Wow. Just wow. That was fucking incredible. I mean, I know that goes without saying, but even more than ever. I’ll be honest, this was probably the Takeover I’ve looked forward to least out of all of them – probably since one of the first two, as the last four I’ve been super hyped for. But everything on this show delivered and some even overdelivered, as at least one was way better than I was expecting.

Tyler Breeze vs. Jushin Thunder Liger was really good. It was my first time seeing Liger perform so I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect, but I wasn’t disappointed. His surfboard submission was ridiculous. I really enjoyed Breeze’s backstabber. My only gripe is that Breeze lost but oh well. I do hope he starts getting built up again.

The second match was Blake and Murphy defending the NXT World Tag Team Championship against the Vaudevillains, with Blue Pants being the Vaudevillains’ plan to neutralize Alexa Bliss. And damn, Blue Pants was probably the most over person in this match with the crowd. I was expecting this to be good, but it was better than I expected – especially once the Gotch hot tag happened. I was convinced English’s Diving Senton was the end of the match which it wasn’t. Vaudevillains win after Blue Pants does her job and a Wherling Dervish on Murphy for the victory.

Apollo Crews vs. Tye Dillinger is probably my low point of the show, just because I wished I saw more of what Crews can do in the ring than I got to see tonight. It was fine for what it was – I still love Tye Dillinger despite him being a jobber, he’s another guy who should start doing more because he’s good. But I’m a little iffy on a Standing Moonsault being his finisher.

Samoa Joe vs. Baron Corbin was SO much better than I was expecting. Coming off his matches with Rhyno, I’ve been super low on Corbin, and going into this I was feeling bad that Joe got stuck with him after not really doing much so far in NXT. Boy was I proved wrong tonight. This is without question Corbin’s best match so far, and going forward I’ll know better than to think that all he is is a brawler. And this isn’t going off of the twenty second squashes that I was annoyed with, it was the times he had a little longer matches. The Dempsey matches were fine, the Neville one was the first time I really saw anything else out of them, but maybe it’s just the Rhyno match left a really bad taste in my mouth. All he seemed to do was punch Rhyno over and over until he hit his finish. That being said, this was really entertaining. Joe still won which is good, but I think they both come out looking like winners here.

Next was Sasha Banks defending the NXT Women’s Championship against Bayley and holy fuck this was amazing. Just outstanding. The best match on the show by miles. The last three women’s matches on the Takeover shows have made me cry. Not kidding. This is women’s wrestling. The Bella Twins are not. Eva Marie is not. This is the Divas Revolution. Fuck Greg Valentine. Fuck Tammy Sytch. Fuck Vince. Fuck Kevin Dunn. Fuck Vince Russo. This is what we want. We don’t want random matches on Raw for no reason. Stories, feuds, matches with real amount of time, main events. This is incredible. This should have main evented the show. NXT is serious about their women’s matches, but on the next Takeover, they need to show WWE how it’s done and end it with the women’s match. It’s time for that. Sasha proves as always that she’s better than most the male roster, and Bayley proved she’s up there too. And I thought Sasha/Becky was amazing – this might even be better. I don’t know. Sasha destroying Bayley’s hand in the ring steps was great, her dive over the referee over the top rope was incredibly – I just watched SummerSlam ’02 last week and watched Rey Mysterio do that, so when I saw the ref stop her, that’s what I hoped for and I got it – the double knees to Bayley on the top rope was great. Bayley pulling Sasha up onto her feet into the Hugplex was awesome, the suplex into the corner was great, the Avalanche Reverse Rana was amazing (Take note, Naomi), and then she hit the Hugplex again for the win. Bayley wins, everyone’s happy. And then this:

Four Horsewomen

That could’ve been the end of the show and I would’ve been happy. But then there was Finn Balor defending the NXT World Heavyweight Championship against Kevin Owens in a really good ladder match. Balor’s entrance is of course awesome. There’s not too much to say outside of the fact that it was great, some of the ladder bumps looked really painful. I did kind of want to see Owens T-Bone Suplex Balor off the ladder onto the other ladder but I knew it wasn’t going to happen. Oh well. Super Coup De Grace gets Balor enough time to get his title for the win.

Amazing show. Good luck SummerSlam. You’re going to need it.

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