After 37 episodes of some of the best wrestling on television today, it all comes down to this. And by some of the best, I mean, the best. Because let’s be honest, it’s the best weekly wrestling show on tv today, even better than NXT. If you’re a wrestling fan that’s not watching Lucha Underground (and not because you don’t get the channel), I will now spend the next few moments staring at you judgmentally………..Okay, I’m done with that. But seriously, watch it. Find matches on youtube. If they put out the first season on dvd, buy it immediately. You want good wrestling, just watch this. And NXT. (If I watched NJPW I’m sure I’d also say them too. I’m watching ROH now but I’m struggling to get into it and I don’t pay for PPVs.)

Seriously, it’s so good that their WrestleMania type show which isn’t a PPV is getting predictions. A show that was taped in April is getting predictions. A show that happens over the course of two weeks’ worth of episodes, one being two hours long.

For those who have a hard time enjoying main roster WWE, there’s still plenty of other options, you just have to look for it. Seriously, Lucha Underground and NXT have brought me back to where I was as a wrestling fan when I first started watching in 2001, and what I consider my “glory days” as a wrestling fan from 2001-05 where I could just sit back and watch and enjoy it without trying to analyze every last little detail to determine whether I like it or not, especially Lucha Underground. With Lucha Underground you can just turn your brain off and enjoy it, NXT there’s still the sense of “Well when so and so is called up, he’s going to get treated as such and such,” no matter how good the NXT product is. Instead, a wrestler on LU can essentially be killed by an unseen monster-like man in a cage and it is accepted as part of a story, and there are seven aztec medallions that are basically dragon balls from DBZ because why not??

Texano vs. Blue Demon, Jr.
Texano vs. Blue Demon, Jr.
This is the only match I’m not too thrilled about. Texano is really the only guy I haven’t really gotten into and Blue Demon has only been on the show at the beginning and at the end, and it’s been in a feud with Chavo. And you could probably see that Chavo was meant to be a part of this but unfortunately he suffered an injury. It hasn’t been much of a feud, so I don’t see why the win wouldn’t go to Texano.

Prediction: Texano

Cero Miedo Match
Vampiro vs. Pentagon, Jr.

Vampiro vs. Pentagon, Jr. (Cero Miedo)
Pentagon, Jr. has been one of my favorite competitors on this show since he debuted on it. Just everything about his promos, matches, and the whole CEEERRRROOOO MMMIIIIEEEDDDOOO deal is awesome. This match should be interesting as it’s Vampiro’s return to the ring (He’s a color commentator) and while I’m not familiar with his work, I’m very familiar with him from Chris Jericho’s first book. I’ve enjoyed his commentary despite what I’ve read in that book which was really the time I’ve heard of him. I assume it’s a hardcore type match so it should be good, and I would assume Pentagon will win.

Prediction: Pentagon, Jr.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
The Mack vs. Cage

The Mack vs. Cage (Falls Count Anywhere)
“I’m not a man I’m a maccchhhhiiiiiiinnnnnneeeeeee!” Cage (aka Lucha Lesnar) is awesome, ok? I had to do it. Cage has been one of my favorite performers on this show as well, and he only just barely got a match on this card. For a guy that looks like a jacked up version of a former supervisor of mine, he’s just as agile as most of the luchadores on this show. It’s a shock that he’s not in WWE to be honest. And the Mack is pretty good, too. And while this match just got thrown on last week, it’s not without a storyline.

Prediction: The Mack

Believer’s Backlash Match
Drago vs. Hernandez

Drago vs. Hernandez (Believers Backlash)
This match is something like a match TNA did at a PPV quite a while ago called a Fan’s Revenge Match, where “fans” are around the ring with straps so that when a wrestler is thrown out there, the fans can beat them with the strap until they get back in. Drago is awesome and this is the best I’ve ever seen Hernandez as a singles competitor.

Prediction: Drago

Gift of the Gods Championship Match
Bengala vs. King Cuerno vs. Sexy Star vs. Big Ryck vs. Jack Evans vs. Fenix vs. Aero Star

Bengala vs. King Cuerno vs. Sexy Star vs. Big Ryck vs. Jack Evans vs. Fenix vs. Aero Star (Gift of the Gods)
This match is going to be crazy. Gift of the Gods is a title belt containing all seven of the medallions – the “dragon balls” if you will – and together, they give the holder a Lucha Underground Title match whenever they want, only they have to request it a week in advance. So it’s somewhere in between Money in the Bank and Option C.  My favorites in the match is King Cuerno, and I hope he becomes a bigger part of season two because he seems to have disappeared in the last third of this one. I’ve only gotten to see Bengala a couple times but I like him. I never thought I’d be able to watch Ezekiel Jackson and like him but as Big Ryck in Lucha Underground, I’ve been proved wrong. Fenix and Jack Evans are both awesome, and Sexy Star and Aero Star are both great. That said, Fenix is clearly the biggest deal in this match, so I pick him.

Prediction: Fenix

Trios Championship
(c) Angelico, Ivelisse, and Son of Havoc (c) vs. The Disciples of Death

Angelico, Ivelisse, and Son of Havoc vs. The Disciples of Death (Trios Championship)
Angelico, Ivelisse, and Son of Havoc have got to be my favorite thing in Lucha Underground. Angelico is just amazing and I love Ivelisse, and Son of Havoc is fun too. They’ve been my favorite thing on this show since they started fighting each other at the beginning of the year, and then when they became a trios team it was even better, and the night they won the trios titles is probably my favorite moment of this show. It was awesome. It’s one of those wrestling moments you always remember. Can we just establish that Angelico is insane? And while they’ve only been around a brief amount of time, the Disciples of Death are pretty cool too. This is probably going to be the best match on the show.

Predictions: Disciples of Death

Johnny Mundo vs. Alberto El PatronJohnny Mundo vs. Alberto El Patron
This match will be amazing, just PLEASE let Johnny Mundo win.

Prediction: Alberto El Patron

Lucha Underground Championship
Prince Puma (c) vs. Mil Muertes

Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes(Lucha Underground Championship)
And the main event, Prince Puma defends his title which he won at the first show of the year, against Mil Muertes, probably the best built monster character in years (Lucha Undertaker!). This match is probably going to be insane, and Mil will likely win the title I’m surprised he didn’t win the night Puma had won it himself.

Prediction: Mil Muertes

Some other questions I want to know if there will be answers to:

1) Will Pentagon, Jr.’s master be revealed?
2) Will we finally get a conclusion to the Black Lotus/Montanza story? If there isn’t a Montanza reveal then I will have a serious issue with this season.

I’ll probably do a review sometime next week.

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