Honestly, what good is there to say about this show? Two good matches. That’s it.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper in a ladder match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship was very good. Honestly it was probably the best match on the show. They did some spots with the ladder that I haven’t seen before. But in all honesty, I would’ve preferred Harper to keep the title. It would be better to have Harper carry it and at least have some direction now that the Wyatt Family has split. And Dolph should be moving on to bigger and better things.

Rating: ***1/2

The Miz and Damien Mizdow retained the WWE World Tag Team Championship via DQ after an okay match, but the only real highlight of which was Mizdow as usual. And while Mizdow is amusing – there are times when the gimmick is stupid. If Miz is being pinned or in a submission, at no point should he be imitating Miz.

Rating: *1/2

Big Show defeated Erick Rowan in whatever the fuck a Steel Stairs Match. You know what – I’ll give them credit for trying. They tried to make this somewhat interesting in my opinion. They didn’t necessarily succeed. Maybe if it was with wrestlers that weren’t so big, it could’ve worked. And really – why the hell did Big Show win?

Rating: *1/2

John Cena defeated Seth Rollins in probably the worst booked table match I’ve ever seen. They did so many interference spots and ref bumps and shit that it killed the entire match. And to think – most of the time when they do all of this stupid overbooking it’s for Cena to lose. AND HE FUCKING WON ANYWAY. WHAT WAS THE POINT??????? Super FU’s Rollins through table. Ref’s out and doesn’t see it. Match continues. Cena FU’s both Noble and Mercury through table to get rid of them a second time. Both Cena and Rollins falls through tables at the same time. Match restarted. Cena FU’s Rollins on announce table. Table doesn’t break. Big Show comes out. Beats on Cena. Reigns comes out for no reason. Spears Big Show through table in the corner I just knew was for Roman Reigns to come out and Spear someone through, as if it made sense for him to even show up. Rollins gets FU’ed through table and Cena wins. This booking is absolutely terrible. If Cena’s going to win regardless what was the damn point of all the stupidity? It doesn’t make Cena look better – it just makes everyone look dumb as a result. I could’ve swallowed everything up until Big Show coming out had Rollins won, even though it would’ve still been terrible.

Rating: DUD

Nikki Bella retained the WWE Fourth Rate Women’s Championship against A.J. Lee by being a useless, talentless, cheating bitch.

Rating: *

Ryback defeated Kane in a meaningless Chair Match.

Rating: *

Rusev defeated Jack Swagger to retain the WWE U.S. Championship in a barely decent match. I wonder if they got cut for time or something. I don’t like Rusev, but I’ll give him one thing – he sells very well. Anyways, all they did was trade submissions.

Rating: *1/2

And finally, Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt in a TLC Match. Okay – let’s just put it out there. WWE, I give you credit for putting this as the main event. That said, it doesn’t make up for doing almost everything else on this show completely wrong. Also, this match was somewhat underwhelming. It wasn’t bad or anything. But there wasn’t really anything spectacular about it. Yea, Ambrose dove off a ladder three times and elbow dropped Wyatt through three tables. It’s cool the first time. I don’t know – there was just something about the match that didn’t click for me. Maybe it’s just the feud hasn’t been great. Maybe it’s that Bray Wyatt, as much as they’d like him to have turned the corner again, is still suffering from the Cena feud, no matter how much they tried to repackage him. I don’t know. Anyways, the finish of the match was stupid to me too. Ambrose has this tv (which just so happens to have the WWE Network on it, btw) and it’s in the corner. He decides to use it, but he runs halfway across the ring and the cord runs out, so it randomly explodes, and Wyatt hits a Sister Abigail for the win. I don’t know. Without a feud that people care about, I’m not sure the Dean Ambrose character really works. Him vs. Rollins was the best thing WWE’s done all year. But this feud just hasn’t done it for me. I know it’s on the writing – I don’t know though, if it’s mainly because of what’s happened to Wyatt, or just the content of the feud.

Rating: ***

Like I said, there’s only two good matches on this show. Even then, one of them was underwhelming and the best one’s still nothing you’ll really remember in a few months. After Takeover REvolution the other night was so great, this was basically just a hard slap in the face with the reality of what the main product is. And to top that, Roman Reigns’ promo basically said “Fuck you guys I’m winning the Rumble and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Normally I look forward to the Road to WrestleMania. Right now I just don’t care – what’s going to be on the show that’s really going to excite me? I’m only looking forward to that time period IF NXT has a live special during this time and it emanates from where WM31 is a few nights before. Because at this point I just want all the people I love to watch on the main roster go to NXT and just ignore the rest of the crap.

Overall Rating: *1/2

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