The Ascension defeated the New Age Outlaws in a typical Ascension match.

Rating: *

The Usos retained the WWE World Tag Team Championship via LOLUSOSWIN against Miz and Mizdow. Ok match that we’ve seen seventeen times now.

Rating: **

The Bella Failures defeated Paige and Natalya in a typical divas match.

Rating: *1/2

Brock Lesnar defeated John Cena and Seth Rollins for retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a very good match. I really enjoyed this (outside of believing that Lesnar was “injured.”) Rollins was amazing, and there were multiple false finishes that had me thinking it was actually over. No complaints.

Rating: ****

As far as the Rumble itself, it was pretty weak.

I was kind of confused as to why Miz and Truth were starting until Bubba Ray Dudley was third, and Truth became a substitute for D-Von. I was excited for Bubba.

The Boogeyman thing could’ve been done without.

I’m disappointed with how poorly Ambrose and Ziggler were used in this – they should have done more.

The one thing that makes no sense with Daniel Bryan is that he got eliminated so early. You knew this was going to piss a ton of fans off, so why did you eliminate him halfway through so they booed throughout the rest of the match? Dumb idea. Should’ve been eliminated last or at least in the final four. Stupid logic.

Anyone notice how the countdown time clock showed up on the screen at 15 seconds for Roman Reigns and 10 for everyone else? It was kind of like “Hey, pay attention to this entrant!”

Fans who were booing Roman Reigns and then popped for the Rock, congrats, you  played right into WWE’s hands. They knew you were going to boo so they called the Rock to help try to stifle that. (It didn’t work mainly, but people did pop.)

Rating: **

Overall Show Rating: *1/2

I don’t know what to say. WWE, you fucked up. You made your bed, now lie in it.

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