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It’s sad that this needs to be done – it really is. Quite frankly, WWE has driven me to this. They can think the Bellas are all that all they want and that one of them deserves a title reign of 300 days, but to any normal fan, we know better. So, while I’ve already written a comparison post between this title reign and A.J.’s (Found here: “295 > 227 + X” https://mzrc.wordpress.com/2015/07/10/295-227x/), I feel it’s my duty as a fan of actual wrestling to tear this thing to shreds, like any good fan should.

So I present to you, Bellageddon. Name taken in part from a Youtuber I watch who has made videos entitled Cenapocalypse and Naomageddon, although recently he claimed Bella hating is “trendy” even though it is completely warranted. Cena hate and Roman Reigns hate is trendy.

Like my WrestleMania 31 predictions, this is another post that’s supposed to be like a Cinema Sins video, only this time I’m actually going to count the sins. Now it’s not going to be anywhere near as high as those videos get, but we’ll get them as high as possible. I think we’re going to go in chronological order from the beginning of the title reign until now, with anything I can think of thrown in. If you’ve read the 295 > 227 + X post you’ll see some repetition, but that’s kind of necessary.

Before you read, please watch the following video, and when the guy says “Armageddon,” hear “Bellageddon” instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imowsl1i0_s

1. Her title win. Does anyone even remember it, firstly? I feel like, whenever I hear someone talk about how bad her title reign is, that they don’t even remember how this piece of shit started. We’d just come off the Bella/Bella feud which was akin to torture to anyone who has even the lowest of standards, which stole time from what should have been the best women’s feud in many years of A.J. vs. Paige. Instead of running with a feud that fans were clamoring for, they squashed it and went with A.J., the champion at the time, against Nikki, who was dragging Brie around as her slave for a month because she won their match. So Brie’s month as Nikki’s slave was up at Survivor Series, so those of sound mind know that means “Oh, Brie will cost Nikki the match and continue the feud.” Granted, no one wanted the feud to continue, but it made sense at the time. And then when it came time for the match, Brie gets up on the apron immediately, kisses A.J. for some reason, alluding to her husband’s 18 second loss at WrestleMania 28, and Nikki hits her weak ass forearm that we’re supposed to believe is devastating and her finisher that’s named after her boobs and wins the title in less than a minute to absolute silence from the fans. I mean, seriously, crickets. You jobbed out your most popular woman in at least seven years in a 30 second match, making her look stupid. You don’t treat the hottest commodity on your main roster’s women’s division like that – you just don’t. Not without burning some bridges, anyway. All of it was clearly some kind of punishment for her being married to a man who walked out on the company. If she’s going to win the match, that’s fine. Just win it in normal fashion. But in fact, Nikki has never beaten A.J. clean in a real match, so no Bella fan can legitimately claim Nikki is better to begin with. If they were serious about making Nikki into something, at least have them have a good match and have Nikki win without cheating. Actually make her look good, you know? This only makes it seem like she can only beat the third greatest diva of all time by cheating. I understand she’s a heel, but that doesn’t mean she has to look bad in victory. That’s something that’s been plaguing WWE’s heels for years, though. That’s not Nikki’s fault, that’s the way they book.

2. Shortly into the reign, and after Nikki retained at TLC against A.J. by using hairspray, A.J. left due to injury, forcing WWE to turn Paige face. And Paige’s first of many title shots against Nikki this year was on Main Event on January 6th. Obviously no one expected a title change on Main Event – I haven’t seen the match, but I’ve heard about it. I heard it was really good. And then I read people on Twitter saying that Nikki “carried” Paige to a good match. Yes, people actually said that. I realize Bella fans are young teenagers that don’t actually know anything about wrestling, and it’s really hysterical to see them try to use wrestling lingo at a time in their life that they don’t know what it actually means. You see, kids, to “carry” someone in wrestling is when a good wrestler helps a less talented wrestler along and the result is a good, enjoyable match. Seems simple enough to understand, but their usage of it is wrong. Paige, the inarguable superior wrestler in the match (Already the fourth best women’s wrestler in WWE of all time, just behind A.J.), would have to have carried Nikki (a mediocre heel at best) to a good match. It also proves that Paige could have a good match with a broomstick. It may have been Nikki’s best match of her career like some said it was – it’s not a difficult thing for her to do to. She’s had so many bad ones that even having a mediocre match is like her having the best match of her career. Meanwhile, for Paige, it was just Tuesday. Wrestling lingo lesson over.

3. Tag Team Matches at Pay Per Views. Like, why has this even been a thing? There’s been three times that they’ve had a tag team match – wait, actually, that’s four now after SummerSlam – instead of actually, you know, defending the title. A title needs to be defended at every PPV. No excuses. That’s another thing that’s wrong with WWE’s booking as a whole. Royal Rumble vs. Paige and Natalya, WrestleMania vs. AJ and Paige, Payback vs. Naomi and Tamina, and the Triple Trios Tag at SummerSlam. That’s ridiculous. We want title matches. We don’t want random tag matches that belong on Raw. A tag team match isn’t some kind of vanguard for a title match several weeks later. Even if we accept the belief that you must find a partner to beat the team of the Bellas to get to a title match afterwards, which is ludicrous in its own right (If you have to find a partner to beat them, and do, then why doesn’t your partner ALSO get a title match? I don’t understand. Also, if these teams are always beating the Bellas as a team, but Nikki continuously wins the title match, shouldn’t Nikki kick Brie to the curb and get a better partner to help? Because clearly that’d mean there’s something wrong with Brie’s involvement.), that still belongs on Raw in the weeks before the PPV. Nobody pays to watch a show to watch a tag match with a predictable outcome that, in the end, is completely meaningless. Four of them. You have to wonder how far back they decided she’s getting the longest title reign, because it’s been protected for quite some time now. The only one that was acceptable was the WM31 match because that made some sense.

4. Naomi – WWE Canon version. After WrestleMania, AJ, Paige, and Naomi beat the Bellas and Natalya in a good tag team match, with Naomi getting the final pin. You didn’t think anything of it until she got the winning pin the following Smackdown and won her match on Raw the following Monday, so all of a sudden she was getting pushed. People were confused until A.J. retired to everyone who likes wrestling’s dismay and to everyone who pretends to like wrestling’s joy, and Paige got cast in a WWE film because reasons. Paige won a #1 Contender’s Battle Royal for Extreme Rules, but Naomi took her out, turned heel, and got a title match at Extreme Rules. The story is now between Paige and Naomi and Nikki’s just hanging around with the belt for no real reason. Nikki’s the third wheel that no longer belongs in the story. The correct way to book this storyline is Naomi wins the title and when Paige returns, she chases Naomi for the belt and she gets it back maybe at SummerSlam, finally. It seemed like WWE was finally doing something intelligent and building a new character, so certainly they’d do the logical thing and run with the one new thing they created in the division since Paige, right? Wrong. Nikki still wins and Naomi is immediately irrelevant again. So much for proper storyline progression.

5. Naomi – Reality version. So, anyone with a brain can clearly see that Naomi got this push because AJ left and Paige went to film the movie. Otherwise she’d still be in obscurity. She got what was clearly AJ’s spot – clearly AJ was set to turn heel on Paige, take her spot in the title match, and if she’d been in the title match, there is absolutely no doubt that AJ was going to win her belt back. That’s right – part of why Nikki’s reign has been so long is because AJ left, otherwise it would’ve ended here. One obvious reason they didn’t pull the trigger with Naomi is that she’s unproven and they weren’t sure with hotshotting the belt onto her so quickly even though the storyline called for it. Obviously if it was AJ, a proven commodity and talent, things would’ve been different. And you can tell it was supposed to go to AJ too for a couple other reasons – you can see that after AJ left, they were scrambling to put any kind of story they were capable of on tv when they really had nothing, and shortly Naomi was joined by who? AJ’s old bodyguard, Tamina. Clearly it was AJ’s spot. So part of why AJ’s reign will be broken is indeed because she left, otherwise she would’ve ended the reign herself. (Keep in mind that the only reason AJ’s reign ended was because she decided to leave to attend to some personal life matters, and if she stayed, it would not have ended at 295 days either.)

6. Triple Threat Match logic. Paige vs. Naomi vs. Nikki happened shortly after Paige returned at Elimination Chamber. Despite all signs showing that logically there had to be a new champion, Nikki retained again. WWE went against its own logic to keep protecting Nikki’s title reign. When there’s a triple threat match, if there are two faces and one heel, the heel wins. When there’s two heels and one face, the face wins. That’s how they work. Just look at almost every triple threat match in recent memory. (Punk vs. Cena vs. Ryback, Ryback vs. Big Show vs. Miz, Bryan vs. Batista vs. Orton, and many others. Brock/Cena/Rollins is an exception.) There’s two heels here and a heel wins. I don’t understand. And once again, the story is between Paige and Naomi – Nikki’s just kind of there. How do you keep the title on Nikki when the only story in the entire division no longer involves her?

7. Winning matches in ways that don’t even logically make sense. How in 2015 is “twin magic” even possible? They’ve been in the company for basically eight years, and this act got stale in 2008. How is an act that got stale 7 years ago still happening today? How do they think it’s an acceptable dirty finish of a match? First it happened the Raw after Elimination Chamber against Paige in a title match, then at Money in the Bank in an even more ridiculous fashion. After it happened the first time, it becomes completely unacceptable for the next time less than two weeks later. What’s more is that Paige still pinned Brie when it happened, and they gave her the belt and her music played. Then Brie showed to the ref that Paige pinned her and not Nikki, and Nikki hits a finisher and wins. This is fucked up for multiple reasons. First, Brie being in the match is a disqualification and the ref, after finding out it was her, would have to call the match Paige via DQ, and Paige would get another shot. Second, the ref never physically restarted the match, so the pinfall Nikki got over Paige afterwards doesn’t even count. And since the match never restarted, the match is still called in favor of Paige, the divas champion as of Money in the Bank. You can’t even argue that. Not only is this act old, stale, and boring, it’s not even physically possible. I needn’t explain that Nikki’s had some work done that makes it impossible for someone to mix her and Brie up – I mean, the fans can physically see that. The referees have to know that as well, and if they ever screw that up, they must be fired on the spot because clearly their vision is not good enough to be a paid official.

8. Staying champion when there’s literally nothing left for you to do with the title. By this time, Nikki has been champion for eight months with literally nothing left to do with the title. All of her potential challengers had been beaten by mid-July. A.J. retired. Naomi was built up, chewed up and spat out. Paige has had title match after title match and she’s lost all of them – three or four of them lost due to cheating/interference. She still hasn’t gotten a rematch from Money in the Bank for a title that’s actually hers. (The first of two times Nikki has actually already lost the title despite her holding onto it and them continuing to think that she’s champion.) So Paige keeps trying. And trying. And trying some more. Why? Because there’s literally no one on the main roster for Nikki to fight. The only person they had tried to build was Naomi and they decided “Fuck that.” That’s not Nikki’s fault, in fairness – that’s WWE’s fault for not actually building a division. That’s them having just a few girls who actually do things, and then a handful of others who just kind of exist. You could have at least built up Natalya a bit and have her face Nikki at some point. People know who Natalya is. Once you run out of opponents, you HAVE to lose the belt. A.J. had a long title reign, yes – but A.J. had opponents. She had literally everyone in the division to face. Her title reign made sense. She had Kaitlyn at the beginning, and then the entire cast of Total Divas, and then even every woman on the roster at WrestleMania. And then, when she had literally no opponents left (except for perhaps Emma if they’d wanted to do that, but Emma was treated as a joke) she lost the belt immediately to a new challenger. How is that not true here? How is the title not on Paige just simply because it has to be at this point? The belt should be on Paige and they should’ve been building challengers for her. Naomi, Natalya, Emma…..There were options for Paige as champion. Nikki, not so much, barring one thing, but I’ll get to that next. Might as well.

9. Perhaps the biggest oversight and most glaring error in this story, Brie. Why, after all this time, is Brie still on Nikki’s side? After the entire terrible storyline last year, and then Brie being Nikki’s slave for a month, only to join her – why is that still the case. If she had any kind of character arc/development, the anger and the pain from those few months should still be festering inside of her. Nikki should still be mistreating her throughout her title reign, and in a way she kind of is (the way they keep losing tag matches because of Brie and so on), and the crowd should be sympathizing with her. (Well, whether they would or not, I can’t tell you – most crowds don’t like them.) The longer the title reign has gone on, the more Brie should be hating Nikki for what she’d done to her and the more she should want to be the one to dethrone the evil witch and take her belt, before Nikki can say she’s the longest reigning champion. She should really want to take away her sister’s biggest accomplishment as revenge. I don’t know if a crowd would buy into it, and I wouldn’t even want to see it, but that’s a glaring plothole in all of this. (And also, good God, why is Brie allowed to sit at ringside for Nikki’s matches, screaming “Come on Nikki!” making the entire audience want to kill themselves?

10. The Divas Revolution. Finally, WWE did what was necessary and called up three of the four horsewomen of NXT, Sasha, Becky, and Charlotte. And the night they debuted was amazing – despite the fact that WWE should have done it the week prior so I could’ve been there live to watch it. You know, the logical thing to do. Anyways. Everyone was excited, thinking they were finally going to change things. We were wrong. Since this is a recent topic, I’m going to put an abridged version of my SummerSlam predictions to discuss how it’s not succeeded so far.

“This divas revolution? Yea, it doesn’t actually exist. It’s failed. Yes, Sasha, Becky, and Charlotte are up from NXT. Yes, they’re having two segments on each show. But what is this revolution about? Change, right? What’s changed, really? Five weeks in, and it’s just everyone having random matches. Which is what they were basically doing before then. Sure, there’s some more spotlight on them, and they’re getting a couple of segments now, but where’s the real rivalry? Where’s the personal issues? I mean, this is SummerSlam. This should be a title match. The revolution is about change but there’s no change happening. If it’s about change, then it’s about getting the title off of Nikki and onto someone who deserves to have it. They’re spinning their wheels at this point/stalling for time. They’re literally throwing this “revolution” at us to distract us while Nikki breaks A.J.’s title reign. This revolution is about CHANGE. But they can’t let us have change until someone else can be called “longest reigning champ.” They are literally handing Nikki this because they are petty, pathetic pieces of trash. WWE should know better than to feed into Bella Twins fans’ insane notion that a Bella Twin could ever be better than AJ Lee was – they have absolutely nothing to stand on until Nikki breaks the reign, even though Nikki’s reign could last 600 days and it still wouldn’t be anywhere near as memorable, meaningful, or historic. People loved A.J.’s title reign, people are in agony during Nikki’s. The fact that this isn’t a title match is absolute bullshit.”

No personal issues. Just tag match after tag match. No title matches. No character development. Just three new girls that the audience of the main product that doesn’t watch NXT has no idea who they are. Another of WWE’s biggest problems is that half the audience doesn’t even know who half the people even are. They don’t know people’s characters because they don’t give half the people time to show who their character is. And then they bring up three girls who only a percentage of the crowd knows, so those people will pop, but the rest of them are just like “Who the hell are these girls?” (The main audience is accustomed to divas matches being piss breaks, and just because some new girls show up and Stephanie McMahon tells them that they should start caring, they’re not going to do that until you show them in your booking why they should start caring.) And then they try to push these three new girls as parts of two different trio teams, giving none of them that much time to show the rest of the crowd who they are because by the time they get started, they have to tag out to someone else. How many of them have even had mic time? And glaring errors in judgment like, just this past week they made it seem like Paige was capable of beating Sasha in under a minute and forty seconds when Bayley could barely do it in fifteen. (That’s not a knock on Bayley, that’s a “it takes Sasha more than two minutes to be beaten.”)

And another reason it’s failing is that the Bellas just can’t hang with the new girls. Neither can Naomi or Tamina, for that matter. It’s no doubt Nikki’s improved in the ring since she’s started in the business, but these girls are miles and miles above her. Even the weakest of the three, Charlotte, is so far above them. I mean, I know WWE’s going to have a hard on for her because of her last name, and she is really good – I’m not saying she isn’t – but a lot of people have some kind of delusion that she is the best of the four horsewomen when in all honesty, she’s at the bottom of the totem pole. Sasha is the best of the four, no questions about it. Bayley just jumped over Becky in my opinion from her match with Sasha, but my opinion on which one is better will probably change often. And Charlotte’s great but the others are clearly better. And Paige is tied with Sasha at the top. But the fans can see easily just how much better all five of these girls are than the rest of them, and there’s really no competition. These girls losing to the Bellas or any of the main roster girls just isn’t believable unless there’s cheating.

And then there’s Nikki claiming that she started the whole Revolution thing. Lol, no. First off, the whole revolution thing is just a tagline they want people to use. It’s just another buzzword. This started with women like A.J. Lee, Paige, and mostly the women in NXT. A.J. because she showed everyone, in a time when no one gave a damn about women’s wrestling, that it’s indeed possible for a woman to be one of the most popular stars in the company. Paige can mostly be thrown into the women from NXT category, but she was only on the first Takeover. Most of the buzz is from the women on NXT who has characters, stories, rivalries, and matches that were billed as main events and given time, proving that, if booked correctly, they are as much a commodity as the men. And in honesty, the last three women’s matches at Takeovers have all made me cry. NXT has led me down a path to enjoying women’s wrestling possibly even more than men’s. Maybe it’s because an amazing women’s division is maybe the one thing WWE has almost never had in the time I’ve been watching, at least. Sure there were the Litas and Trishes back in the day, but still half the division were models. And now that I’ve seen something in this company that I’ve basically never seen before, that’s what I’m watching for most. And you see what’s happening on NXT, and then when three of them come to the main roster, you see how much people don’t care because of how mediocrely it’s been booked, and it’s disappointing. Seriously, how are the people who write NXT not writing Raw? It’s really mindblowing at this point.

11. Lack of title defenses. The day I’m writing this part of the post (it’s being written over the course of multiple days) is September 4th. The last time Nikki has defended the title? July 4th. Two FULL months have gone by now. You’re aware of the rule WWE has that a title MUST be defended every 30 days? Yea, we’re waiting. It hasn’t happened, so Nikki isn’t even legitimately the champion anymore. It hasn’t been defended in a 30 day time period, so it’s supposed to be stripped off of her. In fact, it should have happened twice now. That’s the second way she lost her belt yet they keep carrying on as if she’s the champion. She should have defended the title at Battleground against Paige (and lost), and at SummerSlam against Charlotte and Sasha (and lost.)

12. Mentioning that she’s going to be the longest reigning champion and nobody doing anything about that. Now that we’re past SummerSlam, if she doesn’t defend until Night of Champions Nikki becomes the longest reigning champion. And the way they’re doing it, as of this writing, is not a way that anyone should accept. She, as a heel, shouldn’t be able to announce that in three weeks she’ll become the longest reigning champion and just get away with it. That’s a huge accomplishment for anyone to achieve. And if she’s going to become that, she needs to earn it. She can’t just be allowed to get it by default. I’m not saying I’ll be happy with it, but she at least needs to defend the thing once between now and that night so there’s a chance she’ll lose the thing beforehand. Now, we know that won’t happen, but for the story to make any kind of sense, it basically has to happen. Realistically she should have to defend it on every show between now and then. We know she’s going to get that accolade, but just make sure to do it right. No one should be able to put a countdown on the titantron just for funsies. If she doesn’t defend, the countdown isn’t relevant. You can just call her the longest reigning champion now. We know she’s just going to lose it five days later at the PPV. (As of this writing, there’s a good chance she will have to defend the night before she breaks it.)

13. She’s just a vessel. She’s not becoming the longest reigning champion based on merit. She’s not getting it because she deserves it. She’s just the puppet WWE is playing with to use to break A.J.’s record. Everyone knows that. They could be doing it with anyone. They’re just choosing to use Nikki Bella. It could’ve been Paige. It could’ve been Brie. It could’ve been literally anyone. Nikki is just the vessel they are using to break A.J.’s reign because she left the company, leaving their post WM-plans in shambles, and because she’s married to C.M. Punk. If she wasn’t married to Punk, this wouldn’t even be happening. They wouldn’t care just that A.J. retired. But they’re vengeful, spiteful, sorry sons of bitches. They’re still upset over Punk leaving and they think Punk and AJ would even care that they’re trying to get back at them through Nikki Bella breaking A.J.’s title reign. News flash – they give zero fucks. They aren’t even paying attention. And in trying to wipe A.J. from history and take any kind of spotlight off of them, all WWE is doing is shining a bigger spotlight on A.J. than ever because every fan knows why this is happening. The real fans of this business are NOT stupid. They know why things happen in WWE. And even when Nikki breaks the record, that doesn’t mean A.J.’s wiped from history. She’s still the second longest reigning champion. She’s still held the belt more combined days than anyone in the company, and Nikki’s coming nowhere close to that even when she does break the record. A.J. held the title over a combined 400+ days. Nikki’s not going to reach even 315. A.J.’s defended the belt successfully at WrestleMania against the entire roster. Nikki hasn’t won a WrestleMania match since at least the Bellas’ first run in the company, and maybe not even at all. Even if she did it was in a meaningless multi-diva match no one cared about. A.J.’s a future hall of famer. Nikki and Brie, not so much. A.J. became one of the most popular women in WWE history. The Bellas can only dream of being that popular on their own – sure, Brie gets a good pop if she mimics her husband’s shtick, but never on her own merits. Nikki can’t even do that because most people hate Cena. All it’s boiled down to, really, is that Nikki is the John Cena of the women’s division. That’s inarguable. Everyone’s just sitting here and waiting for storylines and character development and rivalries while WWE is like #NikkiWinsLOL.

14. How she’s going to lose it. The way she’s going to lose is just too predictable. Barring unforeseen circumstances where she actually does lose the Raw before Night of Champions, which I don’t see happening despite there being a small chance, she’s going to lose it five days after she breaks the record. Everyone can see that coming. That in itself is so unbelievably stupid. It only shows even more how petty WWE is, because that will make it even more glaringly obvious that this was done solely to break the record. I have to imagine WWE knows that A.J. fans and Bella fans hate each other, and one fanbase is going to hate the company after it’s all over. Either A.J. fans will because the record was broken, or Bella fans will because the record wasn’t broken. Logically, why not have Charlotte win the night before she breaks it? That way Nikki will tie the record, they can still call her the longest reigning champion because she will be (meanwhile real wrestling fans will cringe when they say it), and A.J. fans can be happy that the record isn’t broken. (And know that A.J.’s reign is better no matter what WWE would have you believe.) But what most people can see coming is that Charlotte will have the match won, Paige will turn heel and cost her the belt, and then Paige will win the title at Night of Champions after all of this time trying to win it over and over. And while I’d be happy Paige is champion, I don’t think I could stop myself from being mad at her for real from stopping the title reign from breaking the record. And it won’t even make sense for her character. She wants change. She wants the title reign to end. Why would she logically stop it even if it’s not her doing it? And that’d make the entire division have two faces and seven heels. If they’re going to break the record, they might as well run with it and build an actual story so that when she loses the title, it means something. Sure, if she loses at NOC, we’ll all rejoice that the pain is finally over, but will it really be a big moment? Instead, why not do a tournament to establish a contender. Either just do it with the eight girls from the three teams not named Nikki, or do a tournament in the way the G1 Climax is set up. If she’s going to break the title reign no matter what, who cares how long she holds it after? Might as well make it mean something.

15. The characters themselves. Not so much that they’re arrogant heels/Kardashian wannabes. (Which, now that I think of it, if you want to be a Kardashian, you’re probably one of the saddest humans alive. The Kardashians are trash, and if you’re looking up to them….How sad.) But if you’ve had to suffer through listening to them on commentary, you’ll notice that they think they’re faces. They don’t even understand that they’re the heels. Learn how to play your role and stick to it. You are heels. You want the fans to hate you. You want them to boo you. Stop trying to make yourselves look like the good guys. You ARE NOT. You want to know why fans don’t care? You want to know why fans chant dumb things and do the wave during your matches? It’s because you can’t commit to your role and you are clearly inferior to most of your opponents but made to look like equals because the booking said so.

16. Defending her title reign’s agonizing monotony and comparing it to the woman’s she’s been jealous of since day one with false information. Like, someone posted something on reddit of stats of her title reign as well as A.J.’s to do a small comparison, but it wasn’t even accurate. And someone either sent it to Nikki on Twitter or she found it and posted it in reply to someone and started bragging about it, as if it’s something to be proud of.

False Information
First off, Nikki, let’s be real – that arm emoji is stronger than you. Let’s not try being cute here with people who bring up valid points about your boring title reign. And if you’re going to post things like this, make sure it’s accurate first. Do some fact checking. The following is actually accurate:

At some point I had even seen someone to include all title defenses at house shows, as if those are actual title defenses that actually count towards something. Nothing on a house show is EVER canon, in terms of storyline. Unless it’s one of those ridiculous times a title actually did change hands. And if that’s the case, can we really say that she defended her title for real at Beast in the East, considering that was really, in fact, a house show? Also, the only questionable part of this true fact sheet is, did Nikki really defend the title every week between Payback and Money in the Bank? That doesn’t seem accurate. Also, as far as the jealousy thing goes, it’s pretty obvious that that’s true – the Bellas were considering leaving around November, then suddenly Nikki’s champion and now she’s about to be the longest reigning champion?  You really think that wasn’t in her contract to break that record?

17. Their fans. Oh dear lord, their fans. If you know what I’m talking about, I probably don’t need to explain. But for those who have never witnessed these vile creatures, be forewarned – it’s far from pretty. (Much like the people they try so hard to emulate.) I guess I should probably call them stans because that seems to be what the people use these days…. Whomever came up with that, you are some weird fucking people. (I guess it comes from an Eminem song but it’s a song that came out a long time ago, so how did this become a word people use now? I digress.) But if you’re on Twitter and like wrestling and care about women’s wrestling (as you should), you probably are aware of this part. (And sit back, because it’s a rant in itself. You see, I got through all the previous parts with minimal swearing and vulgarity out of the little respect I have for the Bellas, considering they are still performers who do work their butts off trying to put on an entertaining show, they just aren’t good at it. But I can still respect them for trying and for having to travel all the time for 300 days a year, just like any of the other wrestlers. I think trying to keep it as professional as possible while I bring up completely valid criticisms is the least I can do. However, their fans/stans have not earned that luxury.

It’s impossible to be an A.J. fan without getting constant hatred thrown at you from Bella Twin fans. I don’t know how long it’s been going on, but I’ve been aware of this for about a year and a half. You can’t say something positive about A.J. without a Bella Twin fan saying five hundred negative things about her. They don’t say anything positive about the Bella Twins, mind you – they can’t come up with anything. They promote them by tearing down others. Mostly A.J, sometimes Paige. But usually A.J. because she’s the one who had the spotlight for several years and rightfully so. A.J. earned that spotlight because of how talented she was. She was great in the ring and great on the mic. You can only call Nikki mediocre at both. But that’s basically it – A.J. fans and Bella fans hate each other. It’s a thing. It’s mainly A.J. fans being normal, because most A.J. fans are actually wrestling fans and understand wrestling. Sure, there are some psychos – no fanbase is devoid of psychos – but there are a limited number of them. Like that guy who got shot at the performance center – that guy was a psycho A.J. fan. On the other hand, most of the Bella fanbase are psychos, with your unbelievably rare fan of sound mind. The typical Bella fan is full of hate – there’s barely any room in their minds for rational thought and actual knowledge about the wrestling business. It amazes me sometimes what they think they know about the business at their ripe age of 10 or 13. Because really, let’s be honest, most of them are tween girls who don’t understand the proper definition of role model. They see the Bellas and they want to be them even though their minds are deluded and they don’t understand the type of people they should aspire to be. (Like, you know, A.J. or Paige, women who got to where they were through years and years of hard work and didn’t get hired because they were pretty and twins, and then rehired because of who they were dating.

Like, for example, you say one thing about the Bellas – one true thing about the Bellas, mind you – and they will try to “drag” you and then if one of the Bellas says something to you or something these people will say they “slayed” you. This younger generation now – I hate to be the old guy that says “Kids these days” because I’m only 28 – but really, this younger generation is filled with the dumbest kids on the planet. You can’t drag someone on the internet. Do you know what drag means? It means to tie them to a car and then start driving, dragging them behind you on hot asphalt at high speeds. That’s dragging someone. And if someone has “slayed” someone that person better go to fucking jail. Learn real words. If you talk to me and say these words, or if you call the Bellas “Queen” or “mom,” that completely illegitimatizes everything you’ve just said to me, because that makes you a fucking moron.

If you say anything about the Bellas that makes them look bad or shows them in a negative light, you will get 200 dislikes on your Youtube video and tons of hate comments. Case in point, this person on Youtube made a video about what the Divas Revolution is about, and it was great: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1-GbM9pTzg Now, after you’ve watched that, you’ll see it was a great video and pretty much everything was true. He took it down originally because it got 200 dislikes and tons of hate comments, and he didn’t know why – but it was because it “showed the Bellas in a negative light” even though everything he said was completely true. What, do you people think the Bellas are infallible? Are they God? If they’re God it proves why I’m an atheist. You are fans, I get it, but by being fans of people who will never be anything more than mediocre, you are going to have to accept that people are going to bring up valid criticisms. If you don’t like it, pick better wrestlers to be fans of. Simple as that.

A.J. fans don’t go around hating on the Bellas all the time. They only do it when provoked by Bella fans, which is very often. But to show you just how bad this thing is, I’m going to have to give examples.

I’ve seen someone who is a Bella fan, a Kelly Kelly fan, and an Eve Torres fan call A.J. a joke and that she always has been. Again, a fan of both the Bellas and Kelly Kelly said this. (Eve was ok.) If your models of good female wrestlers are the Bellas, and even worse, Kelly Kelly, the real joke is what you see in the mirror.

Taken from a previous post last December:

“Let’s face it. Are A.J. Lee haters the dumbest kind of haters? It really does seems that way.

I’ve never seen someone hate on A.J. and bring up any valid points.

1. They hate on her because of what her character is portrayed as.

In 2012-13 she seemed to go from superstar to superstar, managing them and, at least in some people’s eyes, thusly a whore.

In 2013-14, a manipulative bitch.

In 2014, a crazy person with no friends.

Crazy is really part of all three of these years. But again, this is her character, and you cannot hate on her in real life for portraying a character.

2. Some backstage conflict with ESPN writer (or something) Michelle Beadle at TLC 2013.

Really? You read the reports of what happened, right? You know that whatever Beadle got she justly deserved, right? Why are you defending an ESPN employee, anyway, by the way? Shouldn’t you be defending the WWE employee? You didn’t even know who Michelle Beadle was until then. In fact, did anyone? I might have seen her name in passing on Twitter or something, in relation to something for ESPN. I hadn’t any real idea who she was because ESPN isn’t even relevant – it’s some “sports” channel that thinks it can call itself a legitimate sports channel even though it barely covers hockey. That’s not a sports channel.

3. She was homeless at some point in her life. Or she’s lying about being homeless at some point in her life. (I don’t know which, they can’t seem to decide which one to hate her for.)

You want to know why you all can’t decide which one to hate her because of? Because you have no idea what you’re talking about. If she said she was homeless at some point in her life, she was being truthful. She isn’t a liar.

She isn’t looking for sympathy. She’s just explaining what she went through to get to where she is today. That’s a feel good story everyone should be getting behind. That’s what young girls should be looking up to. I mean, who else in the divas division should young girls be looking up to these days? A.J. Or Paige. It’s certainly not the Bellas. They are the exact opposite of what girls should be aspiring to be like.

Why are these people attacking her for having been homeless? I don’t see the same people hating on Mick Foley for having lived out of his car while learning how to wrestle. This must have to do something with the girls hating girls culture this country has or something, because it makes no sense.

And the people saying she’s lying about it….Um, how can you prove that? Who are you to say she’s lying or to pretend to actually know enough about her personal life to say she was never homeless like she said? What are you, a fourteen year old detective basing your arguments off of opinions that other fourteen year olds are trying to pass as facts on Twitter and Tumblr? Let’s face it, all you really know is what Wikipedia tells you. If A.J. said she was homeless, she was homeless. She doesn’t have to have been homeless her entire life – it just means that at some point she was. It could’ve been for only a day and it still would’ve been true.

4. She’s overrated.

Compared to who? Point someone out who’s better.

You see, having been a fan for so long, I can say with confidence the following statement:

A.J. Lee is at least the third best diva in WWE history.

I’ve said this before. It’s true.

So yea, this A.J. hate. I don’t understand it. There isn’t a valid point to be had.”

Also, if you’ve ever seen the Twitter/Tumblr account “Divas Confessions,” you’ll know about all of this. A lot of the previous stuff is posted there. It’s a Twitter account that posts what people anonymously send their Tumblr about women in the divas division. Now, there’s stuff on there about everyone, but it’s mainly known as an A.J. Lee hate site. Most everything on it is A.J. hate. At least one in five posts would be a good estimation. I told you these fans are vile – not all are Bella fans, to be fair; some could be Naomi fans, and a few Paige ones too, actually – people go from saying that she’s a joke, she’s trash, she’s a terrible wrestler, she’s ugly, she’s worthless, etc, to saying that when she returns from her neck injury that she breaks her leg and it ends her career. These are the types of people Bella fans are. They wish physical injury on A.J. because A.J. is vastly superior to their precious little inadequate Bellas.

This is Bella Twins fans in a nutshell:


A.J. posts a picture of a beach.

Bella fans: I HOPE YOU DROWN AJ.

Somebody recently made this:


Like, need I explain how dumb they are? It really is comical to see what their pathetic little minds think about how the wrestling business works. Really, they’re too young to even be watching this. Let’s just go through this entire thing, shall we?

“Paige is ugly:” Well, clearly not. She’s fucking hot – blind people can see that. But more importantly, attractiveness isn’t important. Wrestling is about wrestling. We are not here to look at them because they’re hot. Get with the times, moron.

“Nikki is queen:” Like, did she marry a king? Does Cena know? If not, someone should break the news to him gently. But I imagine he’ll be thrilled that he doesn’t have to deal with her anymore. And, queen…. that doesn’t establish that Nikki is attractive although you probably think it does. I mean, she’s not unattractive, but compared to Paige, she’s trash and everyone can see that.

“Paige can’t wrestle/Nikki can wrestle!” Cute little exclamation mark there. Is that supposed to add emphasis or is that you trying to convince yourself that this is true? That statement alone is so unbelievably disrespectful to the entire wrestling business. You have the nerve to say someone who was a model with no wrestling background can come into this business and be better (and not just better, in this person’s eyes they mean in a far superior way) than someone who has been in this business since she was thirteen? You are absolutely pathetic if you think that. You can’t even be considered a wrestling fan if you think that. If you were a real wrestling fan you wouldn’t say things like that because you would KNOW how insulting to the entire business that is, and if you loved wrestling like you claim to, you would never say something like that. At least put a modicum of thought into what you’re saying next time, or is that too tough for your tiny little mind?

“Paige can’t scream:” Wow, we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel here, aren’t we? Really couldn’t think of anything, could you? First off, anyone can scream. I can scream. You can scream. We can all scream (for ice cream.) But not being able to scream is a good thing, anyway. Remember Kelly Kelly and also Layla, who would always scream during their matches for absolutely no reason? And not just on occasion, I mean when any move was ever done to them. It was fucking torture.

“Nikki has an amazing voice:” Yea, I guess if you want to be talked into killing yourself. And really, are we comparing people’s voices now? Since when are people’s voices important? (Well, I guess Dana Brooke does have a problem with that…) But if we’re comparing Nikki’s voice that makes you want to kill yourself or Paige’s British accent, there really is no contest. British accent, duh.

“Paige was a bad divas champion:” Admittedly her title reigns were not great. But as we’ve learned from this entire post, a lot of it has to do with how you are booked. And she was given basically nothing to work with. She won the belt, A.J. left for a few months – she was given Tamina, Alicia, and Naomi. None of which are exceptionally talented as we already have discussed. A.J. came back and their feud was supposed to be amazing but because the mediocre Brie/Stephanie feud and the god awful Bella/Bella feud took time away from it, it never really shone and never got the time it deserved. Paige won the belt back for a month but not only was her feud with AJ getting time taken away from it, Nikki was inexplicably inserted into it for that month because it was Night of Champions and they had to have the Bella feud continue somehow without having two women’s matches, so that only hindered it more.

“Nikki is the greatest divas champion of all time:” Well, clearly if you’ve read this post, you can see how untrue that statement is. I’m not sure a more false statement has ever been made. What are you basing that on, anyway? The length of the title reign? Clearly that statement couldn’t even be true then until Tuesday the 15th. Until then, A.J. is clearly the greatest divas champion of all time by that logic, and I just KNOW that makes you want to barf. (True statement, though.) But number of days of your title reign doesn’t make you the best – this entire post proves that. Any wrestling fan that can think that this is the best divas title reign in history after reading everything I’ve just written is delusional and belongs in a mental institution. Like, do you know just how dumb you’d have to be to believe that? It’s so dumb I don’t think the universe could comprehend it – it’s next level dumb. You never go full retard. I mean, Paige’s title reigns weren’t great, but they were better than this. There’s no question about it. Bad or not, if it’s shorter than another bad title reign that makes it better by default. Hell, Kelly Fucking Kelly’s title reign was better than this shit, and the only highlights of her title reign were roll ups, screaming, and her getting superplexed once.

“Paige is fake:” Umm………How? Well, she’s not naturally pale, I suppose. But that’s about the only thing you can say. I mean, the only thing people say about women that are real or fake are their boobs, and Paige’s boobs are real, so…..??

“Nikki is real:” LOL. I mean if you’re a Bella fan you KNOW that her tits are fake – you saw her leave with small boobs whenever they left and come back with big plastic ones whenever they came back. So, you can’t say that. I mean, A.J. and Paige were called Team Original Parts for a reason – they may have even been the ones to make that up. If you’re even trying to make this up, you should seek help. And we’ve already established how fake of a person Nikki is too.

“Paige has awful merchandise:” First off, none of them make their own merchandise. Second, not even close. The Scream for me one is admittedly not great, but the first shirt was fine and the “This is my House” one is so awesome I own one. And the P symbol is awesome.

“Nikki has awesome merchandise:” Um, have you seen it? All it is is something that says fearless on it. Brie’s has Brie Mode on it, which is code for when she’s drunk. I’d be ashamed to say I owned any of it.

“Paige is stupid:” Well we’ve already established how vastly more intelligent she is compared to you……

“Nikki is fearless:” You know that’s just a catchphrase, right? She’s not actually fearless. If she was fearless she’d go into her matches with no one at ringside and she would never cheat. But she doesn’t. The only reason she calls herself fearless is because she knows her title reign is so protected by everyone in the back – writers, Cena, Vince – she knows that no matter what she does she can get away with it, because they’re not going to take the title off of her even if she were to like, legit murder Stephanie.

Some other comments from Bella fans:

There are some valid points in this, in truth. This person is one of few fans with a coherent argument. Most of the truth is about the title reign, like Ambrose’s title reign was long and pointless too, but he put on entertaining matches, which is why it got a pass. And you’re trying to make people feel guilty about not having a hashtag about his title reign which was over more than a year ago? Ha. Yes, it wasn’t a great title reign, but people actually like and are entertained by Ambrose. That’s the difference. Ambrose isn’t told when he’s defending his title either. (Also, #ThingsBetterThanNikkisReign Dean Ambrose’s U.S. Title reign.) And, like the person whom I retweeted this from said about it, Nikki should be speaking out in the back about how bad the reign has been, but she isn’t, which is just as transparent. Also, where’s all the proof that she cares about the business? You act like it’s overwhelming, and yet, here I am, underwhelmed. I confess myself disappointed. And how, in a company that has 23 women (I don’t think I’m leaving anyone out), are you one of the most impressive/best women’s competitors in WWE at the moment, when there are 12-13 women that are better than you? (Paige, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Emma, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Blue Pants, Natalya, Alexa Bliss, and maybe Naomi, and Tamina are all better and/or more entertaining.) The Bellas are in the middle of the pack and that’s at best. (Keep in mind we also haven’t seen anything out of Lana or Nia Jax yet so they barely count.)

Just recently they hated on Paige for posting fan art to her Instagram. You know, something that all of them should do. If someone draws a likeness of you, you share it. Promote people’s creativity. The Bellas only promote hate, clearly, or their fans wouldn’t act like such hate-mongering beasts.

This conversation is of a Bella fan trying to defend someone saying that the person who got shot at the performance center is the A.J. fanbase’s fault.

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