Yea. It’s going to be one of those.

New Rule: Bella Twins fans who think that the Bella Twins are better (at anything) than A.J. Lee and/or Paige must explain how.

Now, there is a cancer in the wrestling world fandom, and it is known as Bella Twins fans. There is no type of fan I’ve seen on Twitter that is more vile, more disrespectful, and more downright pathetic than Bella Twins fans.

I would have aimed this at A.J. Lee haters, but if you are an A.J. hater you are a Bella Twin fan. There’s no in between. (If one’s a fan of Paige then you watch wrestling for wrestling, and thus would know how good A.J. is.)

The type of fan who sends things into a Tumblr known as Diva Confessions which is mainly known as an A.J. Lee hate page. The things you’ll find there is stuff along the lines of “When AJ returns I hope Paige breaks her neck and ends her career” or “I hope AJ breaks her leg” or “AJ only has a job/is only popular because of who her husband is.” All of this goes along with morons who apparently have started calling her Aid J Lee.

All is vile garbage or completely untrue, as her fanbase became what it is in 2012 when she wasn’t anywhere near C.M. Punk backstage and only was on tv.

This is Bella Twins fans in a nutshell:


A.J. posts a picture of a beach.

Bella fans: I HOPE YOU DROWN AJ.

These kinds of fans are an insult to actual wrestling fans. And you wonder why wrestling is looked down upon. Exhibit A.

Granted, I do realize that most of these fans are immature adolescent girls who look up to women such as Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azelea, Arianna Grande, and Nicki Minaj, so it’s only natural they look up to the Bella Twins because that’s more or less the kind of women they are trying to portray. But they fail to realize that all of those people are trash and they should look up to real role models like A.J. Lee or Paige.

The other fans are dudes with bad taste in women. They aren’t even attractive – I don’t watch their stupid reality show thingy but from what I hear, Brie is a pretentious bitch and Nikki is both fake as fuck and a hell of a lot worse. A.J. and Paige are attractive. (Just use your eyes.) But this is about wrestling, not looks, so we’ll put that aside.

WWE is wrestling. As much as WWE would like to believe it is not about wrestling, it is about wrestling. If you watch wrestling, then you are a wrestling fan. If you are a fan of wrestling, you enjoy good wrestling.

That’s safe to say, right? I would think it’s a fair assessment. Now that we have the basics covered, let’s break it down.

A.J. is a good wrestler on her worst day.
Paige is a good wrestler on her worst day.
Nikki Bella is a mediocre wrestler on her best day.
Brie Bella is a mediocre wrestler on her best day.

A.J. can cut a promo just as good as any of the best women’s wrestlers.
Paige can cut a good promo.
Nikki Bella could potentially cut a good promo. Someday. (If she stays away from lines like “I wish you died in the womb.”)
Brie Bella can’t cut a promo even if she was given promo lessons by C.M. Punk, Chris Jericho, Paul Heyman, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, and more.

I read someone on Twitter last week said Nikki Bella carried Paige to a good match. That is an insult to the wrestling business for someone to say that. News flash – you can’t carry a superior wrestler, they carry you. If you’re going to pretend to be smarky and use insider lingo like a pretentious moron, at least know how to use the lingo properly.

I have not seen the Paige vs. Nikki Bella match (I’m going to need to go do so), but it sounds like it was probably the best match of Nikki’s career. (Not hard to do.) See what happens when you give the divas time, WWE? Maybe if you gave the divas time, they’d have matches that didn’t suck. (That’s a whole different problem.) But you see, that night was the best match of Nikki’s career. For Paige, that was just Tuesday. It’s proof that Paige is one of those wrestlers that could have a match with a broomstick and it’d still be entertaining.

Yes, not all of it is the Bellas’ fault. A huge problem in the women’s division is that they get crap for time to have matches on PPV and on tv, and they have crappy storylines. That doesn’t help

So, what exactly are the Bella Twins good at? What exactly is their purpose?

They are here to be reality tv stars. On Total Divas. You know the Bellas left the company in 2011 or 2012 at some point. Nobody missed them. They came back after starting to date John Cena and Daniel Bryan and then there was the reality show.

They’re there to bring in the random fans to flip over to their show on E! to the wrestling show but it doesn’t work because those aren’t wrestling fans. And the actual fans of wrestling aren’t watching the reality show – not even forcing Paige onto it will make that happen.

Bella Twin fans rage about A.J. having the title so much. THERE’S A REASON SHE DOES. She is the most over diva in years. She’s the first diva since Mickie James to be over – and I mean actually over, not just getting a pop from horny dudes who see a good looking woman and can’t control themselves.

Don’t act like the Bella Twins get nothing. A.J. gets the Divas title, meanwhile the Bellas actually get showcased on Raw more than her because of a dumb reality show.

(Yes, obviously, Nikki has the title now, but we’re talking back when she had it.)

Brie Bella, because she is married to Daniel Bryan, got to feud and have a match with Stephanie McMahon at SummerSlam, which overshadowed what would’ve been the BEST women’s feud since Lita vs. Trish and Trish vs. Mickie James in A.J. vs. Paige.

Brie had segments that ended Raw with Stephanie, and all the while as Stephanie was cutting excellent heel promo after excellent heel promo on her, and we were just clamoring for someone who could actually come back and cut a promo on the same level against Stephanie like, I don’t know, A.J. LEE.

A.J. vs. Stephanie needs to happen so we can see what that feud should have been.


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