I don’t think I’ve felt like this about a wrestling show since probably NXT Takeover R-Evolution, and before that WrestleMania 30. This show is without question the best wrestling show of the year. Very few things can compare, and really that’s only the NXT specials. And I’m not at all surprised.

The first match of night one was Cage vs. The Mack in a Falls Count Anywhere, and it was awesome. This is exactly what a Falls Count Anywhere match should be. They fought all over the temple – I remember a suplex in the middle of the bleachers. At one point Mack grabbed some beers, hit a Stunner, and drank the beer as if he was Stone Cold. The match ended in one of the top corners of the temple, after Mack hit a Suplex off of a fence, but then Cage curb stomped him into some cinder blocks for the win.

Next, Angelico, Ivelisse, and Son of Havoc defended the Trios Championship against the Disciples of Death. This match was awesome. Proving that he’s insane, Angelico dove off of Dario Cueto’s office for the third time onto the disciples. Sadly Ivelisse was still hurt and couldn’t do much, but she was involved with the finish. She fought Katrina for a while before getting hit with the stone of death and that allowed the Disciples to win.

Drago vs. Hernandez in the Believers Backlash match ended the first night. I particularly enjoyed Hernandez throwing Drago over the ropes into the fans surrounding the ring. Also, the mist spot while Hernandez went for a suicide dive was great, and Drago’s diving splash through the table was great. Another normal diving splash got Drago the win.

The first match of night two was Johnny Mundo vs. Alberto El Patron, and it was excellent. I was probably most invested in this match, because all of the title matches sadly got spoiled for me a month ago thank to my making the mistake of going on their Wikipedia page. I was so pulling for Mundo to win and was so expecting El Patron to because I’m conditioned to think Alberto El Patron will always win no matter what. But Mundo won and it was awesome. I was not expecting to see Melina show up and help him, so that was a fun surprise.

Pentagon, Jr. vs. Vampiro in the Cero Miedo match was absolutely insane and barbaric and it was awesome. Thumbtacks, chairs, tables on fire, light bulbs, slams onto concrete, and lots of blood. Pentagon won after the slam through the flaming table on Vampiro, and after Vampiro made Pentagon break his arm. And as it turns out, Vampiro is Pentagon’s master, which is crazy.

The seven way match for the Gift of the Gods Championship was chaotic and a lot of fun. And it had tons of random interference by both Marty the Moth and Daivari, going after Sexy Star and Big Ryck, respectively. Fenix won to no surprise.

The only small blemish on the show is Blue Demon, Jr. vs. Texano in a No DQ match which really was just a 3 on 1 assault on Texano and then Chavo came in and helped Demon and it was 4 on 1. Demon won because reasons.

And finally, Prince Puma defended the Lucha Underground Championship against Mil Muertes in an amazing match. Some of the moves Puma was doing were crazy, and Muertes just looked like a monster the whole time. They both kicked out of each other’s finishers, which no one’s done before, and Muertes won after an Avalanche Flatliner. So now Muertes and his disciples hold all the gold going into season two.

Meanwhile, El Dragon Azteca came to the temple to rescue Black Lotus, only for her to kill him after Dario Cueto informs her that Dragon was who had her parents killed. Dario then frees her and Montanza, as they now have to leave the temple before a war starts because of it. Everyone at the end is shown leaving – Dario and Black Lotus drive away, with Montanza in a trailer (and you finally see his face in a mask), the former trios champs go off on motorcycles, Fenix drives off in a nice car but someone followed him, Marty the Moth has Sexy Star tied up and tells her she’s going to freak out when she meets his sister, Drago and Aero Star shake hands before Drago flies away in a ball of fire, and Aero Star seemingly is a human rocket, and so on. Dario is shown walking away as the temple lights turn off and “To be continued…”

It’s amazing, go watch it now. End of story.

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