So, WWE Fastlane is now behind us, and we are headed directly towards WrestleMania 31 now. And I must say, it was a solid show. It wasn’t amazing or anything, but I enjoyed it for the most part. Some of the finishes kind or irked me, but none which they didn’t make up for or I found reason for.

The first match was the six man tag between Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, and Erick Rowan against Seth Rollins, Big Show, and Concessions Kane. It started off slow but once it hit the hot tag after they beat Rowan down for a while it started to pick up. And it was a nice, solid tag bout from there – but then the finish happened and it kind of ruined it. It’s the only finish there’s no real explanation for – Dolph is pinned by Kane after Big Show hits him with a cancer punch. I was expecting the heels to win but there’s no reason that anyone but Seth Rollins should’ve gotten the winning pinfall. We don’t need to pretend that Big Show or Concessions Kane are relevant in 2015. After the match, Randy Orton finally returns to set up the Orton vs. Rollins feud with Rollins better end up with the victory at WM.

Rating: **

Next we got Stardust vs. Goldust in a short but good match. The brief backstage segment with Goldust and Dusty was good and enough to get me invested in this match. Now it wasn’t incredible or anything, but it’s going to build to an even better match at WM. I enjoyed Stardust’s reactions to the crowd. I was miffed a little that Goldust got the win (especially since the ref’s hand never hits the ground a third time), but after the backstage segment that happened afterwards, it didn’t bother me. Some really good work to start this feud for real.

Rating: **

The third match was The Usos defending the WWE World Tag Team Championship against Uppercats in a nice match. It was nice to actually see Cesaro and Kidd wrestle because I’ve gotten to the point where I can barely watch the Usos anymore. The one spot that stood out to me was Cesaro swinging Uso #1 around on one leg, which was nice as they were working on that leg to begin with, before he transitioned into a Half Crab. And the best part is that Uppercats won the titles, which is good – I wish I had faith in the company to be doing this because of their talent and not to give the Usos a WM moment with their father, but I don’t.

Rating: **1/2

After Triple H vs. Sting was setup for WM, the next match was Nikki Bella defending the WWE Third Rate Women’s Championship against Paige. It was a decent match that the crowd didn’t care about because WWE treats women’s wrestling like shit. And then the dumb rollup win via tights happened for Nikki to take everyone right out of it. It bothered me but it’s clear they’re going with a rematch at WM, or maybe even before then, where Paige will win the title, so it’s ok.

Rating: *

Bad News Barrett defended the WWE Intercontinental Championship against Dean Ambrose in what was probably the most disappointing match of the night for me, mainly just because there wasn’t much to it. But that’s what happens when you have a storyline like the one you have. And Ambrose gets disqualified after Barrett kept trying to leave, and Ambrose steals the title for reasons.

Rating: **

Undertaker’s music hits and out comes a casket, but inside the casket is Bray Wyatt who calls out the Undertaker at WrestleMania.

Rusev then defended the WWE U.S. Championship against John Cena in what was probably the second best match of the night, but considering I don’t care about Rusev, and I don’t care about Cena, I tuned out in the beginning. But once it got back into it, it was decent. And Rusev won via Cena passing out, so that’s good. Now if only this match didn’t have to happen again, we would be getting somewhere. There’s no need for another match of this.

Rating: ***

And finally, Roman Reigns defeated Daniel Bryan clean in what was easily the best match of the night. The only thing that bugged me was that they felt the need for Reigns to be able to kick out of Bryan’s finisher but Bryan was unable to kick out of one spear. LOL. Other than that, very good match – glad we’re not getting a triple threat, glad there was no Sheamus interference, and glad WWE decided to own their mistake because it’s really the right thing to do. There’s no way Reigns/Lesnar would be better than Bryan/Lesnar, but changing their minds after they went with this would’ve been too stupid for me to the point where I could almost not support it just because of their stupidity.

Rating: ****

Overall the show wasn’t bad at all, which is what I was expecting. So, pleasantly surprised. A couple of finishes bugged me, but for the most part they’re leading to something in the future.

Overall Rating: ***

Hopefully the build for the WM card will start full force tomorrow, because if we can get five weeks of solid build, WM can probably be good. I don’t think it’s going to be one of the best ever, but it won’t be anywhere near as bad as some people will probably make it out to be. (That’s assuming they go with the matches I think they will be.) It can at least be better than 29, 28, and 27.

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