I really don’t know how I feel this show right now. I’m fine with the results, and there were some interesting takeaways from the show – but there’s really nothing memorable about this show. I’m not going to be talking about anything on this show a month from now.

John Cena’s U.S. Title Open Challenge was first. And I’m ready for someone new like Samoa Joe or Finn Balor or a returning Daniel Bryan or even just Dean Ambrose would’ve sufficed. But then Zeb Colter comes out and i’m like great, it’s Jack Fucking Swagger. But then it’s Alberto Fucking Del Rio coming back because apparently Lucha Underground wasn’t good enough for him or something and everything just took a turn for the worst. I guess it’s better than Swagger but I’ve never given two shits about Del Rio in WWE and I barely liked him in Lucha Underground either. The match was alright, I guess, but I was just taken out of it from immediate disinterest. Del Rio won clean with one of his pointless kicks which never should’ve taken the title from Dolph at Payback 2013.

Rating: **1/2

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt inside the Cell was easily the best match of the show. Nice back and forth match with both taking bumps through tables, kendo sticks, and chairs. The chair set up in the cage wall was amusing. Reigns won after no interference so I believe this is all done. That’s fine with me.

Rating: ***1/2

Dudleyz vs. New Day for the tag titles, I honestly didn’t pay much attention to. There was some spot where Kofi tossed Bubba the trombone and pretended Bubba hit him with it, the old Eddie Guerrero spot. But Big E took Bubba out with the trombone when they were going for the 3D, which allowed Kofi to hit the Trouble in Paradise on him for the win.

Rating: **

Charlotte retained the WWE Second Rate Women’s Championship against Nikki Bella in a match I was too busy hating everything commentary had to say to pay much attention to.

Rating: *1/2

Seth Rollins defeated Kane to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and no one cared.

Rating: *1/2

Kevin Owens defeated Ryback to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship so hurray.

Rating: **

Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar in the Cell was about everything we’ve already seen from them plus a couple of tosses into the cell wall, a lot of blood, doctors trying to wipe their blood off, and a torn off ring mat. Lesnar wins and it’s over. Wyatts take Undertaker away to end the show, which was one of only a few interesting parts of the show.

Rating: **1/2

Nothing on this show worth recommending anyone to go check out. A couple of talking points but nothing memorable.

Overall Grade: C-

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