It’s a little tough for me to place this show right now – on one hand, they did a lot of things right on this show, and on the other hand, they did a lot of things completely wrong. But the positives outweighed the negatives I believe.

The first match was the Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber match – easily the better of the two chamber matches, considering the other one was complete shit. But this match was for the most part awesome. There were a few awkward parts in the beginning when Kalisto seemed to be on top of one of the pods for seemingly forever when it seemed completely pointless. I don’t know why Torito was allowed in the chamber and if he was, Natalya should’ve been in it too. I was surprised to see the Lucha Dragons out so quickly but I was happy to see the Ascension get some eliminations. Kalisto and Torito both dove off the roof and there was a superplex off the pod and a diving senton off the pod. The main problem with the match is the Prime Time Players, who shouldn’t have even been in this match, eliminated Kidd and Cesaro, whom are the ones in the feud with New Day. I did appreciate seeing Titus’s head between the chains because he’s terrible. And one of them got suplexed onto the chamber floor. In the end the new day won by piling on top of Titus for the pin.

Rating: ****

Next was the triple threat for the third rate women’s championship with Nikki Bella defending against Paige and Naomi in what was literally a “The champion is completely irrelevant in the story so the champion wins” matches. The match wasn’t bad, but Naomi seemed to botch enough in this match where I’m only slightly okay with Nikki retaining for now. Naomi needs to never try a Reverse Rana again. And the tower of doom was a little cringeworthy. But seriously, they need to get this title off of this talentless bitch soon. You have until SummerSlam.

Rating: **

Next was Kevin Owens vs. John Cena, definitely the match of the night. Literally this match was amazing – I’m not even sure I want to tell you about it, you just need to go watch it. I think we saw even more out of Owens than we’ve seen so far in NXT – he did a moonsault (it missed) and a diving senton bomb I believe. I loved the forward facing Superplex as well. He even kind of teased a package piledriver but it turned into more of a powerbomb. But the most important part is that Kevin Owens pinned John Cena clean in his first match in WWE. WHO ELSE CAN SAY THAT? It was incredible – and let’s just hope Cena doesn’t have to get the win back at MITB. Owens’ character wouldn’t feel the need to face Cena again anyway so I don’t know why it’s happening.

Rating: ****1/2

Next was Neville vs. Bo Dallas in an inoffensive match where Neville won and everything’s ok.

Rating: **

Next was the WWE Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber Match. And like I said, it was utter garbage. First off, Mark Henry was Rusev’s replacement and no one cared. Barrett was eliminated first, by R-Truth no less who didn’t belong in the match. It seemed to drag forever because it was just a bad group of people in this match and there was no entertainment value. Sheamus being stuck in a pod was obviously fake because they would’ve done more to actually get him out. The only spot that was kind of cool was the White Noise on the outside. And then to top off all the pain, fucking Ryback won because WWE wants us to suffer. Great.

Rating: **

And finally, Seth Rollins defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Dean Ambrose in a really good match. It was par for the course for these two from their feud from last year. It was great. If you’ve seen their feud you know what to expect out of it. Eventually Ambrose crashes into the ref after Rollins pulled him into the line of fire, and Ambrose hits a Dirty Deeds with no ref – but a ref comes from the back and counts the pin. Everyone thinks Ambrose wins the title except for me when the original ref DQ’s Rollins. The Authority goes to attack Ambrose but Reigns makes the save and Ambrose takes the title and leaves through the crowd with Reigns to end the show.

Rating: ***1/2

Overall, we’ve got three very good to amazing matches, two average matches, one with a terrible victor, and one garbage match with a terrible victor. It’s hard to place, but in the end the end the show will be remembered for the good matches on this show – so it’s a good show.

Overall Rating: ****

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