So, once again, it’s time to review my 2015 wish list for WWE to see how well they did, and then make a list for 2016.

In 2015, I wanted the following from WWE:

1)  Any wrestler that comes up from NXT must be handled properly. They cannot be built up just so they can lose to Cena. They must be able to be their entire character from NXT. They must have a storyline. They must be booked well. They must not build them up and then suddenly stop.

They have for the most part failed. Neville has done fairly little. Tyler Breeze has done jack shit. Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks haven’t been a complete fail but have been used underwhelmingly. The Ascension were an utter failure. Sami Zayn gets an incomplete if his open challenge was meant to be a call up. Kevin Owens got off to a great start but then immediately lost to Cena twice. Charlotte won the second rate women’s title but is still a copy of her dad.

2) WWE must stop plugging the Network over and over again and the price. And stop saying it for the fans to chant via trolling.

This is fine now. It’s not to the point of annoyance anymore.

3) WWE must realize that the only way to get people excited and to get people to buy their network en masse is to have a great in ring product that people care about. Yes, all the PPVs are on there each month, but if there’s no hype and there’s no feeling of “OMG I have to watch this to see what happens,” then there won’t be as many subscriptions as you want.


4) 23 of the 26 writers must be fired. There is no way you can have a good show on a week to week basis with that many people who have no idea what they’re doing.

I can’t imagine this happened. In fact they just hired Dewey Foley so they may have 27 writers.

5) Raw must go back to two hours. There’s nothing that the three hour show is doing for them except for boring people more. Also, Smackdown is irrelevant to the point where it may as well just be cancelled.

Not even close. In fact, Smackdown is moving to USA and because of it, they decided to do absolutely nothing with it this year.

6) The number of PPVs a year needs to go down to eight or so.


7) The main roster must start treating women’s wrestling like they do on NXT. I know there’s only a handful on the main roster worth anything – A.J., Paige, Emma, Natalya, Naomi, and so on. Alicia, Summer, and Layla can be good too if given the time. The Bella Twins, Cameron, and Eva Marie are useless – always have been, always will be. And if the main roster cannot accommodate this, then these divas must go to NXT where their talents will be used properly.

It’s only barely started to get going in the past couple of months, but it’s only been VERY slow progress. The “Divas Revolution” was a farce. Now that Nikki Bella has been off tv and the rest of the Bella team is in their rightful place of jobber, we’re starting to get somewhere slowly. It’s going to take a lot more to get to where NXT is, though. As NXT is busy having women’s matches as their main events and also having women’s matches that are the best matches of the year, bar none, no doubt about it.

8) Ryback may as well just leave the company, because after what C.M. Punk revealed about him, no fan will support him, and no wrestler should want to face him in the ring.

Still waiting. He won the IC Title in one of the worst Elimination Chamber matches ever and had a bad title reign.

9) Jack Swagger must stop injuring every superior talent he faces. Every time someone in the midcard gets hot and gets pushed, he seems to always manage to injure them somehow. Just ask Dolph Ziggler and Bad News Barrett.

I mean, I guess we succeeded with this. He basically didn’t even exist this entire year so he really didn’t have the opportunity. Still got a U.S. Title match, though, somehow.

10) If Roman Reigns wins the WWE Title at WrestleMania, Seth Rollins must cash in MITB and win the title from him two minutes later.

Even better, Rollins cashed in during the match and won the title without Reigns winning it. Success.

11) Roman Reigns must decline being booked like the next John Cena. He must lose some matches. He must learn to cut promos better. I do not want to hate Roman Reigns. I really don’t. I loved the Shield so much. And sadly, as everyone knew, he got thrust into the main event and is now getting the Cena treatment.

He didn’t always win, but he wasn’t booked well. Well, not until the end of the PPV last Sunday and on Raw Monday. That is how he needs to be booked.

12) Fans must stop chanting C.M. Punk. It’s time to get over it. He’s gone. He’s not coming back. Who could blame him? False fans must also stop calling him a quitter. Fans must especially stop chanting C.M. Punk at A.J. Lee. She likely does not need your help screaming her husband’s name.

Fans have stopped for the most part. A.J. is gone so that’s not relevant.

13) Fans must stop making up bullshit rumors that A.J. is leaving the company after every PPV. She isn’t leaving. Get over it. Stop begging for hits on your website. Fans must also stop hating on A.J. for indeed being the best diva in WWE today. Fans must stop calling her overrated, because anyone who believes that doesn’t know their wrestling history. She is, at this moment, at least the third best diva in WWE history. End of story. (And she’s above Trish, in case you’re wondering.)

Now that A.J. has retired – and not left the company, those are two different things (because these websites said she was “leaving” as in walking out like Punk) – we can safely cement her as one of the best women in wrestling history. End of story. Thankfully Paige, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Becky Lynch, Asuka, Emma, Natalya, Charlotte, Peyton Royce, and Billie Kay are here to not only pick up the slack, but make the women’s division the best it has ever been.

14) Whomever decided that the Bunny is a thing should be fired.

We can only hope this happened.

15) WWE must stop using music from Flo Rida, Florida/Georgia Line, and Whiz Khalifa as if they’re relevant.

Still waiting. Admittedly Kevin Owens powerbombing Machine Gun Kelly off the stage was good.

16) Adam Rose must become Leo Kruger ASAP.

Still waiting.

17) Charlotte – I get it. You are a great wrestler. But you will have to stop looking like your father for me to really care about you. Right now I just see your dad’s face too much in yours and I can only think “Fuck Ric Flair” a lot of the times that I watch you. Sorry.

Charlotte is literally her dad.

18) Paige must return to what her NXT character was, and get off of Total Divas. She deserves so much better. The A.J. vs. Paige feud should start again, and it should be everything it should have been.

Well, her character is in a good place now.

19) The Authority must return. And in doing so, A.J. Lee must face Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania 31 to show what the Stephanie/Brie feud could’ve been if Stephanie’s opponent was a talented wrestler and talker.


20) The Elimination Chamber match must still happen sometime this year despite the PPV not occurring.

It happened.

21) Brock Lesnar must never be WWE Champion again if he’s not going to show up to every show. Unacceptable. And to the people saying him not showing up makes it more of an attraction, this is 2015 – not sometime decades ago when that’s acceptable.

So far, so good.

22) Now that Payback is in a different city this year, WWE has no excuse not to bring Survivor Series or Money in the Bank back to Chicago. Realistically we should hold out for Royal Rumble 2016, though. One of these three PPVs must be here. Also, WWE must stop giving us Holiday House Shows considering their irrelevance.

Still waiting. At this point I’d rather have a Royal Rumble than a Survivor Series

23) Dolph Ziggler must face John Cena, Triple H, or Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31 and win.


24) The next NXT Live Special must be a few days before WrestleMania 31 and it must emanate from the same stadium WM is at.

It didn’t.

25) WWE must hire better doctors that will not diagnose Staph Infections as a fatty deposit

Well, they did get Ryback’s staph infection right. Then they pretended as if their doctor correctly diagnosing it this time was some kind of a feat and not a shot at C.M. Punk.

26) WWE 2K’16 must be a huge improvement to WWE 2K’15 to the point where I actually have to buy it. It must have a better roster. It must allow you to create divas too. Intergender matches must be a thing. C.M. Punk must still be in it. PS4 will also have to allow you to put music on it for custom music again.

Wasn’t much of an improvement.

27) Total Divas must be cancelled, because still, no one watches it.

Still waiting.

28) The Bella Twins, Cameron, Eva Marie, Hornswoggle, The Bunny, Titus O’Neill, and Heath Slater must be fired.

Still waiting.

29) Big Show and Kane must retire.

Still waiting.

30) WWE must make Cesaro relevant.

He’s relevant but they didn’t do anything with him.

31) The Usos and Sheamus must be fixed to the point where I want to watch them.


32) Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose must never become directionless, which is what I’m fearing they are right now.

Well, they’ve got something going at the moment.

33) If Bray Wyatt does face Undertaker at WrestleMania, he must win. Granted, he’s not credible enough for a match with Undertaker – even now that the Streak is over and it’s no longer a big deal – a loss to Undertaker will do him no favors in getting to where he needs to be.


34) Triple H must start taking more control over the main product from Vince. It’s clear that Vince doesn’t know what’s best for the future anymore.

Still needs to happen.

35) If all else fails, all of my favorites must be promoted to NXT so I can enjoy them and ignore the main product.

Didn’t happen.

Alright, so now that that’s over, this is what I want for next year:

1) Pay Per View sets must start being different from Raw and Smackdown sets. These are your special shows, make it seem like them. Also, the crowds in the arenas must not be lit up red or blue anymore. It’s really annoying.

2) WrestleMania must be referred to as WrestleMania 32 and not just WrestleMania. Or I will refer to it as WrestleMania Star.

3) Kevin Owens, Neville, and Dolph Ziggler must have their characters repaired and their credibility restored. Dean Ambrose must also be allowed to be his full self because he’s clearly holding back.

4) Sasha Banks must be pushed as the top star of the women’s division. She must not be used to drag around her burden of a team and must not become some kind of stereotype.

5) They must stop playing the Total Divas theme when showing the women walking to the ring. This is wrestling, not trashy tv.

6) Paige must win the title again, and she must be booked properly. At no point should she ever get seven title matches or more over the course of twelve months and not actually win the title. That’s giving her nothing while appearing to give her something. At no point should she ever be on a losing streak, at no point should she ever lose to weaker opponents. She went from, as a face, not being able to beat the heel who had a heel in her corner because of cheating bullshit, to being a heel and not being able to win because she was a heel, to being a heel facing a heel with a heel in her corner and lost to cheating bullshit again.

7) Now that the real women’s wrestlers are on the main roster, useless to mediocre divas must be removed from the company. It’s time to take out the trash – keep the Bellas, Eva, Cameron, and unless she improves, Naomi, off the television. They can remain on Total Divas if that show must remain, but on the WWE product they must not exist.

8) Roman Reigns must be booked like he was at the end of TLC and on Raw this past Monday.

9) Hell in a Cell and TLC must stop being PPVs.

10) The Bellas, Hornswoggle, Titus O’Neill, Heath Slater, Eva Marie, and R-Truth must be fired.

11) Now that Alberto Del Rio is back in WWE, he must win the World Title in order to lose it to Dolph Ziggler, then get slap another racist and quit again.

12) Now that NXT is finally having a show in Chicago, next December’s Takeover must also be in Chicago.

13) The opening of Raw must not be a 20 minute Authority promo every week.

14) Money in the Bank must not go to people like Sheamus EVER again.

15) King of the Ring must never return unless it’s going to be used to make someone into something.

16) Bayley must debut.

17) If Eva Marie isn’t fired, she must never win the NXT Women’s Title.

18) If they can’t come up with a decent card for WrestleMania, they must allow NXT to run it.

19) Sasha Banks must win the title from Charlotte, change it back to the women’s title, then break Nikki Bella’s record.

20) Charlotte must stop being her father

21) Big Show and Kane must never exist on my tv again

22) PPV themes must be from good bands and not trash

23) Slammys must not be given to hashtags

24) The fact that a show is changing networks in a year must not be used as an excuse to not make that show good until the network change happens ever again

25) Donald Trump must be removed from the Hall of Fame

26) A.J. Lee must be put into the Hall of Fame. Trish and Lita are there, and A.J. is up there in name value and is better than Trish.

27) The Usos must stop being the John Cena of the tag team division.

28) The Lucha Dragons must be pushed. Also Blake and Murphy and Enzo and Cass must be called up.

29) ALL NXT TALENTS MUST BE BOOKED WELL. (Really, all talents must be booked well.)

30), JBL must stop saying that the Bellas think they started the “Divas Revolution” whenever there’s a women’s match that doesn’t even involved the Bellas. Or ever.


32) Machine Gun Kelly is added to the list of music acts WWE must refuse to associate with ever again.

33) New commentary teams are needed. Corey Graves, Renee Young, Tom Philips, among others, need to be used. No more Cole, King, or JBL.

34) If Daniel Bryan is cleared to wrestle, WWE must allow him to do so.

35) The Royal Rumble must be used to give someone who deserves a title shot at WrestleMania a title shot.

36) Bella stans must die a horrible death. Every single one of them.

37) If WWE can get A.J. Styles, Jay Lethal, and/or Austin Aries in NXT, that’s be great. Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin are also acceptable. And Bobby Roode.

38) Better writing, better booking, better stories, less PPVs, less part timers, no older wrestlers beating younger wrestlers (well, no one from the attitude era beating someone from now), no using old starts for rating boosts

39) Dana Brooke and Nia Jax must improve before given the belt.

40) Triple H must take over the booking and creative direction of the show

I think that’s good enough.

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