Let’s just call this show what by its real name – WWE Mzrc We Hate You 2015. Everything about this show save for the quality of two matches I absolutely hated. And it’s not hard to figure out which matches those were.

The show started with the Money in the Bank ladder match which was fine, I suppose. But there’s really nothing memorable about it. Neville fell off a ladder into an RKO – nothing I haven’t seen before. That’s probably the most memorable spot in the match. Sheamus got ZigZagged off a ladder because why not. And Reigns got taken out by Bray Wyatt so there’s another feud Wyatt’s going to lose – how am I supposed to believe Wyatt’s going to win that feud when Reigns beat him two weeks ago after winning two previous matches?? And to top it off, motherfucking Sheamus won. Because that’s what all the fans want is MORE SHEAMUS.

Rating: **1/2

Next Paige defeated Nikki Bella to still not win the WWE Third Rate Women’s Championship. I say that she won because she pinned someone and the three count happened and her music played but she pinned Brie because Nikki’s a retard and the ref never restarted the match and yet Nikki then got a three count and left with Paige’s belt. This referee must be fired and whomever thought of this idea must die a very painful death.

Rating: * (It would’ve gotten maybe **1/2 to *** had the correct person won and the finish wasn’t shit.)

Ryback vs. Big Show for the Intercontinental Championship was a boring as fuck match which was promptly ended by The Miz attacking Big Show so for some reason WWE thinks we want a triple threat with Miz involved because no we don’t.

Rating: DUD

John Cena vs. Kevin Owens was another amazing match that you should all just go watch instead of listening to me about it. Owens lost but it doesn’t matter, and anyone who thinks Owens momentum is dead just because he lost a fucking match can go fuck themselves. If you’re as smart about wrestling as you think that you are you would know that a feud only exists if people are even. Fuck off. Don’t bitch to me about Rusev, he was never relevant. Don’t even pretend to claim that The Rock is in this category, he’s the motherfucking Rock. The only argument is Bray Wyatt, but clearly they could’ve fixed him if they hadn’t had the Jericho feud and Ambrose feud go so terribly.

Rating: ****1/2

The Prime Time Players inexplicably won the WWE World Tag Team Championship from the New Day in a terrible match and it is horrible.

Rating: DUD

And finally, Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose in a ladder match to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It was a really good match but it got overbooked to hell at the end. Everything after the Pedigree was completely unneeded. Ambrose was beaten down enough that he didn’t need to be Powerbombed into the barricade twice and then onto a ladder with three chairs on top of it, and then have all those piled on top of him – just for him to get up and climb the ladder and almost win and only not win because he and Rollins were both holding the title as they fell off the ladder and Ambrose lost control of it as they landed. Didn’t need that. Sheamus also looks fucking dumb for not running in and cashing in and grabbing the belt while Ambrose and Rollins brawled through the crowd.

Rating: ****

Two very good matches can’t save this show from the rest of the shit.

Rating: **

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