I don’t know when the last time I can tell you that I came out of a WWE PPV (Not from NXT) that I can say I loved the show – probably WrestleMania 30. That’s the obvious one that comes to mind. I’m not going through the entire list of shows since then – maybe there was one – but it’s been a while. Well, until now, that is. This show was great. There will be those who don’t agree, but there always will be – I’ve learned that no matter how good a show is, there will always be those who bitch. Some people enjoy bitching. A lot of people enjoy having the opposite opinion to the general consensus because it’s the “cool thing to do.” Just look at the people who thought Star Wars Ep. 7 wasn’t good – they just want to have that opinion to look “cool” and get clicks for their website. There are times to bitch and moan about things that are bad – but when an actual good show happens, you give them the credit they deserve. Don’t get me wrong – one good show doesn’t mean things will be smooth sailing from here and that things will be good from now on – but this show in particular was really good.

The first match was the Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship between Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens. This match was great – nice to see such a crazy match for a midcard title. That doesn’t happen often. I particularly enjoyed the Cannonball into the barricade and Owens’ Superplex to Ambrose through the table – I love that Superplex he does where he turns them around in midair. I would have liked it to be a little longer, and honestly I wanted Owens to win, but Ambrose is awesome so no real complaints.

Rating: ****

The New Day defending the WWE World Tag Team Championship against the Usos was a decent match, but nothing special. I did enjoy it for what it was, but it’s hard to get into a match that involves the Usos. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great. New Day retained clean so no harm, no foul. Please bring up a new team to feud with New Day now.

Rating: **1/2

The U.S. Championship match between Alberto Del Rio and Kalisto was good. I’ve heard it called a botchfest because there was one singular botch which almost worked. And honestly I hoped Kalisto won off a botched pin because fuck Del Rio. But it was a fairly good match – my favorite parts were that gutbuster Del Rio did when he reversed the Headscissors and the fact that Kalisto won because he is awesome and Del Rio is a bag of fucks.

Rating: ***

Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch for the Second Rate Women’s Championship was my only real disappointment of the night. The match was good to really good, but the finish was shit. When Ric threw his jacket into the ring, the referee should have interpreted it as Ric throwing in the towel for Charlotte and Becky should have gotten the title. No question about it. And then Charlotte wins off of a fucking Spear? That’s not her fucking finisher. That spear has never pinned anyone. Bullshit – and Becky should have won. So tired of her being overlooked and this was her time. Fuck Charlotte and fuck Ric Flair – all they are are intergender Bella Twins right now and I don’t want any of it. GO AWAY RIC FLAIR WE DO NOT NEED YOU. Thankfully this was made up for by the post match appearance of Sasha Banks who kicks Becky out of the ring and then put Charlotte into the Banks Statement and held up her rightful title. And while that was awesome and everything, right now I’m still a little more upset that Becky keeps being an afterthought over everyone. And Paige seems to be relegated to Total Bullshit related matches which is a joke. We need all of these women to always be relevant – not just two of them. The WrestleMania women’s match needs to be a fatal 4-way between them (assuming Bayley is up by then of course, then it’d be 5.)

Rating: ***

And finally, the Royal Rumble.

  1. I am not surprised that Roman threw out the first person before number 3 showed up. I expected it, although I thought it would be a jobber. Then again, Rusev is a jobber so fuck him. Lol. I laughed when Roman went through the ropes and then hit the apron dropkick – had to get that spot in.
  2. A.J. fucking Styles! Hell yes. He was awesome, crowd loved him, and he lasted a good amount of time. The one thing – why did he not hit his finisher at all? The camera work could’ve been better when he entered, too – show the entrance ramp, not Roman Reigns’ reaction!
  3. The start was a little slow outside of Styles and Jericho. The rest were jobbers or big guys. But it picked up once the Wyatts started entering.
  4. R-Truth thinking it was a MITB match was hilarious, although he should’ve been pushed off the ladder and out of the ring. The ladder was also eliminated right after – should’ve kept the ladder in the ring, too.
  5. Strowman throwing out Kane and Big Show so easily was good. They also got rid of Henry so that was good.
  6. Owens eliminating Styles was the right choice. Thankfully, while AJ got a nice fan send off, the fans did not give the “OMG DANIEL BRYAN DIDN’T WIN OMG BOO” reaction when it happened. Probably because they didn’t expect him to but it still could’ve happened.
  7. Sami Zayn eliminated Owens hurray!
  8. The whole stretcher thing with Reigns was dumb and pointless. Next time don’t put a guy who can’t go a full 60 in at number 1.
  9. Brock took out all of the Wyatts before Bray showed up, but they all come back and help Bray eliminate Brock. Hurray. I wanted Owens to do that but hey – Owens vs. Styles or Zayn or both is fine with me.
  10. Why didn’t Lesnar go apeshit and destroy everyone?
  11. Ambrose eliminating Jericho was a nice callback to that cold shoulder Jericho gave to Ambrose at Night of Champions.
  12. I feel like HHH has always wanted to Pedigree Dolph Ziggler.
  13. It coming down to Triple H and Ambrose was great. It was smart to do that so HHH would be booed when he won and not cheered like he would have been if he last eliminated Reigns. (I mean, I immediately changed to rooting for Ambrose.)

All in all it was probably the best Rumble in years. It was booked almost perfectly. I haven’t really loved a rumble match since 09, and then before that it was 05. 2010 was alright, but 11-15’s all suck really. There are moments in some of them but that’s it. Some I may like the results of but the match wasn’t fun. This was fun for the most part and it had a good result. They did the best with what they had – it would have been better if there weren’t so many injuries. Remove jobbers and put in Rollins, Orton, Cena, Cesaro, etc. But they did the best with what they could.

Rating: ****

Overall the show was really good. The way Charlotte won was the only real detriment to the show that isn’t a small gripe that’s trivial. And the things I didn’t like were made up for.

Overall Grade: A

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