t say that it should be blown up. People like you tell us that we should be happy that TNA still is on the air no matter how atrocious it is so that people can have jobs and we should want them to succeed, but you turn around and say that Lucha Underground should be blown up. LOL. So out of touch with what wrestling is today – I’m sorry people of today don’t want to watch the boring wrestling from back in the day.

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