There’s something weird about wrestling where the better it is, the harder it is for me to find things to say about it. When things are bad, it’s so easy to come up and rant about things and so on – it’s easy to say but it never feels good. The main product is so bad and so depressing that when you see something as amazing as this entire show was, there’s really not much to say about it besides that it’s awesome. Between this show and the ladder match on Lucha Underground last night, it’s just nice to see good wrestling.


Anyways, the show starts with Kevin Owens debuting against C.J. Parker in what was basically a squash, to no surprise. I don’t watch that much stuff outside of WWE so this is the first I’ve watched him. His dive was great, and that gutwrench neckbreaker was sick. And the accidental getting busted open only added to it.

The first announced match was the Lucha Dragons defending the NXT Tag Team Championship against the Vaudevillains. Good match – I thought maybe the Lucha Dragons took them out too easily once Kalisto got the hot tag, but oh well.

Baron Corbin defeated Tye Dillinger in his longest match yet of 40 seconds. Glad to see more offense out of him. Bull Dempsey was in the crowd and they stared each other down after the match.

Next was The Ascension vs. Hideo Itami and Finn Balor. Can we just take a moment to establish how epic Finn Balor’s entrance with the paint was? Because that was amazing, with the music and everything. I’m imagining this at WrestleMania now. That said, the match was very good. Ascension looked creeped out as fuck at Balor in the beginning. Ascension took a long time isolating Itami before he finally got the hot tag to Balor – and once he did, it was basically over. Crowd was really sad Itami didn’t hit a GTS though. Viktor did get some offense in but after a moment, both Balor and Itami hit a Diving Foot Stomp on both of them for the win.

Next was Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte for the NXT Women’s Championship. It’s NXT and it’s Women’s wrestling – needless to say it was amazing. I will say that this match finally made me a Sasha Banks fan. I didn’t really care too much about her before this, but she won me over tonight. The match was great. Sasha’s backstabber into that submission was great. Her suicide dive was good, despite Charlotte falling too late. I was rooting for Sasha to win to be honest, and even though the Natural Selection off the top rope was great, I’m still wishing Sasha won. I get that Charlotte is a great athlete and wrestler, but it’s going to take a lot for me to care about her. She’s going to have a tough time with me in terms of not just being Flair’s daughter. Every time I think of Flair these days it’s not in a positive way, so Charlotte isn’t going to help that. Women’s match of the year though.

Anyways. Good luck topping that, Nikki Bella. I mean, A.J. could do it, but not with anyone on the main roster not named Paige, Natalya, and Emma.

And finally, Sami Zayn vs. Adrian Neville for the NXT Championship. This match was absolutely amazing. So much drama and close calls and so on. This is wrestling. Neville hit a reverse hurricanrana piledriver looking move which I made up when I was fifteen. (And it was as sick as I thought it would be.) Royalties please. German Suplexes, Dragon Suplexes. Zayn’s through the ropes Tornado DDT was amazing. The ref bumps led to the most valid “Ref you suck” chant I’ve heard in my life (Take that, L.A. Kings, Vancouver Canucks, and other entitled hockey fans.) And Zayn struggling whether to use the title or not was great. But when everything was over, Zayn hits a second Helluva Kick and wins the NXT Title. And while we knew it would happen, it was still amazing. This doesn’t even do justice to how good this match was.

And after the match, everyone comes down to celebrate with Zayn, and the first one to hug him is his best friend Kevin Owens. Everyone congratulates him, then he goes to shake Neville’s hand and Neville kicks it away and hugs him. Everyone leaves and Zayn continues to celebrate. As he gets out of the ring, Owens comes back and hugs him again. And then he Powerbombs Zayn into the ring apron as everyone expected. Awesome. They really pulled a long tease of that throughout the show, as he sat in the locker room staring at Zayn before Zayn looked over and he looked down. He was the first to congratulate Zayn, then he stood behind everyone in the corner as they celebrated, but he seemed to not care. And then obviously he came back and did the turn. It was great.

Anyways, this show was amazing. Try topping that, TLC. Anyways, you want to watch good wrestling, go watch this.

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