So, the past couple years I’ve started to have a wish list in the next year of things I’d like to happen, and since the final PPV of 2014 has just finished, I’m going to review my list for 2014 and see how well WWE did with last year’s list, considering nothing else that happens this year will be relevant. And then I will come up with one for next year.

1. Daniel Bryan MUST win the Royal Rumble. (Or C.M. Punk)

Well, clearly they failed at this. In fact, a number of these will be failures due to C.M. Punk leaving/being fired on his wedding day.

2. Daniel Bryan MUST win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 30. (Or C.M. Punk)

Well, they managed to succeed here. It wasn’t pretty how they did it, but they still did. And put on one hell of a WrestleMania to boot.

3. C.M. Punk must get back in the WWE Championship picture. Perhaps he can lose to Orton at the Rumble, the end up facing Bryan for the title at SummerSlam and winning it.

Clearly that didn’t happen.

4. C.M. Punk must face either Triple H, Brock Lesnar, or if whatever’s going on right now is leading to Shawn Michaels returning (which I doubt), then Shawn Michaels, and win.

Well, he would’ve faced Triple H and apparently was going to win. So I guess that’s got to count for something, right?

5. Cody Rhodes and Goldust must lose the titles to either the Wyatts or the Real Americans. (Read: Not Big Show and Rey Mysterio.)

And certainly not the New Age Outlaws.

6. After the Rhodes Dynasty is done as a team, Cody must continue to be relevant and move up the card. Potentially winning MITB if it remains a PPV.

Hasn’t happened yet.

7. Now that there is only one World Title, MITB should no longer have a PPV, and the match should return to WM. MITB Matches have only main evented a MITB PPV twice, and was only really warranted this year. If the signature match of a themed PPV only happens once and doesn’t main event, the PPV shouldn’t be called that. Elimination Chamber 2013 can attest to this.

Didn’t happen. But, given how things worked out with Daniel Bryan this year, there were still two ladder matches at MITB and one main evented. Granted the one that main evented was for a title and thus, by the strictest definition, wasn’t a Money in the Bank Match, but we’ll give them a reprieve for that. We won’t give them a reprieve for that title ladder match being terrible though.

8. SummerSlam needs to start being someone that isn’t Los Angeles. Especially with WM31 being in California, there is no ungodly reason that they should also get SummerSlam in the same state.


9. WWE must stop pretending that Big Show is a popular, legitimate main eventer. In reality he should be off tv and get busy retiring. We’ve seen him plenty.

Still waiting.

10. The Shield MUST face the Wyatts at WM30 before they’re split up happens. It’ll be sad to see the Shield split up, but all things do run their course. I have no issue with them splitting up but it CANNOT be before this match takes place.

Well, it didn’t happen at WM30 but it still happened. And it was quite probably the match of the year. It’s too bad the Shield only had like, two minutes at Mania though. (I mean, they should’ve beaten that team in that amount of time – but they deserved better opponents.)

11. That being said, the Shield’s breakup must be handled well, and none of the three members should fall into obscurity. If they build it well, they could break up after WM30 – preferably they could split up Extreme Rules or whatever the June PPV would be. Maybe even June would be better. And it could build to a triple threat between them for the U.S. Title at SummerSlam, where Reigns can defeat Ambrose for the belt. (Or my personal preference, Rollins can defeat Ambrose for the belt.) But all three must go on to do good things.

Well then – they actually went through with in June, after all. And while no one’s really fallen into obscurity, there’s one who seems to have jumped directly into the main event while the others haven’t. And that U.S. Title thing clearly didn’t work.

12. The Wyatts should continue to be awesome. Preferably they should now go after Cena and defeat him, before moving on to the Shield at WM. I know I said win the belts off of the Rhodes, but that title change would probably be before WM30 and I’d prefer the Wyatts to take Cena down a peg instead. (Preferably the Rhodes would lose to the Real Americans.)

None of this happened. In fact, the Cena feud, followed by the Jericho feud, basically killed the Wyatt Family. It wasn’t the loss at Mania that killed it – as much as Wyatt winning at Mania would’ve been awesome and the correct thing to do, it was everything after that really ruined it. His win at Extreme Rules hurt him more than either of the losses did, to be honest. And the Last Man Standing match wasn’t good. The Jericho feud was meaningless and Jericho won the first match. And now the Wyatts are split up.

13. Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar must not happen at WM30. Why in the world would it?


14. John Cena should face Undertaker for the Streak. (And lose, duh. Or cheat to win and turn heel in doing so.)

Obviously that didn’t happen.

15. A.J. Lee must retain her title until at least WM30, and depending on who she faces, she should potentially retain. She should face either Natalya, Kaitlyn, or if it’s possible, the best option is Lita.

Success. She walked in and out of WM30 as Champ.

16. Paige must debut. And anyone from the NXT divas division, as I’ve heard it’s actually good unlike the WWE’s division, which is practically just A.J., Natalya, Summer Rae, and Kaitlyn. Layla sometimes, and Naomi would be ok if they can get rid of the Funkadactyls deal. The rest are completely irrelevant.

She did. And it was great. It’s too bad they killed her character and she’s now saddled on Total Divas, though.

17. The Bella Twins, Santino, The Great Khali, and Hornswoggle must be fired.

Two down, three to go.

18. The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, Fandango, Ryback, and Sheamus must all fix their gimmicks somehow to the point where they’re watchable. Curtis Axel should probably do the same before he gets on the fired list. Brodus Clay is teetering on the fence, as he just turned heel and hopefully he becomes what he should’ve been all along. Tensai should probably do something too. Wade Barrett also needs fixing – potentially he could be put in the Real Americans.

Del Rio was fired, and the other four failed.  Clay was fired. Axel is all but irrelevant. Barrett was the only one in here that got somewhere.

19. Total Divas must be canceled. No one with a brain watches it, and no one wanted the Bella Twins to come back.

Still waiting.

20. Anyone who makes fun of A.J. on commentary or calls her a “little girl” in the ring should be shot on sight. Not joking. She IS the Divas division after all. She has made that title worth something (kinda). She is the only thing truly worth watching. No one is to disrespect her. She is to be respected. (In other words, go fuck yourselves, Bella Twins. You know why you have jobs.)

This remains true.

21. John Cena’s character must evolve into something, yet again.

This remains true.

22. The Usos must finally win the tag team titles. After the year they had this year, there is no longer an excuse.

They did. Then they became the John Cena of the tag division.

23. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel must finally get tv time. They can remain a tag team and compete for the titles. The Prime Time Players must stop being a thing. Titus should probably be listed in the “Please fire” list, actually.

Well, Tyson has gotten some in recent weeks. Unfortunately he’s been stuck coming out with his douche wife Natalya. The Prime Time Players did stop being a thing for seemingly no reason. Unfortunately Slater Gator became a thing.

24. Dolph Ziggler must stop jobbing to random nobodies, and be built up over the course of the year to where a 2015 Rumble win would be conceivable.

Surprisingly, they succeeded at this. He’s had a great last four months and if WWE weren’t idiots that are going to push Roman Reigns down everyone’s throats, he could actually win the Rumble. But, I could actually conceive a 2015 Rumble win given his current booking, so they succeeded at this.

25. Survivor Series must be in Chicago. You already fucked up and didn’t give us the Rumble. I expect both a Survivor Series and a Royal Rumble in Chicago in the near future.

Continuous fail

26. When the Real Americans break up, Antonio Cesaro must remain relevant, and move up the card.

Well, they started off well. Then it died.

Alright, now for the list for next year, 2015.

1)  Any wrestler that comes up from NXT must be handled properly. They cannot be built up just so they can lose to Cena. They must be able to be their entire character from NXT. They must have a storyline. They must be booked well. They must not build them up and then suddenly stop.

2) WWE must stop plugging the Network over and over again and the price. And stop saying it for the fans to chant via trolling.

3) WWE must realize that the only way to get people excited and to get people to buy their network en masse is to have a great in ring product that people care about. Yes, all the PPVs are on there each month, but if there’s no hype and there’s no feeling of “OMG I have to watch this to see what happens,” then there won’t be as many subscriptions as you want.

4) 23 of the 26 writers must be fired. There is no way you can have a good show on a week to week basis with that many people who have no idea what they’re doing.

5) Raw must go back to two hours. There’s nothing that the three hour show is doing for them except for boring people more. Also, Smackdown is irrelevant to the point where it may as well just be cancelled.

6) The number of PPVs a year needs to go down to eight or so.

7) The main roster must start treating women’s wrestling like they do on NXT. I know there’s only a handful on the main roster worth anything – A.J., Paige, Emma, Natalya, Naomi, and so on. Alicia, Summer, and Layla can be good too if given the time. The Bella Twins, Cameron, and Eva Marie are useless – always have been, always will be. And if the main roster cannot accommodate this, then these divas must go to NXT where their talents will be used properly.

8) Ryback may as well just leave the company, because after what C.M. Punk revealed about him, no fan will support him, and no wrestler should want to face him in the ring.

9) Jack Swagger must stop injuring every superior talent he faces. Every time someone in the midcard gets hot and gets pushed, he seems to always manage to injure them somehow. Just ask Dolph Ziggler and Bad News Barrett.

10) If Roman Reigns wins the WWE Title at WrestleMania, Seth Rollins must cash in MITB and win the title from him two minutes later.

11) Roman Reigns must decline being booked like the next John Cena. He must lose some matches. He must learn to cut promos better. I do not want to hate Roman Reigns. I really don’t. I loved the Shield so much. And sadly, as everyone knew, he got thrust into the main event and is now getting the Cena treatment.

12) Fans must stop chanting C.M. Punk. It’s time to get over it. He’s gone. He’s not coming back. Who could blame him? False fans must also stop calling him a quitter. Fans must especially stop chanting C.M. Punk at A.J. Lee. She likely does not need your help screaming her husband’s name.

13) Fans must stop making up bullshit rumors that A.J. is leaving the company after every PPV. She isn’t leaving. Get over it. Stop begging for hits on your website. Fans must also stop hating on A.J. for indeed being the best diva in WWE today. Fans must stop calling her overrated, because anyone who believes that doesn’t know their wrestling history. She is, at this moment, at least the third best diva in WWE history. End of story. (And she’s above Trish, in case you’re wondering.)

14) Whomever decided that the Bunny is a thing should be fired.

15) WWE must stop using music from Flo Rida, Florida/Georgia Line, and Whiz Khalifa as if they’re relevant.

16) Adam Rose must become Leo Kruger ASAP.

17) Charlotte – I get it. You are a great wrestler. But you will have to stop looking like your father for me to really care about you. Right now I just see your dad’s face too much in yours and I can only think “Fuck Ric Flair” a lot of the times that I watch you. Sorry.

18) Paige must return to what her NXT character was, and get off of Total Divas. She deserves so much better. The A.J. vs. Paige feud should start again, and it should be everything it should have been.

19) The Authority must return. And in doing so, A.J. Lee must face Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania 31 to show what the Stephanie/Brie feud could’ve been if Stephanie’s opponent was a talented wrestler and talker.

20) The Elimination Chamber match must still happen sometime this year despite the PPV not occurring.

21) Brock Lesnar must never be WWE Champion again if he’s not going to show up to every show. Unacceptable. And to the people saying him not showing up makes it more of an attraction, this is 2015 – not sometime decades ago when that’s acceptable.

22) Now that Payback is in a different city this year, WWE has no excuse not to bring Survivor Series or Money in the Bank back to Chicago. Realistically we should hold out for Royal Rumble 2016, though. One of these three PPVs must be here. Also, WWE must stop giving us Holiday House Shows considering their irrelevance.

23) Dolph Ziggler must face John Cena, Triple H, or Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31 and win.

24) The next NXT Live Special must be a few days before WrestleMania 31 and it must emanate from the same stadium WM is at.

25) WWE must hire better doctors that will not diagnose Staph Infections as a fatty deposit

26) WWE 2K’16 must be a huge improvement to WWE 2K’15 to the point where I actually have to buy it. It must have a better roster. It must allow you to create divas too. Intergender matches must be a thing. C.M. Punk must still be in it. PS4 will also have to allow you to put music on it for custom music again.

27) Total Divas must be cancelled, because still, no one watches it.

28) The Bella Twins, Cameron, Eva Marie, Hornswoggle, The Bunny, Titus O’Neill, and Heath Slater must be fired.

29) Big Show and Kane must retire.

30) WWE must make Cesaro relevant.

31) The Usos and Sheamus must be fixed to the point where I want to watch them.

32) Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose must never become directionless, which is what I’m fearing they are right now.

33) If Bray Wyatt does face Undertaker at WrestleMania, he must win. Granted, he’s not credible enough for a match with Undertaker – even now that the Streak is over and it’s no longer a big deal – a loss to Undertaker will do him no favors in getting to where he needs to be.

34) Triple H must start taking more control over the main product from Vince. It’s clear that Vince doesn’t know what’s best for the future anymore.

35) If all else fails, all of my favorites must be promoted to NXT so I can enjoy them and ignore the main product.

Anyways, that’s all for my list.

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