I must say, I’m surprised. I went into this show with little interest for the show and I come out of it for the most part, completely happy. Nothing on this show angered me, which is an astonishing feat.

The preshow match between Neville and the Lucha Dragons and the Cosmic Wasteland was fun, which I expected. I’m happy that Cosmic Wasteland got the win. But that’s all there is to say.

The first match was Ryback defending the Intercontinental Championship against Kevin Owens in a solid match. Most of the match was Owens focusing on the left arm of Ryback with Ryback trying to power out of submissions. After a comeback, Ryback tries to Shellshock Owens but gets his eyes raked and Owens rolls him up for the win. New Intercontinental Champion, Kevin Owens!

Rating: **1/2

Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev was a solid match, better than I expected. Ziggler won, which was kind of weird to me. As a Dolph fan, of course that makes me happy. But I do think with Lana gone, heat for Rusev would be better than for a random win for Dolph when I doubt Dolph’s going to go anywhere which is still sad.

Rating: **1/2

New Day retained the WWE World Tag Team Championship against the Dudley Boys via DQ in an otherwise good match. I love Xavier and his trombone. It’s hilarious. And I’m loving seeing the Dudleys back again. I don’t have an issue with the DQ as I expected it, but it seemed a little easy. Woods just came in and broke up the pin which was almost expected. But I’ll take it, as the title win will come back. And then Woods got 3D’d through a table.

Rating: **1/2

Charlotte then defeated the Wicked Witch Nikki Bella to win the WWE Second Rate Women’s Championship, ending everyone’s collective energy and making Bella fans so sad that they’ve all started cutting themselves. Not kidding, they really are. These are the types of people they are. This is why people look down on wrestling. I told you all that these people are gross. I am drinking all of your tears, Bella fans – I hope you go to sleep knowing your pathetic little piece of trash idol will NEVER hold a championship again. Her time is done. And like I said, the title reign ending five days after she broke the record is absolute proof that Nikki was indeed just the puppet WWE used to break A.J.’s title reign. Knowing that she was indeed just a vessel is all I need to know, and as far as the world is concerned, A.J. is still the longest reigning champ. The record books say otherwise, but intelligent fans can see Nikki was just a puppet they were using to break it, and that in fact this is not really a true accomplishment for Nikki so much as WWE just being a spiteful, vengeful son of a bitch. Anyways, the match was fine. In fact, credit where it’s due, Nikki remembered how to be a heel and got the crowd to boo her like a heel should, constantly working the leg of Charlotte and getting the crowd behind Charlotte. But Charlotte ended up tapping Nikki out like the bitch that she is and our agony is over! And now that Charlotte has won Paige’s title for her, let’s hope Paige turns heel and goes for her title.

Rating: **1/2

Next was the Wyatt Family defeating Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and mystery partner Chris f’ing Jericho in a good match. I just had a feeling it was Jericho literally ten seconds before the countdown started and I was right! Also wtf is it with these fans jumping the barrier during all of the former Shield member entrances? The hell. I’ve been into the Wyatts again since SummerSlam and I was happy that they continued the monster booking of Strowman. The Wyatts working over Roman seemed rather aggressive to me and I enjoyed that. In the end, Jericho steals a tag and hits a Lionsault on Strowman, but it ended with Strowman hitting his finisher on Jericho and putting him in the submission he does, and Jericho passes out for a Wyatt win. After the match, Ambrose and Reigns aren’t happy with Jericho, who walks away and bumping into Ambrose on the way. This makes me wonder if Jericho is staying around.

Rating: ***

Seth Rollins’ first match of the night was defending the WWE U.S. Championship against John Cena in a good match. I would’ve liked this match to be longer, to be honest. I felt it ended kind of abruptly – Cena winning was fine, but it was just a little abrupt. I want the open challenges back so that’s good. But I just felt it was a little too short. I would like to see them go all out against each other but I just feel like they’ve held back in both matches. Nonetheless, it was very good.

Rating: ***1/2

And finally, Seth Rollins defeated Sting in an alright match to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The booking of the made sense – Rollins was running in the beginning since it was a first match – and then he pushed Sting off one announce table and he fell through the other one, which put Sting at basically the same level of hurt as Rollins so it was even. Sting eventually shoves Rollins off the top rope and the bump Rollins took was ridiculous. After Sting took a Buckle Bomb, though, the match took a dive, as you could see Sting was legit hurt. The doctors had to come in before they continued. A couple of Scorpion Death Locks and a roll up later, Rollins retains the belt and it’s done.

Rating: **1/2

The worst part of the show was the post match when Sheamus tried to cash in, only for Kane to show up in a mask and take out Rollins and Sheamus. Hurray no Sheamus cash in, boo Kane Rollins feud.

Overall, outside of the end, I enjoyed the entire show. It wasn’t perfect or anything – some things could’ve been done better. But I’m happy.

Overall grade: B (I’m going to use letter grades now instead of stars because I think it’s a little clearer.)

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