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The following is a Public Service Announcement brought to you by Seth Rollins’ knee, and Nikki Bella’s undeserved accomplishments.

Seth Rollins and Survivor Series

So, Seth Rollins has injured his knee – torn ACL, MCL, and Meniscus – aka FUCK THAT HURTS – and is out for 6 to 9 months, and he’s vacated the title. It sucks. Hope he has a speedy recovery, but I hope they don’t rush him.

That leaves us with a tournament at Survivor Series for the vacated title. I’ve actually enjoyed the past couple of Raws and was already looking forward to Survivor Series, now I’m even more intrigued. The problem WWE has now is what do they do?

Rollins is hurt. Cena’s gone til December. Orton is hurt for six months. Brock’s gone til December. Bryan is cleared but isn’t cleared.

The #1 contender was Roman Reigns. And I’m not sure how you run with anyone but him. There are few other options.

The options as I see them are: Roman Reigns as a heel, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, or Kevin Owens.

Wyatt’s newfound Undertaker powers could help him gain a title.

Owens can easily run as a dominant champ, NXT has shown that.

Ambrose is Ambrose.

Reigns turning on Ambrose in the finals via Authority assistance a la Survivor Series 98 would be nice. And then Ambrose wins the Rumble and the title at Mania. Rollins is going to be out past Mania – I feel like this is the best possible title scenario for WM.

Other things I’d like to see at Survivor Series:

I still want that Charlotte/Paige match to happen, and I still want a Wyatts vs. Taker, Kane, and ?? 4 on 4 Survivor Series Match. And I’d like a women survivor series match too.

Tournament participants should include Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, Tyler Breeze, Ryback, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Sheamus, Neville, Barrett, Stardust, Jack Swagger, and Chris Jericho if they can get him for a night.

Have Balor win his first match and have Joe cost him the second one. Joe gets DQ’ed in the first round against Owens who antagonized him in NXT and their business never really finished. Breeze beats Dolph in round 2 or 3. Dolph beats Del Rio in round 2. Del Rio beats Swagger in round 1.

PWI Female Top 10

Alas, we’re here again. Nikki Bella gets another undeserved accomplishment. The top of the Women’s top 50 in PWI. And not only is that fucked up, but the whole top ten is pretty fucked up.

The list has Nikki first, Paige second, Sasha third, Gail Kim 5th, Charlotte sixth, Naomi seventh, Bayley 11th, Brie 12th, Sexy Star 13th, Becky Lynch 17th, Natalya 19th, Awesome Kong 21st, Ivelisse 25th, Leva Bates 28th, and Emma 31st.

Those are the ones that I know that are also worth mentioning. (I excluded Brooke and the all potential Beautiful People members because I have nothing to say about them. Alicia Fox was in the 40s somewhere.)

I know PWI puts kayfabe into it, and how WWE positions their talent. But this is completely fucked up. So I’m going to make a somewhat more proper list going off that criteria, and knowing they go August to August.

#1: Sasha Banks. There is no question that Sasha belongs here. While much of this time period was spent in NXT, the developmental show of WWE and not the main programming, there has been a buzz about women’s wrestling in WWE since last year and most of it has come from NXT. Only more recently has this come to the main roster – but even then, only in the past few weeks has WWE picked it up a little on the main roster. So it’s safe to say that, in terms of women’s wrestling, the biggest stage is NXT. And what has Sasha done this year? Well, let’s see – since last August, she has had a career launching feud with Charlotte – let’s not get it twisted, she was great before this feud, but this is where all really begins – there were great matches between the two at Takeover R Evolution and on several episodes of NXT. And then she won the title in the fatal 4 Way at Takeover Rival. After retaining against Charlotte on NXT, and at Takeover Unstoppable she had an amazing match with Becky Lynch and retained. This I think is where she proved to everyone how good she is, because everyone was all like “Well she had great matches with Charlotte, but it’s Charlotte” when they didn’t realize that she was carrying Charlotte the whole time. Charlotte’s great, but of the NXT girls, she’s the clear weakest. Debuts on the main roster, sadly beside Naomi and Tamina who are nowhere near her talent level, makes Nikki tap in her debut. She’s made Nikki tap several times while Nikki was still the champ. And then she loses the title to Bayley at Takeover Brooklyn in the best match of the entire year. The Ironwoman match happened too late to add to the qualifications, but HELLO, she main evented a Takeover special with Bayley in an Ironwoman match.

#2. Charlotte. Personally I want to put Bayley here because of her accomplishments and Paige here out of personal fandom but I can’t. Charlotte reigned as NXT Women’s champion from the beginning of this time period, having a great match with Bayley at Takeover Fatal 4-Way and several on NXT, the matches with Sasha that I mentioned, and lost it at Takeover Rival in the fatal 4 way. After losing her title rematch, she moved into a feud with Dana Brooke and Emma, with Bayley on her side at Takeover Unstoppable. And then she moved up the main roster. Her Divas title win is too late to include, but I do believe she belongs here.

#3. Bayley. Great character throughout the entire time period, although she does need some improvement on the mic. But, great match with Charlotte at Takeover Fatal 4-Way, great showing in the fatal 4-way at Takeover Rival, won alongside Charlotte at Takeover Unstoppable, worked back from a hand injury and beat Emma, Charlotte, and Becky on the road to Takeover Brooklyn to face Sasha to win the title in front of 15K people, NXT’s first arena and biggest crowd, in the best match of the year, in one of the best title victories in all of wrestling history. The 9th best title victory in history, to be exact.  And again, I can’t use the Ironwoman match, but HELLO, she main evented a Takeover special with Sasha in an Ironwoman match. And won.

#4. Nikki Bella. (VOMIT.) I don’t want to put her here. But unfortunately I have to put her here. Really, what has she done besides hold a meaningless title for 301 days? I get it, she was champ all year. So? That belt means nothing. It’s never meant anything. The most it’s ever meant was when A.J. held it for 295 days, but even then it didn’t mean much – A.J.’s opponents weren’t great. You look at what Sasha’s done, and you look at what Nikki’s done, and there’s no comparison. Let’s not forget this is August to August – and that means the god awful Bella-Bella feud is included – yes, one of the worst feuds in wrestling history. She loses a title match at Night of Champions against AJ and Paige, tapping to AJ. Beats Brie at HIAC. Then wins the title at Survivor Series because Brie kissed AJ. Let’s not pretend it was some kind of classic match – let’s remember it was a travesty. She retained at TLC by using hairspray. Lost a pointless tag team match to Paige and Natalya at Rumble. Cheated to retain against Paige at Fast Lane. Lost a useless tag match at Mania – didn’t even defend at Mania. Had to have Brie help her beat Naomi at Extreme Rules – Naomi, who hadn’t even done anything of relevance up until three weeks before that – she had to cheat to win. Lost (or did she win?) a pointless tag match to Naomi and Tamina at Payback. Retained at Chamber against Paige and Naomi. Retained against Paige at MITB by switching. Didn’t compete at Battleground. Lost a pointless tag match at SummerSlam. Didn’t defend her title from July 4th until September 14. Literally the best part of her title reign was the match she lost to Charlotte at Night of Champions, where she admittedly actually impressed me with her ability to work as a heel when she finally committed to her role, but I CAN’T EVEN INCLUDE THAT AS A QUALIFICATION BECAUSE IT’S IN SEPTEMBER. (The latter of which doesn’t count.)  Tell me, how is this worthy of #1? (For more in depth analysis of this title reign: https://mzrc.wordpress.com/2015/09/14/bellageddon-everything-wrong-with-nikki-bellas-title-reign-of-doomtm/) The only reason she even breaks the top five, or even the top ten, is because she had the title. If she didn’t have the title, she wouldn’t be on the list at all. (Well not in the top ten – she’d be on the top 50 somewhere.) So really, #4 is the puppet WWE used to break A.J.’s record. Not Nikki Bella, a puppet.

#5. Paige. I really hate putting her at 5. I really hate putting her below Nikki Bella. Paige is my favorite. I love her the most – I put her and Sasha at an equal level of talent but personal bias makes me love Paige that much more. Anyways – as much as I want to put her higher, I can’t. If she won the title from Nikki sometime this year, maybe she’d be higher. She had five title opportunities or more out of them against Nikki and lost all of them because Nikki cheated in some fashion. But she was champion when the time period started, lost it to A.J. a month later and lost her rematch, didn’t win the Survivor Series match she was in but she was the standout performer, and won three tag matches on PPV against the Bellas (and Team Bad) this year. One was at Mania. So she definitely belongs at 5.

#6. Becky Lynch. I would love to put Becky higher on this list because she’s a great wrestler and I like her at least as much as Bayley. But her accomplishments in this time span were really limited to an amazing match with Sasha at Takeover Unstoppable where she got a standing ovation despite losing and the fans sang her song at her, and debuting on the main roster and winning at SummerSlam.

#7. A.J. Lee. WHOA hold on there, I know what you’re saying – SHE RETIRED AND WAS INJURED. Yea. But let’s not forget that she lost the title to Paige at SummerSlam, won it back at Night of Champions, retained versus Paige at Hell in a Cell, lost it to Nikki in a sham of a match at Survivor Series, and lost her rematch because Nikki cheated at TLC before leaving from injury. Then returned and won her tag match at Mania against the Bellas alongside Paige, then won another tag match the next night on Raw before retiring. That’s certainly enough to make #7 on this list – I mean, fuck, on the real list they put Naomi in this spot AND NAOMI DID LITERALLY NOTHING. LIKE WHAT DID NAOMI DO? TAKE WHAT WAS GOING TO BE A.J.’s HEEL TURN AFTER PAIGE WENT TO DO A MOVIE AND A.J. RETIRED, THEN LOST TO NIKKI ON PPV, GAINED A.J.’S OLD BODYGUARD AS A TAG PARTNER AND WON ONE TAG MATCH ON PPV BEFORE LOSING IN A TITLE MATCH AT CHAMBER? LOSING AT SUMMERSLAM TOO? NAOMI ALREADY TOOK A.J.’S HEEL TURN AND BODYGUARD, WHY NOT HER SPOT IN THE TOP 50 TOO????? WINNING ONE TAG MATCH ON PPV DOESN’T MAKE YOU THE 7TH BEST WOMEN’S WRESTLER IN THE WORLD. IT MAKES YOU DENNIS RODMAN.

#8. Ivelisse. While NXT is the biggest stage women’s wrestling has made a buzz in, Lucha Underground has been the absolute best wrestling in the world on a weekly basis from last October to August of this year, easily fitting into this entire time period. While they only have a few female competitors, they make up for that by having them wrestle men, just like most of the women on this list could do as well. I mean, Sasha and Bayley and Paige are better than at least half of their male counterparts. But anyways, Ivelisse starts alongside Son of Havoc, and while they don’t really win any matches, once Angelico gets thrown into the mix, they make for some fun tv. And then they become a trios team and they make the finals, and then they win the triple threat trios elimination tag match and think they’ve won the titles. That is until Dario Cueto brings out his handpicked team to face them for the titles in a No DQ match, that team being the Crew. And after Angelico loses his mind and dives off of Cueto’s office and takes some of them down who are going after Ivelisse who injured her leg in this match, they win the trios titles after all in one of the best moments of the season. They then have a ladder match with the Crew and retain the titles after Ivelisse gets the titles despite her injured leg. And then they lose them at UltimaLucha, Ivelisse still injured, to the Disciples of Death because Catrina hit her on the head with a rock.

#9. Sexy Star. Lucha Underground’s other main female competitor. While she’s had more matches than Ivelisse, her biggest accomplishment is definitely the win over Pentagon, Jr. She’s had numerous matches – ones with Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Ivelisse with Chavo as a tag partner, Pentagon Jr., Super Fly, Marty the Moth, Big Ryck, and so on. She was in the Gift of the Gods Match at UltimaLucha but did not win.

#10. Emma, Blue Pants, and Alexa Bliss. Because why not?

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