Tonight’s NXT Takeover is in the books, and yet again it’s another very good show. All of the matches were good, but, I will say I would’ve made some different decisions than what was made on it.

The first match was Finn Balor and Samoa Joe vs. Dash and Dawson which was very enjoyable. I thought it was going to be quick as Balor seemed ready to hit the Coup De Grace before he was knocked down. From then it was Dash and Dawson taking out the knee of Finn, cutting off the ring and not allowing him to get to his partner. Naturally he does eventually and Joe cleans house, and while Balor still has a bum knee, he hits the Coup De Grace after the Muscle Buster and it was done.

The second match was Jason Jordan and Chad Gable vs. Baron Corbin and Rhyno, which was also good. Jordan and Gable were both able to almost manhandle Corbin a bit which was a bit of a surprise. But my problem was that Jordan and Gable didn’t win, whom I thought really should have won the tournament. Sure, the end of days out of the tornado DDT was nice, but I wanted Jordan and Gable to win. I don’t really see what a tournament win for Corbin and Rhyno would’ve done for them – except maybe keeping them a team and keeping Corbin in at bursts, so that the weaknesses he does have aren’t exposed. He did turn a corner with me last Takeover, but it’s still a good idea.

Next was Asuka vs. Dana Brooke, which was more like the elongated destruction of Dana Brooke. Asuka reminded me more of a UFC fighter because of all her strikes – I’m not sure I’ve seen a woman wrestler hit strikes quite like it. And she used an array of submissions too.

Tyler Breeze vs. Apollo Crews was a very good match – definitely the best of Crews’ short NXT career so far. But I really would’ve had Breeze go over here even despite that. Breeze really needs somewhere to go and losing isn’t it. I did like the new powerbomb finisher of Crews though.

Finn Balor and Samoa Joe vs. Baron Corbin and Rhyno was also good, but my ideal way of the Balor/Joe split wasn’t possible because Corbin and Rhyno being their opponents killed that. I felt they didn’t make this tournament to give it to Corbin and Rhyno, so I knew the faces were winning. I didn’t mind the knee injury angle – it’s an easy way to go with tension between the two after it’s all over if they lose because of it. But that’s not it. They’d already had Joe make mentions of Finn’s title leading up to this, and I kind of would’ve liked to see Joe get so caught up in winning this match that he goes and grabs the NXT Title and tries to hit an opponent with it, Finn tries to stop him but Joe ends up knocking Finn out with it by mistake, leading to the loss. And their story could go from there. But Balor and Joe win after Muscle Buster and Coup De Grace, and no turn was done in the celebration. But I feel like that was because it was done to honor Dusty – if it was just a tournament for a tournament’s sake, I’m sure there’d be a turn. But since it was for Dusty it didn’t happen.

And finally, Sasha Banks vs. Bayley for the NXT Women’s Championship in a 30 Minute Ironwoman match. It was awesome. Now, it wasn’t as amazing as their first match which I expected in terms of the whole, overall story of Bayley winning the title. But it was amazing in different ways. I kind of didn’t like the beginning because the clock ran for two minutes while the crowd just chanted that it was awesome. And the cover after cover part in the beginning was iffy. But once it got going it was great. I loved Sasha really heeling it up and making Bayley Superfan Izzy cry. It was great. Both of them got two falls and then Bayley got a submission win with three seconds left to retain the title. I don’t like how they end Ironman/Ironwoman matches like that, though. I wanted overtime. But it was great, go watch it!

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