Well, we’re here. We’ve made it to the Stanley Cup Finals. The final showdown for the best trophy in all of sports, the Stanley Cup. Two teams, seven games, one trophy, cliche #4.

Conference Finals Predictions were here: https://mzrc.wordpress.com/2015/05/15/2014-15-nhl-stanley-cup-playoffs-predictions-conference-finals/

(3) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (1) Tampa Bay Lightning

The Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the New York Rangers in seven games, after a pretty crazy series featuring several blowouts and several shutouts. Game 2 was crazy, 3-1, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, 6-5 OT Win. The Lightning won game 3 via blowout, and the Rangers won games 4 and 6 via blowout. But the biggest story is that the Rangers could not score a goal at home in both game 5 and game 7, and that is what lost them the series.

The Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Anaheim Ducks in seven games. It wasn’t easy, but the Hawks slayed the beast. Didn’t I tell you they would? Oh yeah, I did. That’s right. I wasn’t afraid no matter how many times they were down a game. I knew the series was going 7 after game 3, I knew the Hawks wouldn’t lose at home in game 6, and I knew the winner of game 6 was going to win the series. That game 5 loss will forever piss me off though (and the way game 4 was won). And the Hawks really could’ve won every game in this series, so it’s no surprise this went 7 games. I’m so happy the Hawks killed the Ducks’ stupid foghorn and avenged the Jets as well. I wonder how that Anaheim fan who told me on Twitter that Chicago fans aren’t real hockey fans when he was a fan of a California team (LOL) is feeling right now.

So, here we have it. The Chicago Blackhawks. The Tampa Bay Lightning. Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane vs. Steven Stamkos and Tyler Johnson. Corey Crawford vs. Ben Bishop.

The Hawks are the favorites but you cannot take the Lightning lightly. It’s going to be difficult. Don’t take any stupid penalties, capitalize on your chances, and so on. The biggest challenges will be beating Ben Bishop because he’s a tall man – but then again, he is just a tall man – like Big Show – so yea. And also shutting down their superstars. I’m not going to make a prediction because I don’t like to just go off with fan bias saying “ZOMG THE HAWKS ARE GOING TO WIN THE CUP BECAUSE THEY’RE THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD AND ALL OTHER TEAMS SUCK AND HAVE NO CHANCE” because I’m not one of those idiots. But I will say that I’d be disappointed if they don’t because I do feel like they should win – they have the talent, they’ve been there before, and so on. Please prove me right. And please, for the love of God, win this one at home.

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