Alright, I’m just going to give some quick thoughts on this show as I don’t have a ton of time, and I don’t review them quite like a WWE PPV.

The first match was Finn Balor vs. Tyler Breeze in a #1 Contender’s Match. Unfortunately Hideo Itami is indeed going to be out of action for a while, so they ran an angle where he was attacked in the parking lot. Nice to see Breeze get a special entrance too, and Balor is still the fucking man. That being said, the match was really good – I think it was a few minutes away from being truly great. I know I felt like I wanted it to be longer when it was done. Balor’s dive off the stage was awesome. And not surprisingly, Balor won. Which is cool. I do hope Breeze gets a title shot sometime in the future, though.

The second match was Charlotte and Bayley vs. Emma and Dana Brooke, which was a fun match mainly because of Bayley. My biggest criticism of this show is probably why the hell Charlotte got the pin on Emma when the clear feud here is Bayley vs. Emma. Bayley should’ve gotten the pin, end of story.

Baron Corbin vs. Rhyno was next, and it was clearly the low point of the night. I’m not sure where I am with Baron Corbin right now – I liked him when he was squashing people but when he has longer matches they’re not so great. I do think there’s talent there but he’s got a ways to go before he’s ready. I feel like he relies too much on punching than actual moves. Corbin wins, no shock there.

Next was Blake and Murphy defending the NXT World Tag Team Championship against Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy in a good match. I enjoyed the match but the finish kind of bugged me. I don’t mind that Alexa came in and attacked Carmella and pushed Enzo off the top rope, but I would have liked Blake and Murphy to hit their tag team finisher on Enzo and get the win. Just that Enzo got pinned after he was pushed off the top rope wasn’t good to me – it’s basically saying he’s as tough as Nikki Bella.

Next was Sasha Banks defending the NXT Women’s Championship against Becky Lynch in what was definitely the match of the night for me. Just everything about it was amazing – Becky looked like a star even though she didn’t win. She did great in the Fatal 4 Way at Takeover Rival too but this was definitely her becoming a star. But Sasha still won which is good – she’s definitely the best diva in NXT. You know wrestling is good when you get tears in your eyes when it’s over.

And finally, Kevin Owens defended the NXT World Heavyweight Championship against Sami Zayn in a really good match. Zayn was on fire for the entire match, hitting most all of his offense. They fought through the crowd for a while as well. Everything seemed to be going Sami’s way until he ran into a Powerbomb on the apron and that was basically it. Owens kept going after him but the match was basically thrown out. He puts Sami back in the ring and goes to hit him with a chair and then the music of a debuting Samoa Joe hits and they have a confrontation. AND IT IS AWESOME.

It was a really good show – it’s not the best live special they’ve had, but it was really good.

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